Slog PM: Fall Is Finally Here, the Leaves Are Red and Gold, Idaho Gov. Tells WA Gov. to Shut the Fuck Up About the Overflow of COVID Patients From His Potato State



For people who hate liberal big cities and their high taxes, they sure love being kept alive by them.


Charles, that was the Socialist China version of Semi Capitalism.


Umm, Charles?

China is not a Capitalist country.


Can you imagine how much fucking worse it would all be if not for the vaccines?

The NYTimes is reporting today that 64% of Americans are fully vaccinated. The hospitalizations are still overwhelmingly (>95%) among the unvaccinated.

Without the vaccine? Frightening to contemplate....


Oh, sorry Charles, I forgot no one has ever done Socialism properly yet. Funny how that's worked out so far.


Gov. Little sure seems butthurt.


Here's an idea. Idaho and every other Republican led state that's let COVID rage through their state like wildfire keep their COVID patients and use THEIR resources to manage their state of emergency. No? Then they don't get to tell other states or their governors being forced to take care of their COVID patients to STFU. Don't like the bad press? TOO FUCKING BAD ASSHOLE. The only reason the fucktard from Idaho can't send his unvaxxed dying to Oregon is because of the unvaxxed dying here in Oregon (who all want to move the Oregon border so they can be a part of Oregon, instead of just moving to Oregon).


WA has 1 county (Stevens) less than 30% vaxxed. Idaho has 7.


@4 -- China is the current World Capitol of capitalism.


One could simply exchange a few words in your post (or not) and you would sound like a compound living one per center elitist.

Let them eat cake! Not my problem, humanity be damned.


@3, 4, 6,

If you read the history of those buildings, it sure smells like capitalism:

Government sells the land to private contractors. Private contractors start construction on apartments, using pre-lease funding to build them. Demand drops, people don't want to live there, thus funding dries up. Contractors abandon project. New contractors buy up land and former contractor's debt and demolish buildings to make way for new construction.

Those contractors could possibly have been state sponsored, the article doesn't say, but it reads a lot like government tossing out some cheap meat to the private industry and telling them to do whatever they want with it. If that's socialism, then what the hell is capitalism?


Eat my shit, fuck off, and DIE already, Governor Potato Head, and GOP trash like you. And take all your equally proud-to-be-dumbass anti-vaxxers with you. Hell awaits.

@8 xina: Agreed and seconded. I feel your pain in Oregon.


@2 Brent for the WIN!


If that's true then the money they spend on real estate, companies and sending their children immigrating or just being born over here to secure a save haven for themselves is truly Capitalism then funny Americans haven't caught on to that yet.


Seems like we have some several posters who are still living in the 1980’s, which was the last time China resembled anything that might be.described as communist.


I meant be a part of Idaho instead of just moving to Idaho.


@11 Trump and his minions shouted to the world "FUCK YOUR FEELINGS" but we need to coddle them? Nah. And telling these assholes they don't get to tell the people cleaning up their mess to STFU is in no way equivalent to "let them eat cake" but keep on stirring that shit pot, 'cuz it's all you got.


Charge unvaccinated out-of-state COVID-19 patients like we charge out-of-state students.



And the Chinese people.


What happened in Kunming wasn't the madness of capitalism or communism or socialism. It was the inability of people to predict what would be needed a few years in the future. This isn't exactly limited to state run central planning or capitalist investments, and this project probably had a bit of both. All land in China is owned by the central government, so this project started out with some communist party bureaucrat thinking that 15 apartment buildings being built here was a good idea, and a good opportunity for kickbacks of course. Usually the folks who live in the land get cleared out and the land becomes the property of one of the state owned banks, who get the project rolling. Some private company who also thought the people of Kunming need 15 more buildings and would be willing to pay for them also would have signed on. Was this a failure of central planning? Was it state capitalism going mad? Was it a failure of capitalist real-estate speculation? I guess you could argue any of them, but that'd really say more about your beliefs than anything else. Really, it comes down to a bunch of people who weren't able to predict what the real-estate market would be a year or two from when they started the project because the future can be difficult to predict.

Of course, people will continue to try to predict the future. Sometimes because they have to or else multi-year projects will never be built. Sometimes though, people have these weird predictions like that some revolution by the proletariat led by an enlightened vanguard will overthrow capitalists and create a communist utopia. Now, that is madness.


Wikipedia says "The Communist Party of China maintains that despite the co-existence of private capitalists and entrepreneurs with public and collective enterprise, China is not a capitalist country because the party retains control over the direction of the country, maintaining its course of socialist development."

Call it a hybrid model then. They're unlikely to ever have the blessings and liberty of a free market as much as the US and other nations. And they still worship that evil Chairman Mao.


@23 -- The CCP maintains that? MRD.

I would note first that China devotes a much larger share of its total economic output to economic capital.

[Incidentally, China now mints more billionaires than we do. Billionaires have no place in either communism or competitive market economics, but there we both are.]

US may lead in consumerism, and financialism, but not capitalism..


Every time I have to drive through Idaho, I can feel myself losing brain cells.
It's not a place for smart people.

We should probably throw up a wall around Idaho. Fuck that place.


prof going off again about how nobody knows how to read because apparently some other commenter didn't know every detail of China's Fucked-up political system.
yo prof, we get it. you can read. you read books on politics. fucking good for you. nobody cares.

random person: x country has y politics


China is capitalist because great fortunes are made through the extraction by individuals of surplus labor value via ownership of the means of production. Things don't get more Capitalistic than that.


It's kind of telling that the Idaho Gov has to point to the places in Washington that are the most like Idaho to find a big Covid problem. Some people would learn from that analysis. Apparently he's not capable.


@24 - do you mean that all of that crap WalMart gets from China is NOT produced by worker/comrades who own the means of production? Who knew?


@26 Bwahahaha! Thanks for taking on that condescending and sanctimonious asshat!


"Communism" "Socialism" "Capitalism"... they've all become meaningless scare and/or rallying words used to manipulate naïve and gullible people into doing things against their own interests.

It's like saying the US Civil War was about "States Rights."

A lot of people couldn't tell you what communism or capitalism means even if they had the dictionary open to the definitions right in front of them.

China is not now, nor has it ever been communist. Same with the Soviet Union. The US is not now, nor has it ever been capitalist. Every nation that's ever existed has had mixed economies that are fluid, they change over time. There's no such thing as a communist nation or a capitalist nation and there never has been.


@32: In the purest sense, you are correct. Nevertheless, they're appropriate adjectives that describe the overall ideology of a nation's economic system.



No, they're not. The words themselves have been tainted and it's no longer acceptable to use them to describe countries that "kinda-sorta played with the idea of maybe using that economic system."

You get someone like Bernie Sanders, who is a definitive democratic socialist, and people are afraid of his political ideas... not because they know what he's talking about, but merely because Sanders has the world "Socialist" in his ideological title. And these people have been brainwashed to believe Socialism is the same thing as Communism, and that Communism is what the Soviet Union was and the only thing that runs through their mind at that point is that if Sanders gets elected, the United States will turn into the Soviet Union.

And it's all a lie, and it's all because people don't understand the words they use, and they use incorrect labels to describe things.