Slog PM: SPOG Drags Feet on Vax Mandate Negotiations, Centrist Dems Continue Tanking Biden's Agenda, the Haitian Asylum-Seekers Are Gone



The Haitians were cleared out because a huge contingent of Black Lives Matter activists were headed there with trucks full of supplies and were going to show the world something Biden doesn't want the world to see.

So they avoided a bad PR show by removing every single person under the bridge and bulldozing the site and removing all of the garbage at the break of dawn. World Central Kitchen was there feeding people and they reported the situation on Instagram.


"direct democracy" in Washington is broken and we should kill it.

You misspelled "Tim Eyman."


I'm sick to death seeing gobs of news articles about Trump (and Eyman).
These crooks deserve zero news coverage, and the attention they get just facilitates the endless grifting that goes on and in and on.




That video of the anti-mask demonstrators at the school board meeting is just an absolutely spot on display of why it's so utterly embarrassing to identify as a human being. It's just so painstakingly stupid and fucking sad.

RE: the article advocating for the six hour workday. Solid idea obviously, though I'd rather we stick with eight hour days, but move to four day weeks. Or I'd perhaps even be happier still sticking with eight hour, five day weeks, that came with a good solid 2-3 months annual mandatory vacation time. It's neat to fully disengage from work and everything associated with it on the regular, and dependably available prolonged vacations are the most viable means by which to do that. Those little week long excursions we take in an effort to relax and de-stress are dumb, and also sad.


@2, first, you're wrong. Not all the unions got extra compensation for getting the jab. Some did, but not all. All of the teachers I know were eagerly vaccinated months ago, and their union didn't blink at the requirement.

Setting that aside, SPOG isn't simply asking for extra compensation. They have been strongly resisting the suggestions to get vaccinated long before the mandate, and have one of the lowest vaccination rates of any group in Seattle. They aren't simply asking for the best benefits they can get. They're using it as an excuse to further stonewall the vaccine, and try to carve out more exceptions.

Most cops are front line workers, interacting directly with the public. There is absolutely a public health interest in having them all vaccinated. Offer them an extra sick day if it makes them happy, and then terminate them if they refuse to vax. I'm sick of their bullshit.


@4 pat L for the WIN!!! Agreed and seconded.

Marjorie Taylor Greene really needs a rabies shot right in the butt.


and judge for yourself whether Rep. DelBene is politicking in full support of Biden's agenda -- both bills -- or engaging in a "crusade to block" said agenda.

In similar fashion, if you've been following the extended agonies of police reform efforts, judge whether Rep. Clyburn has been politicking to "publicly denigrate key aspects" of reform ... or striving for reforms that could actually reach Biden's desk.

Writers who have no clue to the political aspects of politics might better stick to poetry.


WTF is WSU Cougars' head coach Nick Rolovich waiting for----when everyone in Pullman drops dead after testing positive for COVID? Uh, you might want to hurry it up with the vaccine, Nick---an incoming septic tidal wave of MAGA rubes from Idaho are currently overwhelming the hospitals in your neck of the woods.

Thank you, Rich, for the enjoyable KING-5 video coverage of Southern resident orcas foraging in Puget Sound today. It is nice to know that they are still here.


"And we who demand labor
from others ought to expect
a bit less of people whose
jobs grind them down."

well if that Ain't Crazy Talk
it's certainly KKKommie Talk:

isn't the whole bloody Point of WORK
to grind 'human beings' back into dust?

Abolishing Slavery was
our Greatest Mistake
& will only Hasten
our rapid Slide
into COMMU-
Be Very


well then
Fascism IS
The Answer.

& Corps
Are Too

NO one 'needs' a silly Soul!
surely not when there's
Profits to be Made.

Vote "republican."
IF you Qualify.


@13, @14 - You really are in constant anxiety over these things. You have my sympathy.


and your complacency surely
seems like Collaboration:
what have Billionaires
ever done to YOU?

your Turn's


"fix the county’s laggy and incomplete data system so they know exactly who is homeless where"
Sounds an awful lot like a "heat-map", which you accused Bruce Harrell of being creepy for wanting.

Are you even trying, Rich? Oof.

I Saw Dones outside a LIHI tiny house village I was driving by, they were talking with another person. I waved, they both saw me, didn't wave back.
They'll fit right in here in Seattle, already an unfriendly person.


Well, I can point to their companies and technologies which have certainly benefited me and you. But that's rather indirect.

George Soros (shudder) has certainly benefited the causes that are probably dear to you.


yeah and then there's
uncle snoopy murdoch
and soulless Zucky and
theee Richest Man in the
Known fucking UNIVERSE
geoffery 'Glass Balls' bezoz
who's likely Listening In to you?
and knows what you want before you do

Soros is a but the weeest
widow bump in their insidious
highway to Fascism go along get along?

makes you


Alexa, do something about kristofarian.


@20 Why do you even bother? His posts are such a hot mess I don't ever read them.


More cops died from covid than all other line-of-duty causes combined last year, yet their union is still resisting the mandate. But if you asked to take away their guns & qualified immunity you will get an earful about OfFiCeR sAfEtY. They simply must be allowed to kill with impunity or their lives will be endangered, we are told. They would insist this is essential for public safety, too.

If their primary concern was their safety the union wouldn’t need a mandate given the grim statistics. If they cared about the well-being of the public they serve they wouldn’t risk being vectors of contagion. Yet, incredibly, here we are. Really puts the whole question of “safety” into perspective anytime a police officer kills someone.


Wow Blip Awesome
and well-Suitable
for a stand alone
letter to tS.

@21. if


Alexa Ignores my ass
'cause I fuck with it but
Unfucking Plugging it's
vastly more Efficient oh
and I asked it why it was
fucking with us and it apol-
ogized and said it didn't 'know'
it was it never misses a Heartbeat
small wonder you'd ask It for assistance.

bend over for Bezos
'cause he's Cummin'


@22: Not just cops, firefighters too, and some nurses, are dragging their feet on vaccination and also subject to these ethical questions. It's not the profession, it's stupid human narcissism and degrees of sociopathy throughout the population.

But 90% of America's teachers are vaccinated I heard on MSNBC last night. That's because those drawn to that profession usually don't have these failings.


@21: I guess it's because his contorted poetic babble can be intriguing at times.


'intriguing' dewey?
admit it -- you cannot


see also:

more Lively:


I'm slightly
more into the
Visual than verbosity:

if it's 'poetic' it's typically Accidental
it's more cascading
cum cantilevered


@27: more fun:


Cops need to cowboy up and get the vaccine, just like other frontline public employees.

Don’t turn this issue into money-making opportunity—just get the vaccine like nurses and teachers, for example.

President Biden should issue some sort of federal mandate that you must get vaccinated or eat dog poop until you turn green.

Nice to have Marc Dones as homelessness czar for a more unified approach to this pernicious issue.

If we can have public education, streets and parks, and fire protection we can have an agency that addresses this pressing issue proactively.

Tim Eyman is like a right-wing COVID variant attacking our democracy with false promises and definitely should get back to shoplifting and serving jail time.

We need to keep an eye on these U.S. representatives, what with Rep. Suzan DelBene sort of segueing to the right and declaring her district “purple” and U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert using campaign funds for rent and bullets.

DelBene is pandering to Microsoft corporate interests and Boebert is following Eyman’s cynical example and embezzling public resources.

The evil, gravitational pull of the right is real concern, what with all these Republican gun nuts milling around, and the threat of another green-orange howler-monkey Trumpazoid run for the presidency in the offing.

In terms of penis size, Mr. Biden’s uncircumcised trouser-monster wins hands down against Trump’s chanterelle mushroom-like micro penis.


It was political extrajudicial execution, Archy they fucking killed the man for a Trump talking point.

Oh jeees Meathead, the Jews didn't have nuttin to do with it, the the the radios just weren't workin right, it was a communication problem.

"Prosecuting Attorney Jon Tunheim of Thurston County, concludes that, although Reinoehl never drew a weapon on the U.S. Marshal task force that came to arrest him, his killing was “justified under Washington State law.”
Yet even as he absolved the shooters of criminal liability, the prosecutor called for further “scrutiny” of a confrontation that was marred by miscommunication and ad hoc decision-making and put innocent parties in danger."


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@30 - “ Nice to have Marc Dones as homelessness czar for a more unified approach to this pernicious issue.”


A pandering hire of a guy who has an essentially non existent resume who was hired ages ago and finally moved here from fucking Ohio to most likely do absolutely nothing. Great.


There’s now an effort to recall Inslee. The posters are all the rage in the dumber parts of the state.

The website is overwrought in the way that only an angry middle-aged white guy can be overwrought. Supposedly signature gathering is set to begin any day now.

What makes this particularly stupid is that if Inslee were to be recalled, the Democratic Lieutenant Governor would take his place for the remainder of the term. It’s the kind of initiative that only a Culp supporter could find reasonable.


@35: King County is the dumbest part of the state, ground zero is City Hall.


Raindrop dear, you really should get out more.


Dones - what a shameless carpetbagger. Truly an empty suit.


@21, @20 & @26: Or maybe it's because you're both functionally illiterate anyway.
Do stop if it starts to hurt.

@22 blip joins pat L @4 for the WIN!!!! Well said and summarized. Kudos!

@30 pollysexual: "President Joe Biden should issue some sort of federal mandate that you must get vaccinated or eat dog poop until you turn green."
YEESSSSSSSssssssss!!! I'm all for that, especially if it effectively wipes out the GOP nationwide once and for all.
@30 pollysexual: I share your concerns, too, about endless headache Tim Eyman (WHY is he still out freely campaigning new destructive "initiatives" when he really should be getting butt-fucked in prison?!?) and Washington State and U.S Reps. Suzan DelBene and Lauren Boebert. None of them is doing Washington State voters any favors, regardless of political affiliation.

@35 Catalina Vel-DuRay: BINGO. You nailed it. Kudos!
Most likely those in favor of recalling Governor Jay Inslee are MAGA-stupefied Trump & Culp supporters with their Depends in a wad because their "unmasked heroes out fahtin' fer their Free Dumbs" didn't get the White House or the Governor's Mansion in Olympia on November 3, 2020. I'm betting dollars to doughnuts these same idiots are equally going batshit crazy that Gavin Newsom is still the Governor of California, solidly beating RWNJ pro-Trumpist sock puppet, Larry Elder, and that GOP whiners in Arizona, after all their fussing about a ridiculous "Stop the Steal" recount actually found (SURPRISE!) more votes for President Joe Biden than for the bloated shit-spewing Orange Septic Pump That Is Trumpty Dumpty.

@36: ....said the trolling ultra maroon who proves to be ground zero in all comment threads, and yet keeps coming back for more in The Stranger.
"Thank you, Amerwica, it was fun being Pwesident."


@39 It's time for your medication.


@40: No, it's time for your Mr. Bubble bath, Swifty, right after your weenies and tater tots.
Is Elmer joining you afterward for sleepover hijinks?


@40: Oh--I forgot--you're intellectually constipated. Consult your mortal enemas before bathing, Swifty, before you get your Depends in a wad.


@40: Seriously. Cut the shit--you're really Muffy. Doesn't logging in under new screen names get tiresome, Swiftboots? Are you wanted by the feds?


@40: Give it up already. The GOP would gladly use you and your avatar for target practice.


@40: ...said the trolling incel whose idea of medication is Pez.


Good Lord!


Once again your comment reveals you don’t understand the argument.

Anyone trying to gouge their employers before getting a free, life-saving medication is morally bankrupt but right now we are talking about the police and how their glib attitude about the pandemic reveals their cynicism & their hypocrisy wrt their “safety”, which is unique to their union. I don’t want to hear another word from about officer safety after one of them kills an unarmed civilian when they don’t care enough about themselves to get vaccinated.

Afaik the teachers union isn’t demanding the right to kill people with impunity bc their lives depend on it but if they are i will happily condemn them with the same vigor.


Also the word “extract” makes it sound even more unseemly than it already is, esp given the context of mass death & human suffering. “They were better at exploiting a once-in-a-century crisis to get more money” … ok, i guess…?? These are people we entrust to maintain public safety though.

It would be one thing if they wanted hazard pay for working during a pandemic but instead they want more money to help end it. This is so gross & ultimately to their own detriment you’re like “they’re so good at this” lol you are so clueless it’s actually kind of disturbing


You suck at reading. I am criticizing the one and only union who leverage "their safety" when it comes to preserving their right to shoot people, but have no concern about "their safety" when they are dying by the bucketload from a deadly pandemic that is presently preventable with a simple inoculation.

I've explained myself repeatedly but you keep trying to impose an argument on me that I am not making so you can call me a hypocrite, even after I have conceded that anyone trying to "extract" value from a pandemic is -- direct quote here -- "morally bankrupt." My point is not just that the police are resisting vaccination so they can get more money -- which is bad -- but that they are doing so while whining about other personal risks their chosen career entails, all of which have proven to be far less deadly for them than this virus.

You are very bad at this, unless your objective is to make yourself look like an idiot just to be annoying, in which case bang up job 11/10 you never miss


@9 once rabies has started destroying one's brain it is too late for a rabies "shot", for a human you just sedate them, lock them in a dark room and wait for them to die (there are some possible treatments but their effectiveness is questioned, though since they involve an induced coma it might be beneficial in MTG's case, if not for her, at least for the rest of the world) .
Anyway I doubt MTG has rabies, victims don't live long after symptoms appear.
"Although neurosyphilis is a neurological disease, neuropsychiatric symptoms might appear due to overall damage to the brain. These symptoms can make the diagnosis more difficult and can include symptoms of dementia, mania, psychosis, depression, and delirium:" (Wikipedia)
So maybe she needs a shot (or several) of penicillin right in her butt? Maybe the entire Republican party? I don't know if it is transmitted by kissing ass and licking boots, but it is certainly transmissible by some sorts of contact, so maybe?


So Timmeh still hasn't found himself a real job.


@52 crazy cat dude: I like your idea of giving every member of the RepubliKKKan party a shot in the butt. If it's too late for rabies vaccines, how about a sedative that also sterilizes instead? I think action must be made pretty soon. If COVID and its even deadlier variants (i.e. Delta) doesn't wipe us out, the GOP and its unmasked anti-vaxxing MAGA rubes most certainly will.


@46: Don't get me started, Elmer.


@56: Started? Ha. There's no stopping you. At least it's a spectacle - cringing one at that. Carry on dearie


@57: Wal*Mart ran out of Cocoa Puffs again, didn't they? Oh, darn.
However will you tax your bloated system? Maybe 7-Eleven is still open.


meh, your pathetic cartoon retorts are so stale


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