At least they didnt laugh at him.
At least they didn't laugh at him. Pool / GETTY

Parents of school-aged children have yet another thing to flip out about: As pandemic recommendations draw increasing attention to ventilation, data from the state superintendent show that 787 school buildings across the state have "poor" ratings for their HVAC systems, KING 5 reports.

Teen arrested in Maple Valley hit-and-run may have hit another person: King County Sheriff's deputies say the 15-year-old driver accused of killing Greg Moore in Maple Valley on July 18 may have hit another pedestrian near Des Moines or SeaTac about a day before Moore was killed. Police have not yet identified or found the second victim, the local Fox affiliate reports.

T-Mobile pushes employees back to the office: The company moved back its return-to-office date from Sept. 20 to Oct. 25 but is still telling employees to return sooner, according to an internal email reviewed by the Seattle Times. One employee told the Times about 40% of the workforce was back at the Factoria facility on Monday.

The Polish Home is coming back: The Capitol Hill community center will once again serve Friday night dinners starting this Friday from 6 to 10 pm. You'll need cash to pay for the temporary membership, the Seattle PI reminds you. If you haven't had their pickle soup yet, then can you really say you've made the most of your one precious life?

Find former SPD chief Carmen Best's book @Target: The book's due out October 25, and Best promises a signing.

Ann Davison started a petition to stop the "ban on elective surgeries" in April 2020: The Republican city attorney candidate gathered 93 signatures a week before the peak of the first surge in protest of hospitals reserving beds for COVID-19 patients. Her partner is a plastic surgeon. Not a great look for someone who considers herself a fan of public safety.

At least they didn't laugh at him: This morning President Joe Biden debuted at the United Nations General Assembly, which some believe will become a super-spreader event, given that leaders such as the unvaccinated Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro flouted public health requirements. In more thinly veiled saber-rattling at China, Biden argued that democratic governments are best situated to "end the pandemic, address the climate crisis, manage the shifting in global power dynamics, shape the roles of the world on vital issues like trade, cyber, and emerging technologies, and face the threat of terrorism as it stands today," the Washington Post reports.

Biden wasn't the only world leader to give a rousing speech in front of all that disjunctive green marble: K-Pop sensations BTS, who are famous even among adults for reasons I don't quite understand, continued in their tradition of using their talents and popularity for the good of all peoples. At the UN General Assembly yesterday, the group encouraged the world "to help promote U.N. goals for 2030 including ending extreme poverty, preserving the planet and achieving gender equality," the Associated Press reports.

Canada had a big election where nothing happened: Well, lots of stuff happened, but it seems the political power dynamics up north will more or less remain the same. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who called for the early election in an attempt to win a majority in the House of Commons, will keep his job and yet again lead a minority in Parliament, the CBC reports. A funny thing did happen, though. A party full of right-wing anti-vaxxer maroons called the People's Party of Canada ended up boosting liberals and social democrats to victory in a number of districts by drawing votes from competitive conservatives. Fingers crossed Trump starts his own party please lord god.

What to expect when you're expecting Prime Minister Boris Johnson: The UK's doofy Hellenophile will pay a visit to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue today. A BBC analyst expects Johnson to ask Biden "to make extra commitments on climate finance," to "confront tensions over the handling of the withdrawal of forces in Afghanistan," and to talk trade, though "the UK doesn't expect much progress" on that score. But ultimately, the BBC reporter argues, the two simply want to endure this social gathering without awkwardness and embarrassment. They're just like us!

I wonder if Johnson will ask Biden about plans to mass-deport 12,000 Haitian asylum seekers living under a bridge in Texas? The U.S. already allegedly violently rounded up half that number and booted them back to a country ravaged by a storm and an earthquake and completely destabilized by a presidential assassination. The Biden administration continues to point to a Trump-era policy as justification: "Rights groups for months have blasted Title 42 as inhumane, not based on science, and a violation of the US’s own immigration laws – and they have been calling on US President Joe Biden to reverse the policy since he took office in January," Al Jazeera reports.

Afghans and Haitians don't count as refugees, which means the Biden administration's new plan to "increase to 125,000 the number of refugees who can enter the United States in the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1" will not spell relief for their suffering, the New York Times reports. The news is welcome, however, after Trump lowered the cap to a despicable 15,000.

Why was the White House pushing boosters so hard? At least partially because Biden's top advisors feared the U.S. could run low on the vaccine doses "needed to offer the shots to its entire population if vaccines’ protection decreased suddenly," Politico reports, citing "two senior officials" with knowledge.

Trump's coup plan dropped yesterday: Well, it wasn't really Trump's coup plan, it was the Claremont Institute's coup plan, but it was a plan nonetheless! The plan went like this: Get Pence to say the states have some "disputes" about the results, and then kick it to Congress after Democrats pitch a fit. The plan turns on a reading of the 12th amendment supported by Harvard constitutional law professor Laurence Tribe, but Tribe says the memo amounts to a misreading of his work.

Don't look now, but a handful of cynical, self-interested conservative Democrats are joining together in the House and the Senate to tank President Biden's budget and infrastructure bill. The Intercept has the cleanest and clearest-eyed piece on the suicidal strategy, which aims to ruin a once-in-a-decade chance to make progress on health care and the climate.

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Two former lawyers sued the Texas doctor who admitted to providing an abortion: Neither former lawyer held anti-abortion views. One said he didn't want doctors out there "quaking in their boots" for fear of bankruptcy, and the other one dunked on the Texas GOP for telling pregnant people what to do with their bodies while screaming at the gubmint for mandating vaccines, Politico reports.

Over the weekend I remembered that Swedish indie pop genius Jens Lekman foreshadowed the 2020 Seattle protests in his a cappella banger, "Do You Remember the Riots?" The song appeared on his stellar 2004 LP, When I Said I Wanted to Be Your Dog. Prepare to have this song stuck in your head all week: