Hey, look, free oil!
Hey, look, free oil! Mario Tama / Getty Images

Getting evicted? You might be able to get free legal help. Around ten percent of renters are behind on rent in Washington, with Black and Latino households disproportionately represented. Eviction moratoriums are scheduled to end next month or in 2022, depending on where you live; but starting today, low-income tenants are guaranteed free legal help. In King County, contact the King County Bar for help. Elsewhere, check with the Tenants Union.

I hope nobody was planning on using that ocean. An oil pipeline burst off the coast of California this weekend, spilling hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil that made its way into a nearby wetland. Huntington Beach is now smeared with oil from the pipeline, which connects to an oil rig owned by Beta Offshore and Amplify Energy Corp. Dead birds and fish have been washing up on shore, and a nearby marine mammal center is on standby to deal with larger animals. It’s a reminder that here in Washington, we’re fortunate to have zero oil or gas production facilities, and it should stay that way.

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Seattle’s biggest festival of the year was the opening of a subway station. Were you one of the tens of thousands of people who visited the new Northgate, Roosevelt, and U District stations this weekend? What a fabulous opening weekend — particularly since it was timed to coincide with a food fair in the U District. Over the next three years, Sound Transit will open 25 (!) new stations. Seems like if someone was running for office right now, they might want to think about aligning themselves with this sort of thing.

Happy Supreme Court Day! It’s the first day back at work for The Supreme Court’s term, or at least what’s left of it. They’ll hear cases about carrying guns in public, access to government documents, the death penalty, and taxpayer funding for religious schools. Oh, and of course there’s an abortion-related case that could lead to the court overturning Roe v. Wade, so, you know, everything is terrible.

Americans must really love reading about gun deaths every day, because we sure aren’t doing much to stop them. Police claim a 35-year-old man was shot and killed near Pike Place Market around 9:30 pm last night. No further details, but homicide police are investigating. Also this weekend there were mass shootings in South Carolina, Colorado, and Texas, leaving three dead and ten injured. Last week Massachusetts successfully chased a gun manufacturer out of state by passing sweeping gun safety legislation.

Russia is concerned about gay furry feminists. A Russian official has labelled a variety of groups as “extremists,” including queer people, feminists, furries, and the child-free. Andrei Tsyganov, chairman of a child safety commission, said that the country should give those groups an official designation that would allow law enforcement to deal more harshly with them. Earlier this year, a Russian MP called for queer people to be sterilized.

Get her, Jade. Community groups say that Arizona Senator-For-Now Kyrsten Sinema won’t meet with them, so they’re going to meet with her, even if she tries to escape from them by hiding in a bathroom. Sinema is currently blocking an infrastructure bill that would tax rich corporations, while also raising tons of money from them.

Revenge of the squid! A boat full of squid fishers capsized this weekend near Colman Dock. Their boat’s engine apparently lost power, and then a wave from a ferry sank the boat. None of the people sustained any serious injuries, and now the squids have a new boat to play in.

It’s time to reclaim Montlake. Why is a neighborhood within walking distance of light rail, a soon-to-open bus hub, and one of the best urban public parks in the Pacific Northwest zoned exclusively for millionaire housing?

Some pretty gross allegations about Robin Thicke: Remember that "Blurred Lines" video? One of the performers, Emily Ratajkowski, writes in a new book that Robin Thicke groped her from behind, an account corroborated by director Diane Martel. Martel says she shouted at him and called for the shoot to end, but Ratajkowski said that they could continue. Afterwards, Thicke blocked her on Instagram.

Bad news about bad news: In the last two decades, many news organizations have been forced to close due to the changing economics of the journalism industry. But others were festering disasters. Here is a summary of how Ozy, a news site that nobody has ever heard of but nevertheless managed to raise tens of millions of dollars, completely imploded within the span of a week. The most incredible detail is about the company co-founder, who apparently used voice-altering technology to pose as a YouTube executive on a conference call.

The CEO of AMC Theaters encourages his critics to choke on it. Reports of the movie theater’s demise were premature: This morning CEO Adam Aron posted that the theater chain raked in record-setting profits this weekend on the strength of the new Venom sexy-slime-boy movie and the new James Bond film, which does not have any slime.

Has anybody seen Hotel Transylvania 4? It was supposed to release in theaters on October 1. Then they changed it to an Amazon streaming release. Now nobody seems to know what’s going on. (The website still says “exclusively in movie theaters October 1.”) I’m not, like, champing at the bit to see this movie; I just think it’s kind of funny that this film of all films appears to be cursed.

Will movie production shut down for a strike? The union representing tens of thousands of crewmembers voted this weekend on whether to strike over harsh working conditions as they negotiate with a group representing film producers. Results are expected later today. A “yes” vote doesn’t necessarily mean a strike will happen, just that it’s been authorized.

Nothing can prepare you for the Princess Diana musical. They sure were generous with the casting of Charles. How nice that this came along just in time for us to be done savaging Dear Evan Hansen:

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