Seattle singer Mia Day.
Seattle singer Mia Day. Courtesy Mia Day | Photo by Brinley Ribando

Mia Day dazzles in the new music video for her track "Rosie," released this morning. It exudes a Taylor Swift meets Twilight feel, featuring vibrant Pacific Northwest scenery in the background and Day singing her heart out in the foreground. The video pairs the Cascade Mountains against fun fashion—Day wears a fabulously poofy red, orange, and yellow two-piece designed by House of Aris, reminiscent of something Kate Bush would wear—to create a magical folk world in the heart of Washington.

"'Rosie' is a reverse perspective song," Day told me recently. "I wrote it from the perspective of the people who care about me. I thought by trying to see myself through their eyes, it would help me learn how to care about myself."

Day came out with singles throughout the summer, like the self-care anthem "Appointments" and the bittersweet bop "Drown," following an immaculate recording session with Bear Creek Studios earlier this year. These songs signify a new direction for this groovy cowgrrrl, and "Rosie" comes through as a stand-out. Drums glitter in the track while bright piano-playing asserts a nice vintage feel. The track's guitars remind me of '90s Britpop, with Day's vocals cutting through clearly and confidently.

"I created this music video with Sam Nuttmann in one day at the beginning of August," said Day. "Seeing myself on camera makes me so emotional. It's like seeing the person I've always wanted to be singing to my most broken self. I didn't realize I had it in me."