Get a job you goddamn loser. Add some value to society.


We ain't Mississippi yet
gottdammit but with a little
Hard Work by Gawd we Could be.

go Chairman timmy!
all the way to Idaho


Give me a break. I love how progressives trot out these sad, stories to pretend like these tax measures are some magic solution to all that ails us. First we have the bs story that all the crime in downtown is driven by starving people who just need to eat and now we have the sad story of people who can never see their kids because WA doesn't have an income tax. The capitol gains tax and the holy grail of an income tax will do absolutely nothing to relieve people working 2-3 jobs. You know why? Because there is no rollback of any of the regressive sales and property taxes these people paying. No it is all treated as completely new revenue for a state that is taking in record amounts of money.

The current capitol gains tax was a sham from the beginning. Instead of working to actually change the constitution to allow for progressive taxation the legislature rammed through some shitty bill under the cover of Covid emergency relief knowing that it will get challenged in the hopes the court will rule on their side and allow them to finally overturn the ruling of income as property. That may yet happen but the manner is which the legislature is doing this is still as shady as hell and as noted most people in WA do not support an income tax. Maybe if they actually acted in good faith and crafted something that was revenue neutral and provided relief to working class families they wouldn't see such resistance. Eyman is a clown but a clown can only operate if there is a sideshow in town and thanks to the progressives in the legislature there is a three ringed one going on in this state.

p.s Every other state in the union along with the federal gov that has a capitol gains tax treats it as an income tax. Stop gaslighting us with this is not an income tax.


GoTim! The federal capital gains tax is all the progressives need.


So what’s on the line is just $0.5B new capital gains money? The total state budget was $60B this year. It’s not nothing, but less than 1% of the budget isnt proportional to the hyperbole of this article.



In case you haven't heard - Washington State DOESN'T HAVE AN INCOME TAX. So, capital gains here CAN'T be treated the same as all those other states that DO have an income tax.


This new writer that the Stranger hired is actually pretty good.


@8 , I'm actually starting to look for articles again in the Stranger, at last the long era of cynical, ironic journalism is over? Thank god all those aging gen xers (such as myself) are letting someone else have a crack at it.


@7 WhIcH MaKeS iT IlLeGaL!!!

The only reason they don’t classify it as such is because they are trying to circumvent the constitution so it can get in front of the court. Making it an income tax would mean it was DOA and the SC would never take it up. Do try to keep up with the rest of the class.


Go Tim! No capital gains tax. No income tax. No compromise.


So much for Chairman Tim getting massively fined @2.6 million by Washington State and barred from campaign control.
[>article>campaigns-lawsuits-camp February 10, 2021 Seattle AP]
And now he's being taken SERIOUSLY? Is Chairman Tim holding a gun to someone's head while demanding a king's ransom in taxpayer $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$? Has he joined forces with Sometime Ambassador to Cambodia and EL Salvador, Trump lovin' Thug Ericksen, R---Ferndale, too, as well as QAnon goon squad leader Jim Walsh R--Aberdeen?
What's it going to take to get this nutcase whose endless initiatives have only worsened our local and regional economy to leave Washington State?


@1 Brent Gumbo and @2 kristofarian for the WIN!

@7 COMTE: As usual @3 is beyond help.

@12: You might want to check your grammar and spelling before posting.


The state has plenty of tax revenue already, they just need to spend it more wisely.



So, now you're a constitutional scholar on top of all your other Google University acquired "expertise"?


@16 I did stay at a Holiday Inn one time.

Cmon, there’s plenty of articles regarding WA’s prohibition of progressive taxation on income because the SC ruled income was property back in the day. There are plenty of things you could troll me about but that just makes you look foolish.


@17 The state constitution would allow a flat tax on income. It requires equal taxation - so a progressive income tax that has different taxation rates for different levels of income is unconstitutional. A capital gains tax that taxes all investment income equally is constitutional.
I think Washingtonians would happily tax investment income. The Rich Person's Party strategy is to confuse voters by eliding the difference between investment income and payroll income.


@18 except it also states the tax cannot exceed 1% and this tax os 7%. Like I said the SC may yet rule it constitutional as they have recently gone out of their way to defend other things that are sketchy (see sound transit car valuations) however it’s still bullshit. The Dems have super majorities. If they feel this is so good, pass a constitutional amendment instead of using the courts. It’s chicken shit.


Liar, thief, and fraud Eyman grifts again! Here's hoping he continues to steal money from the anti-tax crowd -- but gets jailed for it this time. (A win all around!)

As noted @3 and @19, if the revenues from proposed income or capital-gains taxes were tied to equivalent reductions in taxes paid by poor and working-class families, progressives might be able to sell that package to a skeptical citizenry. (And, removing poor and working-class persons from the tax rolls should ALWAYS be a top priority of progressives.) But this pussy-footing around just makes the pro-income-tax crowd look weak, which is the very best way to attract a bully, thief, and liar like Eyman.


Dump the Long Term Care Payroll Tax... its poorly thought out and offers very low benefits to the cost imposed.

Capital Gains is an income tax...pure and simple. Instead of quoting Hugh Spitizer, specialty in constitutional law I believe, it might be more prudent to quote a tax lawyer who knows something about tax law as it relates to whether this is an income tax....which news flash anybody who knows anything about income tax will tell you that capital gains is an income tax.

If you want a capital gains tax, an income tax, then put it up for a vote and be honest.


Why would anybody even WANT to live in the state Tim Eyman is trying to create? There would be no public transportation, no public education- eventually there wouldn't even be a requirement to make sure kids got through grade school, let alone high school- the roads would all be crumbling and health care would be totally reserved to those who can afford it out of pocket. At the best, we'd be back around 1890, at the worse somewhere close to Medieval Europe. Who other than a psychopath would want a life like that?

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