Slog AM: Government Shutdown Looms, Hate Group Leader Convicted, and Another Housing Debate



Lorena Gonzales is the status quo candidate. We are living her “plan” to end homelessness. Her plan going forward is more of the same delusional thinking, huge payments to NGOs with no accountability, and more encampments everywhere. Vote her and Mosqueda out of office if you want to see progress on homelessness.


Perhaps I'm being petty*, but I'm not sure why an organization calling itself Futurewise is using a font from Apple computers circa 1992.

It's the internet; I'm legally required to be petty.


I know that your brash insistence that cars should not even exist seems fresh to you every morning, but trust me it is actually rather boring.


Skyscrapers? In Northgate? GTFOH with that demented shit. Move to Hong Kong if that's how you want to live, and take Mudede with you.

Also, what @3 said.


Yes, Sinema and Manchin are assholes and boy it would sure be great if Dems could caucus more effectively. But let’s not forget that Republican shitbags are the ones making Democrats raise the debt ceiling alone, which has to be done in order to cover Trump’s bullshit Republican rich-people tax giveaway, through Reconciliation so they can accuse Democrats of being “irresponsible with spending.”


@7 If you are looking for well-researched, hard-hitting investigative journalism, you are in the wrong place.


Hope the injured, sick, and women whose water broke were't delayed too much getting to hospitals via the Golden Gate Bridge. Public safety is never on the radar of "social justice" organizers.


Omg who wrote this??

Government shutdown is not looming, the deal is in place. If it was, we've rolled through those before.

Hitting the debt ceiling and defaulting on US Treasury debt is looming, and that's a big big deal.

And neither has anything to do, except rhetorically, with the infrastructure impasse.

And this is why we can't have nice things. Journos are clueless, so voters are clueless, so we get swindlef by a faction of mendacious authoritarian con artists.


"Cole glued Nazi posters to his targets’ homes, which an Assistant US Attorney called a clear effort to threaten and terrorize."

yeah but the Klu Klux Klan*
were never considered a 'Terrorist
Organization' by the Klan. they were
merely 'Patriots' affirming White Supremacy.

that a few got lynched
or delegated to shithole
Lives was just a part of keep-
ing America White. why do you
HATE White People? what have
they ever done to You?

"Public safety is never on the
radar of 'social justice' organizers."

gawd dewey
you never seem
to tire of being Per-
Petually fucking WRONG.

what's your Secret?

not technically
but Def Fascists

say didn't we once fight
a War against Nazis?

did we Lose?


A big shout out to the two remaining Democrats who refuse to vote for the 3.5 billion dollar give away, which will ultimately be paid for by middle class voters via inflation, and undoubtedly with additional taxes. About time there are a few level headed elected Democrats who actually care about what's best for the majority of their voters.


@9: There are hospitals in both Marin County and SF, almost no one needs to use the GG bridge to get to a hospital, and if an emergency vehicle was, the protesters would let it by


@9 Yea I’ve never understood what activists think they are accomplishing by blocking traffic. Before COVID when blocking traffic downtown was a regular thing, I never cared what the fuck they were protesting about all I knew was that my normal 40 minute bus ride home was turned into an almost two hour grind.

You’d think after 2020 they’d realize protests not only don’t help achieve any goals but are actually counterproductive.



People have been saying that about street protests since, well, since streets and protests have existed. The entire POINT of a protest in the street is to inconvenience those who normally use the street for other purposes, because the goal isn't to get you to change your mind about what they're protesting, it's to get you to think about WHY they're protesting. If you have to THINK about it, then you have to acknowledge it, regardless of how you feel about it.

And if all you feel is "well, fuck my commute just got doubled for this one day, so I guess I'm not going to support whatever they're protesting about", then you're clearly so privileged with never having to experience whatever they're protesting about: police brutality; economic displacement; political disenfranchisement; racial hatred; gender and sexual inequality; or whatever - to give a shit about it in the first place.


here is how the mayoral race should play out:
Bruce and Lorena have from now until election day to fundraise and plan 4k units of housing. whoever reaches the goal first, wins mayor! it's like "extreme home makeover: entire city edition"

no but for real, motherfuckers have got to start building...something. I fed a man last week, mans was in tears about how he didn't think he could go another day waking-up in a tent. he was at his breaking point and it was the saddest shit I have witnessed in a long time. I tried to help and implore him to call his family, but he had done something regrettable and was sure they would ignore him. I get him on wait list at tiny home village, he isn't sure he can wait that long. as in, would rather be dead.
shit is life and death out there, not sure if Lorena or Bruce realize that.


@19: motherfuckers are building something. the Office of Housing is funding projects as fast as they can. it just isn't fast enough. land acquisition aside, the need has exceeded the ability of the non-profit housing organizations and construction companies to meet it.

we need new solutions, because tiny houses aren't it. i'm in favor of the city leasing SODO warehouses and creating "cage hotels" in them, with bathroom semi-trailers parked outside. meeting code for something like that won't be easy. or cheap.

even that won't be enough to house 10,000.


"I am once again asking social justice organizers to get a website so sympathetic journalists can amplify your demands."

This sentence is a masterpiece of unintentional humor. There is no part of it that isn't funny.


@18: As if that's an excuse for no sweeps.


@12 I'm Not Really From The PNW, I'm Just Another Trolling MAGA-Rube: Go back to your MAGA-stupefied pro-Trumpist state of confusion and stay there. Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are not Democrats. They're boot licking RepubliKKKan sock puppets. Believe me, Joe Manchin, forever a sucker for Big Coal, and Moscow Mitch McConnell butt kisser, Krysten Sinema (caught on tape smiling and patting McConnell on the back) clearly do NOT have my best interests at heart. And I'm a Washington State native. What part of West Virginia or Arizona are you from?



There is not a more fatuous, more clueless, more gullible pack of fools anywhere than the benighted "urbanists" who have convinced themselves that density will reduce sprawl, and it looks like you're one of them. The opposite is true, as any damn fool can see by visiting Auburn, Bonney Lake, Covington, or Silverdale. Try it. I dare you.


@20 - I agree. Half of the problem is that we got rid of the Skid Row hotels.


"The problem is that the cars seem to have a warped idea of what safe means, and they penalize drivers for normal — in fact, legally required — things like stopping for yellow lights........."

it used to be illegal to have ANY video screen in an auto where the driver could see it. I can't wait for the first $10 trillion lawsuit when it's finally, clearly proven that all the nonsense 'safety' options they're adding are shown to clearly be dangerous.

The ONLY safety device which does ANY good at all is an alert, competent, experienced driver at the wheel.

And by the way, if you think that you're supposed to stop for yellow lights, you're probably causing a lot of accidents.

Red means: You may NOT enter the intersection.
Green means: You may enter the intersection.
The only thing the yellow light means is, "The Light is about to change to Red." THAT'S ALL. NOTHING MORE.

Look it up if you don't believe it.