A well-done appreciation of a wonderful show.


I have not been able to get my kids past season 1, but I just sent them this article, we'll see if they continue to listen to 3rd parties on TV as with other issues...


Loved, loved LOVED Barney Miller - a wonderful tapestry of diverse characters with a cast of fabulous actors and topical story lines.


What a great story. I loved this show as a kid. Its diverse cast and content made a big impact on me.


Yeah, Barney MIller may be the first exposure I ever had to out gay persons. I knew closeted gay kids in my high school, but being a teenager in Dumbasfuckistan SW WA, it was certainly understandable that they didn't come out to their fellow classmates until decades later.

And the pot brownies episode is a classic - I still crack up whenever I hear someone answer the phone with "moshi moshi"; Jack Soo was veritable master of deadpan comic timing.


Don't forget the absolute best bass line in television.


"But none of that would have been possible if Danny Arnold hadn’t worked closely with the queer community to craft strong depictions, and if he hadn’t stuck to his convictions, taken a gamble, and insisted on defying the network censor."

the arc of the moral universe
ain't gonna bend itself

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