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«Total Wine & More disputes that the ordinance is applicable to their stores, but it has voluntarily agreed to settle without admitting liability.»

Nobody has stated why Total Wine & More claimed immunity to the ordinance. What clever dissembling were they so much relying on that they took it to court, and lost?


"Between $1.9 and $2.3 trillion:" That's the new top line number range for Biden's Build Back Better Budget…

take off a fucking Zero*
Smokin’ Joe & then
Compare it to our
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and unlike Bombs
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We the Peeps get a fucking
RETURN on our Investments

that isn’t more Terrorism.

“Juan Alberto Castaneda Miranda is suing after police allegedly burst into his apartment, guns drawn, and demanded he ‘confess about the drug cartels’… ”

they’ve never Heard of ‘Miranda’?
the Right to not fucking Confess
even if you’re being

what the Fuck are we Teaching
our ‘Protectors and Servers’?

they gotta Watch
more Cop Shows

*over ONE year is
Better Than over
ten damn years


@1 - Okay, this is why Total Wine & More considers themselves exempt from an ordinance that protects the lives of its staff:

'In a confidential memo obtained by BuzzFeed News, Total Wine’s chief stores officer informed its managers... the company was “not continuing” the coronavirus raises for hourly workers due in part because of “trends in the business and external environment.”

“We are unable to predict the long-term impact COVID-19 will have on our business and the economy,” the memo read....'


To really build back better, axe the reconciliation bill and pass the infrastructure bill or there won't be anything to build with. Silly silly dems.



Which is a pretty bullshit analysis, given the two things pretty much guaranteed to continue earning large revenues in a modern pandemic lockdown are booze sales and streaming video on-demand rentals and subscriptions.


Heres the actual text from the ordinance:

The Grocery Employee Hazard Pay Ordinance requires grocery businesses in Seattle to pay hazard pay of $4 per hour to their employees during the COVID-19 emergency. Grocery businesses are retail stores that are either:

Over 10,000 square feet in size and primarily engaged in retailing groceries for offsite consumption; or

Over 85,000 square feet, with 30 percent or more of its sales floor area dedicated to sale of groceries.

To be covered by this law, the employer must employ more than 500 employees worldwide. The ordinance would not impact convenience stores or food marts primarily selling a limited line of goods.

Is a store that sells only liquor really a grocery store? It seems pretty flimsy to me but better to settle than deal with it.


Ah yes, since a Democratic president is in office we have to pretend to be concerned about fiscal responsibility.


6 - Flimsy, and very obvious that their actual objections are strictly based on corporate profits as stated in their own "confidential" memo. Their other 'arguments' were fabricated after the company made its money decisions. All that would be relevant in court.


4 Sux when one side does not ram its agenda its through with no questions asked, huh?


Most liquor stores also sell food but even absent that it shouldn’t require a judge to explain why stores that primarily sell beverages are a special type of grocery store.

Their employees risked their lives for over a year so people could get drunk. An extra $4/hour is the absolute least they could do for them.


Oh wow nothing gets past you does it now show me where i said it was a legal argument you fucking assclown


Legal argument: a liquor store is a special type of grocery store, and the law does not include language that explicitly distinguishes “real” grocery stores from “liquor” grocery stores, ergo the law about grocery stores applies to liquor stores too

Moral argument: their employees could have died to keep their stores in operation during the pandemic so it shouldn’t even have gotten to the point where courts need to intervene and force them to obey the law (see legal argument in case you're still confused)


thnx blip


@10. I thought the the reconciliation bill was paid for by increases in taxes. Shouldn’t add anything significant to the debt or deficit. A better argument would be that there could be a minor inflationary impact if corporations pass on their small tax increase to consumers. Doubt that you would notice it.


Nothing says welcome to America like being treated like dirt and forced into poverty (and most likely homelessness). The United States is 100% responsible for doing nothing in Afghanistan over two decades, allowing the country to fall to the Taliban within 24 hours of leaving the country, and putting all refugees that managed to get here into impossible positions. Die here, die there, it's America, we don't care!!!


@17 -- where your
Demise is Never


@14 - the legal question is, what is the definition of "groceries?" That is what would control whether Total Wine is covered under the definition that was posted. I don't know the answer to that but a court could surely figure it out.

If there is no particular definition in statute, then the court will generally give a word its commonly accepted meaning. I think here that would include looking at things like how liquor is treated relative to other kinds of food and beverages, and whether a distinction is made. Given the immense number of laws WA has about liquor sales & restrictions on them I suspect that liquor may very well not be a "grocery." For example, liquor is subject to sales tax while most food is not.

None of this addresses whether Total Wine's employees SHOULD get more money, but it does go to whether the law requires it.


@17: such hyperbole. we did not "do nothing" in Afghanistan for 2 decades. ask the women currently having their freedoms curtailed, or the journalists who fled. it was for naught, but it wasn't nothing.

and you can thank Trump for the 2/20 Doha agreement that abandoned the Afghan Govt & Army.


@17 - Not much you can do with a country bound and determined to be run by grubby men with no fashion sense and bad table manners.


@22 Is there another racist trope you could slide in there? I feel like there's still one missing.


"OPA Director Andrew Myerberg is interviewing for a police transparency job in Phoenix." Investigative journalism in action, Rich Smith & Stranger style! see: & for what the Stranger ignores.

I discovered & tweeted about Myerberg trying to flee Seattle for Phoenix yesterday at 1PM.

Really hard to understand if Smith/Stranger have a conflict of interest or are crap journalists when it comes to police accountability.


Yes, @24 tweeted this yesterday. The background to the Myerberg interview is that a whistleblower complaint to the city raises questions about Myerberg's overall conduct in Seattle investigation position. Important series of stories about this in the South Seattle Emerald, which Stranger readers should be aware of. A new OPA Director isn't going to fix the problem with Seattle's police accountability. We need a new accountability system that is accountable to voters.


@8 so if the gov passes a tax that you don't think applies to you and they just say trust us it does you're not going to explore whether you can get out of it? I seriously doubt that. Insinuating there is some sinister force at work in Total Wine because they dared question the applicability of an SCC ordinance is pretty low brow but goes right along with the all businesses are the devil mentality so present in Seattle politics today.


Foodstuffs. Be a winner, drink your dinner.

Do liqueur stores use the grocer's apostrophe, that's gotta be the crux of the biscuit.