That dreary business of attempting to recall Kshama Sawant will likely go down on December 7.
That dreary business of attempting to recall Kshama Sawant will probably go down on December 7, but the date isn't set yet. KAREN DUCEY/ GETTY IMAGES

No, Danny Westneat, we refuse to "forget the Wazzu football coach," the anti-vaxxer nutter. This Nick Rolovich character needs to get over himself or go to Idaho and be with his dying and hospital-kneecapping kind. Don't care if he is the "highest-paid state employee" and "football is bigger than God". There must be no room made for forgetting here, mate.

Speaking of Spokane: Now we are getting some hard numbers regarding the COVID overflow from that red state to ours. My Northwest:

During a visit to Spokane, Inslee revealed that “there are as many as 30 patients a day more than we typically would have coming from Idaho.” This is while Washington hospitals have been forced to delay procedures due to issues with overcrowding and staff shortages. That includes Providence Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane, which has “delayed care in over 2,000 people who need surgery,” according to Chief Medical Officer Dr. Dan Getz.

That's 30 extra freedom potato-state people a day, or over 200 a week. And how long is the average stay for COVID-19 patients in the ICU? 18.9 days. Inslee: “Idaho is not pulling their share of the load here, their politicians’ failure to act is jeopardizing my community in Spokane, and I am not happy about that.”

The students at the University of Washington have returned. Today was their first day of the fall quarter. They will be taught by real professors. They must wear masks in class and regularly test for COVID because the pandemic is still here with us.

I have seen at night coyotes in Genesee Park and Playfield. Their numbers are growing in Columbia City. Some are losing their cats to them. Nevertheless, do not feed this wild animal. Keep them hunting. The park people in Vancouver BC are getting tough on wildlife feeders because they know that a coyote on the hunt is still much better than one that expects treats from humans.

One more animal thing for the day. And it's captured by the kind of humor that might have made The Chair a better TV show.

That dreary business of recalling Kshama Sawant will, according to the Seattle Times, "qualify for an election this winter." King County Elections expects Dec. 7 to be the day when District 3 voters decide. The local right (like the national right) only knows how to waste our time and money. Sawant is going nowhere soon. You must learn to live with her. And don't feed the coyotes. And stop hating on the poor.

Speaking of the local right. Its current star, Brandi Kruse, is now saying it just like she feels it. The left is "the mob". As for former Governor Gregoire on Nicole Thomas-Kennedy? What the hell is she doing all out in the daylight like that? I thought corporate vampires only left their "darkened room" at night.

And yes, as the second October of the pandemic approaches, I'm feeling my Gothic predilections more powerfully than ever before. "The victims have been bled, bled, bled."

Lots of wind is expected tonight in the region. Power may go out in some parts, trees that have long had enough of it might finally fall, and batty autumn leaves will certain fly up into the cloud-dark night. But do not expect to see a witch on a transmogrified broomstick pass by your window. It's not that kind of wind.

YouTube axes the anti-vaxxers: According to KOMO, "YouTube shut down several prominent accounts it accused of spreading vaccine misinformation Wednesday as the video site implemented new policies aimed at curtailing all anti-vaccine propaganda." What I do call this? It has an expression in black American English, one of the richest and most provocative forms of the language. It's called "doing right by me." As for those who are calling this an attack on freedom, I must refer you to a Southern expression made popular by Florence Jean "Flo" Castleberry: "You can kiss my grits."

The real horror of this story, which tells the tale of a "teen who ran over 6 cyclists outside Houston walks free", is not that the teenager may not "face any charges after the fact", or that the police are being "tight-lipped" about the nearly deadly incident, but that a boy, a total American boy, was permitted by his parents and the state to drive, on his own, a machine that is so massive and powerful that it can tow up to 32,500 pounds. Why any person needs such a machine is a matter that exposes the true conatus of capitalism, which has little to do with use values as such, say, a fork for food or a chair for rest, but, instead, the invention of spectral use values ("towing up to 32,500 pounds"), use values that are completely detached from any actual real function (dragging a redwood tree out of a forest).

How can I leave this post without the toasting classic by the Lone Ranger, "Barnabas in Collins Wood". It has one of my favorite lines in of all of 1970s and '80s toasting: "[Dracula] chew your neck like a wrigley's".