Slog AM: A Manhunt in Florida, Tesla Drama, and More Vaccine Passports Coming ... Someday



flatten them
with a steamroller
and douse them in turpentine."



«Donald Trump... sued his niece....Trump’s suit accuses The New York Times, three reporters, and his niece of trying to get his tax records. The meat of this lawsuit seems to be that Mary Trump signed a confidentiality agreement in 2001 and shouldn’t have handed any documents over to reporters.»

Dumbo Trump believes NDAs are binding criminal law. At very worst his niece may have to pay the stipulated NDA penalties. If the judge also rules that the NDA is valid.


2, Nobody seems to understand why any NYT reporters are named in the lawsuit.

Trump thinks his NDAs apply to anyone he does not like?


You're a great writer, and a great reporter, but, the correct term for "cargo ship" is actually merchant ship, and specifically in this case, the ships backed up are container ships, as tankers continue to get in and out,

Interesting note: There is an oil well inside the Long Beach container terminal.

Here is the story not behind a paywall:


"Other west coast ports, including Seattle and Tacoma, aren’t big enough to take the overflow — but they could be in the future, depending on what happens with the three Port Commission seats up for grabs in the November election."

Specifically, if Hamdi Mohammad and Toshiko Haswgawa are elected, port cargo capacity will likely remain unchanged. Neither has any maritime industry experience, and both appear to be primarily focused on SeaTac terminal concessions.


"and lord knows I don’t trust Facebook within an inch of my life, but … sorry to say, I fucking love my Quest 2 VR headset. They’re running a sale right now "

This advertisement is extremely gross and youre part of a huge problem you claim to be against. How progressive of you.


@3 -- trumpfy don't 'think.'

he Feels Believes & KNOWS
& has psycophants who Love them
a STRONG Daddy and'll do ANYthing for
The Boss oh and he don't 'believe' in Elections
or even in Democracy -- let the best Cheater Win & if
you're not gonna Cheat then you're Obviously a Loser.

Fascism's just right
around the Corner, folks.

and to think WE
couldda had Socialism

just like the Corporations!


A segued story missing a link:

You're welcome Matt, the pleasure was all mine.


@2 NDAs whose effect is to conceal criminal fraud are not binding. Fuck that orange toadstool with a rusty rake.


@7: Sad/funny thing is, our trolly-trolls, and the rest of the MAGAT's will suffer the most when that happens, the MAGAT's are too stupid to know how dependent they are on progressive policies.


"East of The Mountains" is a beautiful, introspective, deeply moving film, not to mention a fairly faithful interpretation of the David Guterson novel, and this is without doubt one of Skerritt's best performances in decades. Plus the entire production was shot with a mostly all-local cast and crew, including cinematographer Sebastien Scandiuzzi and director S.J. Chiro.

Pacific Northwest film makers have really been excelling the past few years, and their work just keeps getting better and better.


Weird to think a poorly constructed car that explodes on impact is considered a "luxury vehicle" because a bunch of too-online losers are obsessed with the apartheid heir who bought the patent for an explosive car battery. If it weren't for the fanboys the tesla would just be a fancy ford pinto & the company probably would have been sued out of existence by now, instead we see elon musk as an eccentric engineering genius who can do no wrong.


@1, that’s easily the best line in the whole post.


The Jessica Rabbit Mystery Detective Agency sounds like a cool ride. It was fun for my son back when we tried it.


@14 Musk has the advantage over the Orange One in that he's smart. Sociopathic and thin skinned, too? Sure! Evil? Probably! But at least he is more or less competent at the things that he does.


(Fiscal responsibility)


@11, I haven't seen the movie, but the book is superb. If the movie accurately conveys the intellectual and emotional material from the book, it must be great, and Skerritt was the best choice for the lead.


I honestly hope that the Swinomish Tribe successfully sues Cooke Aquaculture for every penny of its slimy profit-lusting operations. I grew up on Snee-Oosh Beach, five miles west of La Conner. Skagit Bay was my back yard. Cooke Aquaculture operations is violating the Swinomish Tribe's longstanding treaty of fishing. The net pens are unsightly, and have proven an unhealthy environment for wild salmon.

Dear Mr. Tom Skerritt, Grizelda sends you a big cyber hug, positrons, and VW beeps!!

@7 kristofarian and @10 Merchant Seaman: You're both right.

@11 COMTE and sarah91 @19: I really want to see "East of the Mountains". I can't think of any film starring Tom Skerritt that I haven't liked. It has been a while, but the last movie I saw Skerritt in was "Steel Magnolias", from 1989. Can you believe he's still going strong as an actor--at age 89? Very impressive, indeed.


@20 Correction: Tom Skerritt turned 88 (not 89) on August 25, 2021. My goof.
Whatever his age, he is truly a class act.

Go, Mary Trump, GO! Flush your evil Uncle Orange Turd like the toxic waste it is.
If Trumpty Dumpty resurfaces again may it be in the toilet of a federal prison cell.