The Gainsbourger Is Seattle's Best Happy Hour Deal—and Also the Best Cheeseburger, Probably Ever?

A cheeseburger counts as a sandwich, right? Yes? Right.



Aren't Gaines Burgers dog food?


More dead animals.
Sorry about your dad... but,


2, I'm with you, find it sad a paper that consistently (and rightly so) goes on about cars and the environmental catastrophe we are now in, is so meat-centric in their food focus. Then again that does mirror my own experience with otherwise fairly progressive humans, quite common to hear them railing against oppression, expressing fear for the future, all while tucking into a cheeseburger or plate of sausages.


Geez, that sounds tasty. It's going on the list.

Y'all go yell at some Tyson Foods executives. The combined impact of every good local sandwich place in the city is a drop in the bucket next to what those guys are doing to animals/people/etc. Priorities!


Another place that rose after I moved out of that part of town.
The place is fantastic, even if it seats only a few. As reported,
parking is a nightmare. Totally worth the effort, Happy Hour
or any other time, as long as the bar is open and the kitchen
is still serving. Bon Appetite.


@4 - And that attitude is why we are doomed in fighting climate change. No one wants to take personal responsibility for making any change themselves. Even a change as easy as not eating red meat. Which honestly, is probably the easiest way for an individual to fight climate change (other than skipping that trip to Europe). It's pathetic - but it's not just you.

You can't change Tyson foods. But you have 100% control of what you personally choose to do. You sound your comment is the same made by Republicans, "why does the USA need to make any change on CC , since China is the biggest emitter of greenhouse gas - pester them"....

Either you are weak and hypocritical, or you just don't care about your personal impact on climate change. Again, it's not just you - many readers of The Stranger I'm sure make your same choice. And shame on the editors for continuing to post these articles encouraging this behavior.