Slog PM: House Passes Bill Temporarily Raising Debt Ceiling, the Kraken Hit the Ice, and a Land Art Project on the National Register



it's def white out when it's Snowing
but when white's All you can see
it's a Whiteout.

a trumpfina wet dream

I've been in fog so Dense
in one low spot I had to get
out to see where the road was


"Robert Morris's "Untitled Earthwork (Johnson Pit #30),"

It would be better as part of the forest and a pond.


or a park and ride


@1 kristofarian: Manfred Mann's Earth Band would call them Blinded by the White.
Revved up by a Trump they all are dumb enough to fight......


"And here in the Pacific Northwest: Crosscut spoke to three Indigenous people from the Pacific Northwest who have all had family go missing over the past three decades about the lack of media coverage of missing and murdered Indigenous women."

Not much you can do if 'Social Media' and the, if it bleeds leads, mentality of the desperate news orgs follow whatever is hot on the internet. Its survival time for the news until it funnels down to a handful where they pick and choose what we should watch and hear. Hearst anyone?

The Indians (poorly named) in the Continental U.S. should do more in spreading the word from their websites on their own missing rather than rely on White Media and then complain about it. The News follows Social Media. That means it's not in your best interest.


who is trying to fuck superman, anyway? that's playing with fire. he could forget his superpowers in the moment and blast an orgasm right through your body. ouch!


Granted, I don't keep up on most things comical-booky these days, but the article clearly points out it's not Clark Kent/Superman who's switch-hitting, it's his and Lois Lane's son, Jon Kent, who apparently is now wearing the spandex (or whatever stretchy Kryptonian fabric is called) and cape.


Those aren't a spirals; they're concentric.