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There’s a new lead in the Gabby Petito mystery: The travel writer’s remains were found in remote Wyoming; the coroner says it was a homicide. Police have new leads on her missing fiancé, who apparently told his parents he was headed out for a solo hike in Florida. Meanwhile, in the last decade, over 700 Indigenous people — 85% of them children, and most of them girls — have disappeared in Wyoming. Of those, 21% remain missing for more than a week Only 11% of missing white people remain missing that long.

We’re going to need a bigger boat, Seattle Rep presents Bruce.
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A disagreement over fish. A fishagreement. The Swinomish Indian Tribal community is joining a lawsuit against Cooke Agriculture over a fish farm near Olympia. They say the company’s pens, where captive fish are raised, interfere with their treaty rights. They also point out that Cooke has a spotty environmental record. The state Supreme Court will hear the case next week.

Hobby Lobby forced to process return. That 3,500-year-old tablet that was looted from an Iraqi museum during the first Bush invasion and somehow wound up in Hobby Lobby’s possession is being returned. It’s one of thousands being sent back. The company will also pay a $3 million fine.

Vaccine passport, coming soon to a screen near you? An update to iOS will allow you to show your vaccination record via QR code later this year. The codes are based on an international standard called SMART Health Cards, currently in use in many countries and several US states. Washington is not currently among them. Oh well!

Donald Trump, a Fucking Loser, sued his niece who called him a fucking loser. Trump’s suit accuses The New York Times, three reporters, and his niece of trying to get his tax records. The meat of this lawsuit seems to be that Mary Trump signed a confidentiality agreement in 2001 and shouldn’t have handed any documents over to reporters. But why is the newspaper named in the suit, if they didn’t sign anything? Ah, who knows? The point of a lawsuit like this isn’t to win, but to bother.

Jessica Rabbit is the new Snow White. Remember a million years ago, aka last May, when your right-wing relatives got really worked up about Disney theme parks for no discernible reason? It all started with one op-ed in the SF Chronicle about the revamp of the Snow White ride, and how it’s kind of creepy for some rando guy to kiss an apparently-dead sleeping stranger. Conservative grifters determined this was something they could hang their hats on, so we got weeks of garbagey ~discourse~ about the nonexistent cancellation of Snow White. Now, Disney has slightly adjusted the Who Framed Roger Rabbit ride, giving Jessica Rabbit a more prominent role (it actually sounds pretty good! She gets to solve a mystery now!), and conservatives are working their stubby little fingers to the bone to try to whip up some outrage. Quick, someone flatten them with a steamroller and douse them in turpentine.

There’s a dark side to Candy Crush. Activision Blizzard is being investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission for “employment matters and related issues” following allegations from employees of rampant sexual misconduct by top officials. Employees arranged a walkout this summer, citing intolerable conditions. Get those LinkedIn profiles updated, Blizzard employees!

Could somebody please give Tom Skerritt a hug? He appears in a new film called East of the Mountains that has possibly the saddest synopsis I’ve seen since What About Bob? A Seattle surgeon with a terminal cancer diagnosis decides to walk across the state and then end his life. It sounds like an absolutely gorgeous, breathtaking, fantastic film that I will absolutely never be in the mood to see.

Sure, it’s big, but does it have a pointy hat? An asteroid three times the size of the Statue of Liberty will pass overhead (120 million miles overhead, but still) today. There’s no chance of a collision, unfortunately. Better luck next time! Sidenote: Did you know the Statue of Liberty was originally supposed to have a cone hat modeled after the kind given to emancipated slaves in ancient Rome, but it was changed to a crown to avoid pissing off slaveholders?

Tesla owners deserve each other. A few weeks ago a Tesla owner needed a battery repaired, and the official Tesla mechanics told him it would cost nearly as much as the car. So he took it to an independent mechanic, who fixed it for less than a quarter of the price. Tesla fans leapt all over the story and accused him of lying, but now the owner has come back with more evidence that everything did, indeed, happen as he described. I hope that all parties involved are very happy together.

One for you and one for your cat. Look, I’m not getting any kickbacks from the VR industry, and lord knows I don’t trust Facebook within an inch of my life, but … sorry to say, I fucking love my Quest 2 VR headset. They’re running a sale right now where you can get two of the headsets for $100 off, which is a pretty great deal. Add me as a friend so I can defeat you in Beat Saber.

Oh, THIS is why we can’t have nice things. Dozens of cargo ships are just sitting near ports in California, waiting to be offloaded, but the ports don’t have enough capacity to handle them. Other west coast ports, including Seattle and Tacoma, aren’t big enough to take the overflow — but they could be in the future, depending on what happens with the three Port Commission seats up for grabs in the November election.