Slog PM: UW Study Finds Police Killed 55% More People Than We Thought, Workers Settle with Amazon, Jayapal Stands Strong in Budget Showdown Shitshow



Sawant's recall election will be decided by people who care enough to return their ballots. If you receive a ballot and don't return it, you've got nothing to complain about.


@1, you are correct. And when she wins handily, again, will people finally accept that D3 wants her and STFU?


@2 Time will solve that mystery.


Hey Kshama, I may be (god forbid) white, but I am anything but wealthy and I voted for you in 2013. I wish I were allowed to help vote you out in 2021.

True story: I just returned from my neighborhood mailbox before logging on to SLOG. I was mailing my Democracy Vouchers, half to Ann Davison, half to Sara Nelson. I hope these two women can help pull Seattle out of the ditch.

A Seattle Liberal / Leftist


"This reconciliation bill is being opposed by every Republican in Congress as well as the drug companies, the insurance companies, the fossil fuel industry and the billionaire class.

They want to maintain the status quo in which the very rich get richer while ordinary Americans continue to struggle to make ends meet.

Well, I disagree. I believe that now is the time, finally, for Congress to stand up for working families and have the courage to take on the big money interests and wealthy campaign contributors who have so much power over the economic and political life of our country."

--Bernie Sanders DS, VT

god you mean we might have Nice Things*?

but do we even Deserve them?
after all we're NOT Wealthy

M4A just like ALL
(other) Advanced Countries
Education this shit pays for ITself.


this talk of a 3 trillion dollar bill
is 300 billion times TEN Years
or about one fucking HALF
whar we spend at our
War Department

the difference in our
Return on Investment
is fucking STAGGERING

long live the
'Defense' Contractors
and their nasty Dynasties


No deal tonight. I'm not a Progressive, but if I were, this is the hill that I die on. They might only get 2 trillion+ (combined) in new spending on physical and social infrastructure, but that would be an enormous accomplishment. God's speed.


Blue Jays and Red Sox both lost tonight which may tick the M's chances up a point!


Further proof that Manchin is most definitely Joe Entitlement. He and Kyrsten Sinema should be ousted from the Democratic Senate, period. Like I have said repeatedly, Manchin and Sinema are really REPUBLIKKKANs posing as Democrats. Why else would they be so eagerly licking Mitch McConnell's boots?
The only way there would be a deal tonight is if the entire RepubliKKKan Party of None plus their two cherished sock puppets, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema all dropped dead.


@8 The Blue Jays are already eliminated.


@8 Ehh...never mind. I'm an idiot. Not sure why that was in my head.


Pramila and her nutty progressives should pass the infrastructure bill in the House that was passed by the Senate and call it a day on the pipe dream of the 3.5T reconciliation bill.

Or there won't be any bill at all.


The problem is that the Republicans and Manchin would be fine with nothing happening. Given that reality, any amount would be a win, so be happy you get 25% of what you want.


"because they know that many working people won’t even know an election is happening. "

There you have it. Kshama believes that working people are uninformed idiots.


@14 Yep. Sawant thinks her minions are so stupid they can’t fill out and return a postage paid ballot in December.