Slog AM: White Center Burns AGAIN, Germany Has Had it With Merkel, and the Post Office Is About to Get Worse



Neighbors have complained/reported this derelict building for quite some time - full of rats, garbage in and around the property, people living an/or doing drugs inside…

This was easy to see coming


"Mass shootings killed 10 people and wounded 31 this weekend. Federal gun safety legislation is stalled."

You can bet everyone of those shooters paid full price for those guns in a licenced gun shop, registered them with State and Federal authorities with a background check and have concealed weapons permits because they are life long members of the NRA.


Of course the GQP hates the post office. After all, it is (or rather, used to be) an efficient government service with convenient access to most Americans and a really good job for those it employed. All those things they hate.

What is surprising is that "Postmaster General Louis DeJoy" is a phrase to be found in that article. Being one arm of a brazen coup attempt in plain sight is not enough to lose one's job, it would appear.


@3 What's weird is that the people who will really suffer if the USPS is crippled are people in rural areas, especially those with poor internet access. IOW, the GOP base.

There's whole swathes of the country where UPS and FedEx pay USPS to deliver packages the last dozen miles because it's cheaper than sending one of their trucks that far down a country road for a single package.


If I may suggest, Mr Baume needs to get his head out of his nether regions: Germany hasn't had it with Merkel, it's quite the opposite. She didn't run again, effectively resigning. And Germany has more than 2 major parties so the electorate only switched parties, yet stayed with Merkel's centrist spirit. On top of that, the ultra right party lost about 23% of it's support.....mainly due to the overwhelmingly effective way Merkel has guided Germany through the migration from the South, Brexit, and the EU's monetary issues.

If I may say, it's not only the lack of education/awareness of the right which gave us Our Blessed Lord & Savior Emperor Trumpus the First, but the lack of education/awareness of the left also.


Hear, hear!! @3 You couldn't be more correct. Which is why Postal workers are fond of calling their boss, Louis DeStroy!!


@ 3, Mail-in voting increases participation and turnout. This is why the GOPnazis are hellbent on destroying the Post Office.

Hate-KKKrazed old white people will always find the time to queue up in person to harm everyone else, so destroying the Post Office won’t impact rural voting patterns even if it does blow another hole in their eCONomies, which the don’t give a shit about in their ongoing civil murder-suicide.


@2: or they stole them from the good guys with guns.

why have laws at all? people just ignore them!



"registered them with State and Federal authorities"


There is no federal gun registration and only a handful of states have any sort of state registration laws.

Where I live it's easier to get a gun than it is to get prescription eyeglasses.

But your (sarcastic) comment is a reminder to all of us: If we had stronger gun laws, there'd be fewer shootings. So thank you for that, glad you agree.


@8, You're absolutely correct, no doubt about it.

All the world's problems are caused by "Hate-KKKrazed old white people....", NOT by money hungry black people (Rev(?) Al Sharpton) converting a drug dealing counterfeiter into a saint to extort $27 Mil from Minneapolis. Of course not. We all know that black people CAN'T possibly be racist because they have no power. That will NEVER change until the racial climate changes to the point where a black man can become president of the United States, which will probably NEVER happen.......uh.....oh, wait.....uh......mmmmm.......Never mind.


@10, you really ARE absolutely correct....except for one thing: Sadly, more laws will unfortunately NOT stop shootings any more than current laws against murder stop people from killing each other.

All that nonsense about how only Americans kill each other is just that: nonsense. When people want to kill each other, they find a way. Witness the mass killings in China with knives. Witness the mass murders in Canada which are always overlooked (Karla Homolka, Trail of Tears, Abbotsford killer) + England & Australia always cited for lower killing. They all have their killing sprees. People are people. People are killers. I have no problem with you making all the laws you want in an attempt to prevent it. But laws don't stop killing. (Neither do more guns.)


Hmmm.... knives are far easier to obtain than guns yet the number of murder sprees involving knives is a fraction of gun-involved murder sprees. On the other hand, if you dial back to the pre-industrial era, or consider serial killers to be the same thing as mass shooters for reasons I am still not entirely clear on, knives are just as bad as guns, maybe even worse!

I can't believe this needs to be said but this brainless "guns don't kill people" line seems to have really taken hold in our culture -- people with guns kill other people far more efficiently, and with a greater chance of avoiding self-injury or getting caught, than people with knives or any other form of weaponry you can name. Good guys like guns for the same reason bad guys do.


@12 -- From

"Factors known to contribute to lower murder rates and decreased crime overall include the wealth of a nation, the effectiveness of its law enforcement, the availability of weapons (especially firearms), and the severity of punishment for committing murder. For instance, Japan is a fairly wealthy nation with very strict regulations regarding gun possession and murder is punishable by hanging."

We are actually very good when it comes to wealth and severity of punishment for committing murder. We could do better when it comes to effectiveness of our law enforcement, and who knows, if people listen to what groups like Black Lives Matter, we might. But we fail miserably when it comes to availability of weapons (especially firearms). Our murder rate is much worse than Canada, for example, because guns are much cheaper here. You can buy a gun in Canada (lots of people hunt, obviously) but it takes more of an effort, and costs a lot more. In this country you can get a gun for cheap, and if the seller is unlicensed, use it immediately (to say, kill your ex because they dumped you).


@7 -- Harsh, but true. There isn't much of a shift, and it is quite possible the shift had more to do with the fact that Merkel isn't running, which makes Matt's statements idiotic.


@7 -- All that being said, it is quite possible this represents a significant change for Germany. There may be a centrist coalition (as before, but lead by the leader of the center-left party) or a center-left coalition. Not a huge change, but still a change. More like Ford to Carter, instead of Reagan to LBJ.


GOP-aligned constituencies have been gunning for the post office since forever. Its the next logical step of the GOP's multi-generational project to convert middle class civil servants into desperate wage slaves while stuffing the cost differential into the pockets of shareholders.


Jesus Christ on a pogo stick! If COVID doesn't wipe everybody out, the GOP will.


@7, "Angela Merkel chose to retire after 16 years in office. Her party came in 2nd...."

Which is EXACTLY what I said. I fail to see your point.


@13, I never said knives are as bad as guns. My sole point is people will find a way to kill each other no matter how many laws of any kind you make.

@14, And Canada has a much smaller population than the US. Further, the whole guns/death discussion is pretty silly if you just look at deaths by automobile, bicycles, medical malpractice.....even high school football accidents. Which should we get rid of, automobiles or doctors?

This all fits into the premise written about by Upton Sinclair in the book "The Brass Check": Newspapers write about that which people with money read, in order to sell advertising.


how amtrak gonna charge 4x more than a plane ticket and yet crash more?


@22: Ah yes, the famed bicycle grievance killers, such a scourge on our country. Jesus Christ, "silly" doesn't even begin to describe the conflating you're trying to pull there.


@25, Sorry, I misread "You're as wrong....." to mean me.