Seattle Passes Resolution to Decriminalize Psychedelics



SCC is on a roll with pointless resolutions. Go get 'em!



What utter and complete bullshit. SPOG and Mayor Durkin' Donuts have fought tooth-and-claw for the past 18 or 19 months now to absolutely prevent ANY reallocation of resources away from SPD for any purpose whatsoever. And whatever small amount of money the Council HAS been able to redirect to social agencies for response to mental health and other non-law enforcement public-safety related issues has been universally decried by people like yourself.

You don't get to scream from one side of your cake-hole that defunding SPD is BAD and then also scream from the other side that nobody is doing anything to defund SPD, when everyone in your camp has thrown up roadblocks to actually allowing it to happen like so many concrete barriers and chain link fences.



SPD isn't "available", because they flat-out REFUSE to go on those calls, claiming the state's new use-of-force law "prevents" them from doing so, even though the Legislature - and everyone else EXCEPT LEA's - have been quite clear that's not what the law entails.

Best was lying about this over a year ago, they're lying about it now, and nobody who's paying any attention to the issue gives them any level of credibility in the matter. They're actively, unabashedly trying to create a situation where they HOPE everyone will just throw up their hands in frustration and give them whatever they want on a silver platter, just to get them to DO THEIR FUCKING JOBS.


People high on mushrooms with guns, great.


@8 -- while Nazis ran on methamphetamines our War Department funded LSD research looking for thee perfect Soldier: see also: nine innings, eight walks, six strikeouts, and two hit batsmen later, Dock Ellis had done the impossible: he'd pitched a no-hitter high on LSD: "It was ugly but it was still a no-no."

these Powerful Drugs
are excellent Tools
but like most In-
toxicants can
be abused
as well.


can't be any worse than all the tweekers running around here like npcs from gta: seattle.
wooo, funguys!
one time like 10 years ago I was trespassing somewhere while high as fuck on shrooms, got chased by the cops. it was terrifying, but I got away lol


@11 -- can 'doktor' Nelson

cure Spammers?


@12, LOL. Nice one!


@11, ha ha, good one!


Important city business since there's nothing else to be working on these days.


Ah, well why not make all drugs legal or as recommended here to simply not enforce the laws.

We'll have more misunderstood individuals, messed up on drugs, all sheltered in tiny houses or hotels, paid for at taxpayer expense. From there these poor, misunderstood folks can count the spoils of their petty theft, property crimes and do drugs at their leisure in complete comfort.

We can redeploy the SPD to do paperwork to follow up on expanded property theft, lesser crimes and send social workers out to handle domestic violence issues.

Yup... Seattle is a far better place than it ever was.