I absolutely adore Henry and his work. Seeing his art always brings me joy, and you can run into it in completely unexpected places far outside of Seattle. He's such a genuinely nice guy and an inspiration.


Living in East Wallingford (The EW), I'm super excited about the three new light rail stations opening this weekend. The downside is that Seattle has had a decade to work on pedestrian/bike access across I-5 to the Brooklyn Station and hasn't done shit.


I'll miss route 41, I've ridden it off-and-on for probably two decades. I am looking forward to light rail even though I'm not actually sure if it'll benefit my commute because the 41 didn't make any stops between the transit station and the convention center, but it'll be nice to be have grade separation from cars. Still two years till it reaches me in Shoreline, where - from what I can tell - there are currently no apartment buildings being built within a mile of the planned station. There's a senior center, a day care, some churches, and lawnmower store though so I'm sure it'll work out well...


I've always thought the LINK route to Everett should have been under Aurora Ave, with a loop line from Westlake to; The Hill, U, Roosavelt, and Nortgate, then looped back to the main line under Aurora, this alignment would have allowed for a stop in downtown Everett, before terminating at the Everett Transit Center.

There would have then been an east-west line with terminal points in Ballard and Bellevue, this line would have intersected the main line at 105TH and Aurora and in the U District before crossing the lake.

Another loop should have branched off at Westlake, routed under Western, Elliot and 15TH looping back onto the mainline under Aurora.

Then of course the SEA-TAC station should have been under the baggage claim area.

But that's just me


"There's a world where Trump was listening to Cats while his idiots insurrected the Capitol, and that world is this world."

No it's not. By all accounts, Trump was watching it unfold with satisfaction, if not outright glee.


There is basically no way to retrofit a fish ladder past the Skagit Dams, and the tribe knows it. Only and Elwha-type Dam removal could do what they're asking.

The Sauk, the Suiattle, the White Chuck, both forks of the Cascade, and Goddell Creek are all undammed to their source, and they're all above Rockport.


Anti-vaxxers, specifically and especially health care worker anti-vaxxers are straight up murderers and should be treated as such. As should every unvaccinated parent whose child dies and every unvaccinated teacher whose student dies. Fuck these motherfuckers.

This is why I am afraid. This is why I am FURIOUS. I do not want to die like this man and I could (though no one is allowed in my home currently and no one who is unvaccinated would be employed by me) - but there are too many health care providers/workers who are refusing to get vaccinated. They literally believe they have a right to kill. They are psychopaths.


Since Chief Sealth was a slave owner the city should reconsider using his likeness irrespective of how they respond to the tribes demands.

The call to remove those dams brings up an interesting issue though. Part of the climate change solution has been to push more and more people off gas/oil and onto electric heating, transportation etc. If we also remove dams and lesson our ability to generate hydro power where is all this electricity supposed to come from and how much more will it cost?


@7 I have ALS (a rare form - upper motor neuron disease only - called PLS or Primary Lateral Sclerosis). Telling me to chill will not prevent me from being killed by an unvaccinated asshole. This man had ALS, was vaccinated, and his unvaccinated HEALTH CARE WORKER murdered him by giving him COVID. I have nut job Trump ball sucking anti-vaxxer religious nuts that live in my building. My primary caregiver is my mother (she is in her 70s). Your personal anecdote is meaningless. Those of us who are medically vulnerable, already isolated in a pre-pandemic able bodied focused world are now more vulnerable than ever. I have made my peace with how I will die with my neuromuscular disease. I do not want to die COVID because assholes in this country believe they have some sort of right to walk around unvaccinated, sicken other people, kill other people, and suffer no consequences.


Trump as a memory? I'm almost certain I'd be up for a little brain damage a la "Eternal Sunshine" to have those years wiped out completely. I know I am, but I think much of the country is still in shock that something like that happened here in the US. We've had stupid presidents, disinterested presidents, and clearly bad presidents, but we'd never had (and please! will never have again) a truly and utterly evil, warped Bozo leading this country. Memory? No, thanks. It would depress the shit out of me


"Homicides were up 21 percent in Washington state in 2020, but the, uh, good news, I guess, is that's roughly 9 percent lower than the average national spike, at nearly 30 percent, according to the FBI."

Um, Chase, if you click on the link, the headline says "Homicides in Washington increased by 46% in 2020, new statewide data shows". This is a considerably higher increase than the US as a whole. It's also pretty depressing to think that in one year it increased this much. The 21% probably comes from the following:

"Washington also made up a larger share of the nation’s homicides, with that proportion increasing by 21%."

Which isn't really good news either.


@11 should have been @9

and @12 being vaxxed absolutely reduces the transmission of the disease. if everyone had gotten vaccinated, been mandated to vaccinated as soon as the vaccines came out (as an emergency response to the pandemic) what is happening now would not be happening. it is solely because of unvaxxed assholes that vaccinated people are getting sick.

vaccinated people clearly can and do get sick, hospitalized, and die. that's what my original post was about. and there are any number of stories (just google breakthrough cases, hospitalizations, deaths) about it happening.

true they are a fraction of the vaccinated population, but there are enough for it to be of concern, especially in cases where any vaccinated person is already vulnerable (as in the case of unvaccinated health care workers) or if not, has to spend an inordinate amount of time with unvaccinated people (say, prisoners where all the people who work in the prison refuse to get vaccinated; in schools where children cannot or are not vaccinated; grocery store workers who have to interact with a large number of unvaccinated people every single day for 8 or more hours a day, etc. etc. etc

unvaccinated people are responsible for the continuation of the pandemic, the mutation of the virus into more deadly versions of itself, and the destruction of the health care system (which was already a shit show). unvaccinated people are responsible for all continued financial destruction of the economy because of their fucked up insanity. these people are criminals who need to be held accountable. they need to lose their jobs, be prosecuted for killing people they sicken, and be forced to face consequences for their part in the destruction of the economy. there is no right to be a part of a society and do whatever the fuck you want to the detriment of everyone else. in any other context that's called being a serial killer.


I dunno who Paid for the vaxxes
but big pharma's not Exporting
Permission to manufacture
them Planet-wide so they
Too share Culpability
in this Never-end-
ing perpetual


@26 -- turns out
WE, the PEEPs
PAID For those
Vaxxes. never-
the Less Profit-
eers are hold-
ing the Planet
Hostage for

i m not.

why Do we Allow this shit?
who the FUCK's In Charge?

there's 6,000,000,000s of US.
and about 1 (one!)
percent of them

how are you
at the Math?


@21 Bauhaus I: +1 Thank you for beating me to it. Agreed and seconded.

@26 & @27: Gold star for your latest spot on avatar, kris!
I share your concerns.

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