Contractor Bosses Should Fully Pay for Construction Worker Parking



No offense but if construction workers can't take public transit we should address that, public transit should work for everyone including people who work unconventional hours. Don't just give people an excuse to drive personal vehicles into urban centers.


@1: Tons of offense taken. If there is no public transportation during off hours, or even if they don't want to use public transportation for whatever reason, it is their prerogative to drive! Period.

On the face of it, I agree with Kshama's proposal.


"blow against the wealthy elites..." like you and your husband you hypocrite.



@1: Most trades people need to carry a large amount of tools, and other supplies to worksites, and many have to move between more than one job site during the day.


@5 I realize that but there are also many construction workers who don't. On my way to work I see construction workers on the bus and as I walk by the lots near the Denny Triangle where they park, they're usually only carrying their lunch. This isn't just about construction workers though, there are many professions where people don't work standard hours and they deserve to be served by public transit too.


@6: That's a different issue, yes the bosses should pay for parking


This is such a weird flex for Sawant. This is an issue to be dealt with in bargaining and by doing this she is undermining the union leadership. If you look at any of the past ordinances she cites they all have carve outs for union bargained contracts so I would expect whatever ordinance she proposes will have a similar carve out added to it. Maybe she should back off as the union leadership asked her too, see what happens with bargaining and then if there is a need for additional legislation offer to help. Of course that wouldn't give her an easy win and steal some limelight as she fights her recall election so slim chance she does that.


what a nutjob.


Why doesn't Sawant ask herself why parking is so expensive in the City?


Union carpenters currently make in excess of $50.00 per hour, much more then many others who work downtown and have to make a choice of driving and paying for parking or saving using public transportation. She has hitched her star to this cause to gain the support of the union to avoid being voted out of her cushy, powerful position, and nothing more.


Thank you Kshama.
let the Pendulum
swing Our way
for once.


Why not give the construction workers a "free parking sticker", but only for union workers.

This way we can create special classes of I mean workers and voters who will abide the socialist agenda and support the political boss who gives the most pork away.

Next will be retail workers, restaurant workers, office workers and the list goes on. yes, the employer should pay all of the costs. Ja das ist gut!

Stick it to those capitalist dogs.... they just oppress the working class and take our money.

We have lots of well run working models of socialist/communist economies... USSR (temporarily under new management), Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea. All worker paradises and places of pure bliss....


Well said Councilmember Sawant, employers should in general support more of the expenses associated with reporting to and performing work.

Orca Cards and van service from parking lots on the downtown perimeter are a good start, and for those who must drive for various reasons, downtown parking should be provided and funded.

We’ve seen real progress in Seattle with pregnancy leave, paid sick days and improved minimum wages.

Let’s keep pushing employers to pay their fair share, rather than offloading business operating expenses onto employees.

This is particularly egregious in the case of these well-funded developers, who are continually altering the urban-scape to the benefit of the wealthy financier class, and imposing questionable, anti-human steel and glass aesthetics upon a financially challenged middle and lower class.

Perhaps the best option for underrepresented employees is to organize into trade unions, which provide aggregated political muscle through federally sanctioned collective bargaining.

This line of reasoning is all the more compelling when we consider those who have been left behind to live on the street and dumpster dive—or dumpster live, heaven forbid, to escape the harsh Autumn elements.

The cold winter approach reminds us of the destructive nature of capitalist greed and resultant income disparity, and the necessity of union organization and holding greedy employers accountable for equitable benefits and worker rights.

Everyone please continue to support socially conscientious candidates Lorena González for Mayor, Nicole Thomas-Kennedy for City Attorney, Nikkita Oliver for City Council Position 9 and of course Councilmember Kshama Sawant, as she goes toe-to-toe with these ludicrous green-hairy Trumpazoid Business Roundtable and Rotary Club philistines in this ridiculous recall election.


If construction workers and homeless can get free parking, why should I pay!! These policies separate the population and it does not solve the problem....
sad to say, I consider myself democrat but seeing the way bureaucrats let our city go down, with no security, and unable to take action for any issue without considering gain or losses of votes... it is time to change party in power in our city...