The Judkins station is also only a pleasant 8-9 minute stroll away from multiple awesome places, including Temple Bakery, Iconiq, Heyday, Reckless Noodles, Catfish Corner, and Wood Shop. And right across the street from NAAM and Jimi Hendrix Park.


Such a Seattle-centric perspective. Of course there's very little to entice a Seattleite to visit Bellevue or Kirkland or Redmond. The real "true joy" is in finally giving those suburbanites a way to come to the arts, culture, and sports of Seattle - and to get to SeaTac - without driving a car.


I suggest a post on the Roosevelt station. That's also newsworthy.


@2: I have this personal theory that Matt has never stepped foot outside Seattle proper (or whatever upscale urban centers he's lived in previously). Whenever he talks transportation, it's from the most entitled, myopic urban mindset I've ever encountered, where he just assumes there's no need for personal forms of transportation requiring more than two wheels, unless those wheels are on skates. (Never mind the idea that some people need to be able to get places with work accessories not suited to mass transit, or that a grocery run - not delivery, but the one where you go to the food library and procure it YOURSELF - should not take an entire Saturday afternoon and three seats on the rare weekend bus; those people are just wrong.)

This makes for a very representative article for the state of the modern Stranger, however.


We're glad you don't like Bellevue. Please do your shoplifting and drug dealing in Seattle.


"Tacoma will get to experience a Sound Transit expansion" next year, but it won't be light rail. The lengthened Tacoma Link line is still just a streetcar~ exactly the same as our South Lake Union route. Why Sound Transit calls it light rail is beyond me.


Kemper Freeman and his a-hole brethren are responsible for pushing the Bellevue link toward 405 and away from Bellevue Way, along which the vast majority of the city’s desirable destinations (the downtown park, Bell/Lincoln Square, the actually decent restaurants on Main St) can be found.


Matt's views often make me grind my teeth, but this Mercer Island line was classic ... Thumbs up!
"There are also some very nice views across the lake, bookstores, and some beaches that are just crying out to be made gay."


Where's the Ballard station?


The Spring District stop is now home to a lot of housing, some tech offices, and a small UW outpost. Way better than anything Seattle has managed to put up at its stations in the Rainier Valley.


Now let's not poo-poo the light rail extension to Bellevue.... we'll need that now that Amazon is leaving Seattle. The city council was successful in driving another large employer with well paid, clean tech positions out of the city.

All those well paid tech people will love riding on a brand new light rail as they sip their lattes and look for condos on the east all those small business owner's will be moving over to Bellevue to provide support services and they will need transportation until they find housing over there.

That extension to the East side is absolutely essential.


... lets not forget we can now provide much more mobility for the homeless camping along the I-5 corridor. Now they can be downtown in minutes to do the three P's in record time..... poop, pee & panhandle.


Bellevue to me is is like if South Lake Union and Magnolia made up the entire city. The redeeming factor is that the surrounding nature is beautiful, but otherwise Matt's description is not wrong.

Oddly, my friend who works at a QFC in Bellevue noted that the used needle receptacle was teeming full. Either Seattle is exporting our dope fiends, or Bellevue really makes people want to nod out.

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