Seattle Sticker Patrol: God Is Fake



Be sure and let us know if you come across a "Idle hands are the devil's playthings" sticker.


Yay Sticker Patrol! Thank you, Jasmine.


"Jacking Off is Fun and Cool" is very apropos because this activity really agitates religious types. Women think men who masturbate are maladjusted, which may be true, but women may suffer from "masturbation envy" because strictly speaking, they can't "shoot a load".

The "Fuck You, Jeff Bezos" sort of made my day.

The big, green fart in the cops face is an act of true civil disobedience, and makes you think of all the other authority figures you'd like to deliver an atom bomb in the kisser to.

This is a truly creative and iconoclastic group of sticker artists.


This column is a highlight of my week. Thank you.