Yeah, Alabama sucks but what is Seattle doing with it’s COVID $$? Throwing even more at the homeless issue that has next to nothing to do with COVID.


Welcome Hannah - writing is rewriting, dig deep to get the facts, avoid your colleagues' temptations to "Post-n-Go!" leaving commenters to correct your mistakes with unrelenting snark.


Real Change is an honorable publication. I buy one every time I see them. Welcome!


Welcome Hannah!


Once Sean Nelson started disabling the comments on his posts I generally skipped them, but he is/was a great writer and I remember that piece being memorable. Also, what @2-4 said, congrats on your new writer and new job!


(ha ha, I guess remembering a piece being memorable, isn't the highest of praise actually. It was pretty great. Or poignant maybe. Crap!)


Congratulations on the new hire. Let her report and don't make her do stupid shit like you do with everyone else.




Nowadays whenever I hear mention of the MacArthur genius grants I think of the Stranger genius awards. It seems like decades ago that those happened.


Chase, it's not for you to celebrate your anti-macho-sports-male-bravodo disposition, just report it without silliness or get Spike to contribute the sports items.

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