«Trump's coup plan dropped yesterday... The plan went like this: Get Pence to say the states have some "disputes" about the results, and then kick it to Congress after Democrats pitch a fit.»

But y'know, nothing impeachable.
Clearly there were elected GOPs deep in on Trump's scam, which made the GOP need to reject the 2nd impeachment even more imperative to the political party.


«Felipe N. Gomez, of Chicago, asked a court in San Antonio in his lawsuit to declare the new [Texas abortion] law unconstitutional. In his view, the law is a form of government overreach. - Politico»

San Antonio Courts threw out Gomez' case because it actually constitutes "under-reach."


Cant wait to hear the strangers or Charles's defense of why this 15 year old burgeoning sociopath should still be tried as a child


@4: The girl should be tried a juvenile, because (wait for it) she is a juvenile.


@5 kids will be kids am I right!


@7 Murder is Murder.

That this “child” is so callus bodes very poorly on her future. Whatever her sentence it needs to extend past her 18th birthday.

She should be tried as an adult, any sentencing can take her age into account.
If she is tried as a child in less than 3 years her record will be sealed and she will be released, free to hit and run again.



You don't need the quotation marks around "child" there, as the person is a child by any definition of the word.


WA state does not try people under the age of 18 as adults. Whether or not anyone believes this is right, it just is, until (or unless) the law is changed.

Consider Gabe Gaeta. He raped and murdered 6 year old Jenise Wright days before his 18th birthday. He buried her body in a mud bog, he was friends with her family (specifically her father, also a known sex offender), and attended the vigil in search of Jenise like nothing ever happened.

He is in prison. He was not tried as an adult. He got 40 years to life, plus 123 months (to be served concurrently). So, he could, theoretically, be released into society at the age of 58.

Personally, I believe people like Gabe Gaeta and this girl that ran over the jogger are sick animals that cannot be redeemed or rehabilitated. They should be destroyed.


KC juvenile records aren't as sealed as one might think. A Canadian border officer brought up the details my juve records, she was nice enough to let me in anyways. Man, that was a real eye opener.


@10: Strange. I thought ultra-leftists were typically against capital punishment.


you keep using that word
it don't mean what you Think it mean


when mean peeps
make the Laws they
make them for other mean peeps

that not all folks are Mean
never Occurs to them

but if you're into Punishment
'cause that's all you Know
Rehabilitation's Always
TOO Expensive.

my oh my
what a Stupid
Species we are.


Trump's coup would have been dependent on his time-tested strategy of "what are you gonna do about it?" As we saw for 4 years, the answer would have been "not enough".

I guess we should be grateful to Pence for not being the quisling he appeared to be? Cold comfort.


It's critically important for sane citizens and voters to understand the importance of how Trump and his allies are using state legislatures, school boards, and Secretary of State positions in many states to advance their agenda. Of particular concern: laws which allow state legislatures to cavalierly overturn legitimate election results. We are at a tipping point, and our constitutional republic is at stake. Alliances, where possible, are crucial, and they are not easy to build and maintain. Without alliances opposing Trump, though, we might well wind up with a fascist dictatorship, and soon. Find ways to build alliances to preserve free and fair elections. It's that or Trump and his cohorts will win. And hoping Trump dies or starts a third party won't change the reality that his influence has metastized way beyond himself. Look for reasons to link and respect, not excuses to denigrate and demean.


@2- do we know that this teen driver was a bad seed of color? As far as I know she’s a Caucasian bad seed. If she in fact hit a different pedestrian earlier, that argues pretty strongly against any “kids make poor decisions” theory and suggests that she’s a true sociopath. Or maybe car culture and capitalism caused the whole thing? Maybe

It’s not her fault that she can’t behave
Society made her go astray
Perhaps if we’re nice she’ll go away . . .


This whole American obsession with charging kids as adults just makes other countries' opinions of Americans as uncouth savages sound spot on. Just saying.

That aside, a lot did happen in the Canadian election. Many people voted by mail, so the results will change over this week, but they register everyone to vote, so it's not like the electoral gulag we have here. Even prisoners vote. Heck, even murderers do.

And unnoticed amongst all of that fluff, Alberta elected 3 non-Conservative MPs (Liberal and NDP), and the Conservatives were crushed in the cities nationwide. All the parties that did well are serious about action to reduce emissions and make Canada greener. It's about time. Heck, a couple of Canadians even drove across Canada, from sea to shining sea, in an electric car. Took them a couple of days, pretty easy if you can swap drivers and fast charge at rest stops.


@14: If you prefer to omit adverbs or adjectives from my comments, it makes no difference to me.


blip she killed one person and laughed about it, and it seems as though she attempted to kill someone previously. We aren't talking about teenage indiscretion, we're talking murder.

What do you think is the appropriate societal response to this individual?


@28: That's right, that's why she'll transfer into adult prison from juvenile.


@28 Professor_Hiztory complaining about melodramatic hysteria is like OJ saying he's on a quest to find the real killer.


I thought you had me blocked.

I see you still need to retake your classes on reading comprehension. Are you a sophomore in college or high school?

I have consistently said that for murder and rape the perps need to be tried as an adult, but have their age be considered at sentencing.
Should a 15 year-old murderer be thrown in an adult prison? No probably not but their sentence needs to be longer than the 3 years before they turn 18. Trying her as an adult gives us more options on what to do with her.

I’ll ask you the same question I asked blip, what do you think we as a society should do with this individual if she is found guilty of this crime?

As for Naloxone, triage, and self-inflected wounds. No I do not think we should be wasting resources reviving drug addicts who overdose. I’m not in favor of killing them but see no problem with standing down and letting them kill themselves. It’s consistent with my view of COVID anti-vaxers who should also be refused medical care (or at least be triaged to the bottom of the list) when their decision puts them in the ER.


I guess most of the trolly-trolls here would be fine with a forty year old sleeping with a fifteen year old, after all, they're adults right?


All I want to say is, MarvelUS, that was a wonderful comment @19. Just a shame you even needed to say it.



I imagine many of them lay awake at night pondering just such a fantasy...


@42 Shouldn't you be reporting to your case worker about now?


@42: Yep, iOS has better things to do than process renegade JavaScript.


Interesting that neither blip or the sophomore can answer a simple queston.

What do you think we as a society should do with this individual if she is found guilty of this crime?


@37. Thanks, Cressona.


@30 It's like Brian saying he didn't kill Gabby.
I fixed it for you since prof angry-pants thought your reference was dated, but didn't dispute that they are melodramatic and hysteric. I'll add "probably drunk" to the description.

@45 you give this assclown too much credit. I bet they can barely cobble together even something as simple as js. if anything, they found some script online and it's also sending their keystrokes to somebody


I know this comment thread is full of trolls this morning. But here are some facts: the sentencing range for Murder 1 (death resulting from an intentional assault) as a juvenile in Washington State is 180 weeks (i.e. 3.5 years) MINIMUM to the age of 21 MAXIMUM. She isn't getting out when she turns 18.

(Also, she apparently thought "bumping" someone with a car at 50 mph would only "scare" them. Can't really find a better example of childish reasoning.)

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