"Squid Game is not, by the way, the only Korean work to examine indebtedness in such a horrific way. "

Sounds like something that would make Neitzche feel validated. It was forever ago, but I recall reading something of his, a section of Genealogy of Morality maybe. About how debt was to be avoided as an inability to pay meant loosing a literal arm or a leg to the debt holder. More recently I came to learn that schuld in German means both debt and sin, its kinda interesting how those two things which are separate in a complementary sense dovetail into each other in the past.

Also John Calvin pussed out when he allowed for debt in commercial enterprises but not private debt for self interest. I don't think he would have gotten very far trying to stifle Dutch trade out of a sense or morality.


contemporary, complements to spellcheck, grrf.

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