Council Gives Single-Family Zoning a Name Change but Not the Boot



Double plus good!


Why is everyone forgetting that families outgrow their tiny apartments and need to move into single family houses.


Great photo, Lester!


"Only 3 in 10 households are
owned by folks under 100% AMI"

and ami is


There are large apartments and condos with 3 or four bedrooms for growing families. Single family homes are not necessary.


This is exactly the kind of leadership I expect from the SCC.


"Complete Neighborhoods" is a good term. Starter homes/apartments to larger homes/apartments. Schools, groceries, restaurants, recreation, library within 15 min walk or bike. It is undoubtedly possible if we want it.


Translation: The non-view neighborhoods will continue to get infilled with ridiculously overpriced "townhomes" and developers will continue to get big sloppy wet kisses from the city by allowing them to not provide parking.

But anything with a view of the water will remain zoned for Single Family Homes. And what percentage of the land do you think that is? And how many council members live in those neighborhoods?


@4 From the Seattle Housing website: "AMI is the midpoint income for the Seattle area. It is determined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and means that half of the people earn more than the median, and half of the people earn less."

This means 70% of SF houses are owned by the top 50% of income earning households. This is the housing that covers 75% of Seattle.


@6: This is not North Korea. We have options.


@6 is correct. You can tell we're not North Korea, because you can build 32 story towers at Northgate now.


@12: And plunge the adjacent areas into shade, which will only increase fuel consumption in the winter.


Laugh if you must about this semantic change, but anybody who pays any attention to progressive politics should be well aware by now that semantic changes are always a prelude to substantive changes.


@13: Why are you being annoying by requiring proof that the successful tend to live nicely?


Professor dear, that was a question, not a statement. For someone of such advanced studies, I am befuddled as to how you don't understand grammar.

My original point remains: Do you honestly think any of the view neighborhoods, in a long skinny town composed largely of view neighborhoods, will ever give up single-family zoning? Especially when the town has filled up with rich people who own those homes?

And are you really so charmingly naive as to believe that our council members don't largely live in those neighborhoods?


single fambly
homes: stack 'em* up!

*picket fences
dogs & Gardens


Why use thoughtfulness and a scalpel when a bludgeon will do?!


Obviously carefully managing zoning against existing infrastructure, optimizing growth along transit, preserving City's character is too difficult to do.

Let's just remove all zoning... What a nice slogan and another revolutionary idea!

You know which country doesn't have zoning? The third world kind.


Good God this is like watching the scene for Lord of the Rings where the Ents spend all day saying hello.

Now could somebody actually do some urban planning and effective zoning for a change.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the The Seattle Silly Council of Ents as they decide what to rename "zoning" & "urban planning". Riveting!


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