Katie Herzog can interview her for substack about the intellectual dark web of the cancelled


The Stranger gaslighting the readers again... Do you feel crazy yet? Just because you disagree with someone, doesn't make them a racist. When everything, even this, is racist, then nothing, not even chasing a Black political candidate while wearing a gorilla mask and lobbing eggs in their direction is racist.


A complete overreaction to an innocent, but true, depiction of someone who is most definitely a socialist. Talk about an evil way to get rid of the competition....


Show me the (wo)man and I'll find you the crime...


“One lapse in judgement that was insensitive should not be allowed to overshadow 27 years of good service,” Lambert said.

I don't disagree with this sentiment, but also, this wasn't like an off the cuff remark said in the spur of the moment or anything. She'd have had days, if not weeks to see and be alerted to the offensive stupidity of this thing. Whatever service she provided can be recognized, but this was a pretty freaking ridiculous lapse in judgement.


That mailer was pretty disgusting and she never should have approved it.

But more importantly it never should have been designed and shown to her in the first place.

Seems local politicians and PACs are hiring some dubious talent to produce their ads. There's this vile piece, the current bullshit ad trying to tie a mayoral candidate with the Jan. 6 coup attempt, and Sarah Reyneveld's vile attack on Liz Berry (which caused me to switch my vote from Reyneveld to Berry).

Maybe it's that Seattle politicians are all pretty amateurish so they are susceptible to bad advice from paid consultants.


It is going to be pretty comical if she wins again. Are they going to keep her excommunicado or reverse course and allow her to do the job she was elected to do?

There is no doubt the mailer was ill conceived and ripe for criticism but Lambert has a point that one incident shouldn't erase all her years of service. This is a woman who has been endorsed by Larry Gossett in the past so you'd think if she was secretly harboring so much hate it would have come out much sooner. I don't know Zahilay's heart but it's not hard to see this as a partisan ploy to remove someone philosophically opposed to his agenda from the council.

If Lambert does win (like Mark Mullet did in the same district) it will be amusing to watch Rich and the Stranger crew issue a pox upon the heathens outside of the Seattle bubble but there may be a much greater question at play here. Is it time to break up King County? It is 3x of any other county in the state and at this point the eastside led by Bellevue and Redmond is eery bit as much an economic engine as Seattle and may want more say over how they are governed while a split would also allow the Seattle centric politicians to pursue their vision unobstructed. Something to think about.


She will likely lose the race because of the flier. She lost the endorsement of the Seattle Times, as well as numerous other people that supported her ( I guess @2 thinks the Seattle Times is gaslighting its readers, while @3 believes everyone is overreacting. Yeah, right.


@7 Gossett pulled his endorsement (see previous comment).



If you act like a racist, disseminate racist literature, and defend racism - you're probably a racist...



Breaking up a geographically based political district is always one of the go-to strategies for conservatives who live in areas dominated by liberals and progressives. If it's not breaking up a county it's breaking up an entire state. Sorry, but if you want to live somewhere dominated by right-wing politics, you're just going to have to suck it up and move to Idaho or Alabama or the like.

Of course, then you'd have to deal with the bat-shite slack-jawed yokels who already live there, but wouldn't that be a small price to pay to be among your own kind, politically-speaking?


Zero sympathy.

This wasn't something that a remote PAC did; her own campaign sent out this racist garbage, with her knowledge and consent. This wasn't some insensitive remark she made in the distant past in her misspent youth; this was something she sent out in 2021. This wasn't a minor mistake for which she immediately and sincerely apologized; she instead defended the mailer and gave a tepid non-apology only after being dragged for it for days.

This is entirely self-inflicted, and she deserves any repercussions she gets.


There were a couple of attempts to split of the eastern part of King county into Ceder County in the 80s and 90s. The 2cd time eastern KC got some infrastructure improvements out of it. Back then Bellevue and Redmond weren't the economic centers they are now so it was about as smart as Eastern Washington splitting off, also I don't recall where the demarcation line would have been drawn. Here is the but, if you break up KC, then Ceder Country would have to have county social services based out of probably where ever the county seat ends up. And that will not be a selling point to avoid attracting the homeless.


@9 of course he did and he was well within his right to do so but my point remains that up until this flyer came out Lambert was viewed as an ally. While her mistep was egregious I tend to agree with her that it should not invalidate her life up until that point and the “punishment” she is taking is more political in nature than about her being a racist.

@11 sorry Comte. I’m not talking about creating a new state or Liberty county. As I said King is 3x bigger than any other county and bigger than the bottom 20 counties combined. The east side is every bit the equal of Seattle and I would think they may be interested in more control over their governance. KC is only going to grow bigger in the future so the ability of the county gov to be responsive to their constituents will only get worse.


Tasteless, yes!
Racist, yes!
Imagine if the person holding the puppet strings in this flyer was the only gay councilperson on the King County council. "Well, I didn't mean it - I have lots of gay friends!"



I don’t know whether splitting King County into an East and West County is a good idea or not but I do know a county dominated by Bellevue wouldn’t be some right-wing hell hole like Alabama.
King County East would be a moderate to liberal Democratic county.

Just because you can’t tell the difference between a moderate Democrat and a fire breathing Republican doesn’t mean there isn’t a difference, it just means you don’t understand the electorate as well as you think you do.


@12 Reverse Polarity and @15 pat L: +2. Agreed, seconded, and thirded. That political ad was indeed racist and tasteless! District 3 deserves far better than Kathy Lambert. I shudder to think what the contents of her children's books might be like.

I can already hear Randy Rainbow's parody of the ManfredMann Earth Band classic rock hit from the 70s:
"Ka-thy was Blinded by the White....Revved up by a Trump and a part of racist right...."


King County Council gig pays 137k/year. If she has rendered good service, she has been adequately compensated.


@20: What blood red conservative community/county/state are you from?


Scary part is, she could still get re-elected after this.


@22: While the city of Seattle it progressive, King County outside Seattle is rural Alabama. It's how we end up with King County prosecutors and judges that have more in common with Mobile, AL in the 1800's than Seattle in the 21st century.

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