Slog PM: Idaho Sends 30 COVID Patients to WA Every Day, Sawant Recall Vote Planned for Winter, Brandi Kruse Calls Nicole Thomas-Kennedy Supporters "the Mob"



"Idaho is not pulling their share of the load here"

Red states never do, with anything. They are all welfare queens constantly begging for federal money, for help with healthcare, for help with infrastructure, for help with jobs, and what do they give in return?

Attempts to overthrow the government, willful spreading of a virus, attacks on minorities, suspension of civil liberties, and not a single goddamn thank you for constantly saving them from themselves.


"Some are losing their cats to them."

Good. Stray cats kill 1,768,000,000 birds a year in the US and Canada.
Owned cats (outdoor cats) kill 764,000,000 birds a year in the US and Canada.

-National Geographic, October 2019.


Good, a Democrat calling it like it is concerning NTK's crazy proposals, glad to see it!


"The local right..."

Voters in District 3 have now become "the local right" to the Stranger. (If they do recall Sawant, will the Stranger inform us that District 3 was a hot-bed of support for Trump, too?)

(It's also amusing, to say the least, to see a writer at the Stranger use the word "dreary" to describe something which has persistently caused writers at the Stranger to roar with rage.)


WA should invoice Idaho for every damn patient and the DOJ should follow-up and make sure they pay. Fuck those assholes.


"Roll coal...."

Where do I start?


@3 I wasn't interested in the attorney general race before but if that cunt's cunt of a human being Gregoire is for whoever, i'm voting the other way. She's everything that's wrong with Democrats.


@7 At least that "cunt's cunt" as you described her knows the actual office being contested, while you don't.


NTK is the vampire, not Gregoire.


@8 Yep. Totally. You should vote the way she tells you to.


tight-lipped cops and a teen driving a modded F-350?
somebody's daddy has money!


Inslee: “there are as many as 30 patients a day..."

Your headline: "Idaho Sends 30 COVID Patients to WA Every Day"

Those aren't saying the same thing.


@12 - Good catch!


@1 Brent Gumbo and @6 xina for the WIN!

@2 When the world is free of trolling incels, then I'll celebrate, jackoff.


Correction: @1 Brent Gumbo and @5 xina for the WIN!

@6 Musicbiker: Agreed. Like Kyrsten Sinema, Joe Manchin is a boot-licking GOP sellout. His being a coal baron should be overwhelming proof that he's a diehard RepubliKKKan, all too happy to march in lockstep. They looooooooove their Earth destructive fossil fuels.


Hey, clueless WA-ZOO head coach Nick Rolovich and unmasked MAGA-stupefied anti-vaxxers pouring into Spokane from Idaho:
Congratulations! Stubbornly fahtin' fer yer our Free Dumbs entitles you to die!
Exit the morgue and proceed eastbound on I-90 back to the spud state of confusion.
You can thank Brad Little for being a typically clueless do-nothing RepublikKKan Governor.


In even happier news; Babyface Kavanaugh tested positive for COVID! All he has to do now is breathe on Samuel Alito, Jr., Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, Amy COVID Barrett, and Moscow Mooch McDumbbell who stubbornly conspired to keep our current federal Attorney General, Merrick Garland, out of SCOTUS. Then the Biden / Harris Administration can appoint 5 actual U.S Supreme Court Justices. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!