Slog PM: Inslee Announces New COVID Stuff, Brown Paper Tickets Needs to Pay, Let's Go to Bangkok



"It boggles the mind why the state wasn't already enforcing this mandate."

Me too. Inslee is getting down to his last pressure points to get people vaxed.


I'm glad that they redid the Washington State Coliseum and all, and I'm particularly glad it's not named after some corporation that donated maybe 1% of the cost of its operation, but "Climate Pledge Arena" just sounds dumb.


Cat, I agree. Since its conception it was called the Coliseum and that's the best name in my vote.


@2 and @3
It's too small and nowhere near imposing enough to be called a Coliseum.


It used to be.


"What happens if they don't verify their vaccination status by Monday? What's that famous Trump phrase?"

Do you really think people who don't get vaccinated deserve to get grabbed by the pussy?


Kicked in the ass?
Or maybe shot in the arm?


Sir Toby !! dear, it was originally called the Washington State Coliseum. It wasn't until that unfortunate Key Bank sponsorship that it became an "arena" (which was very confusing as, there was already the Mercer Arena on Mercer Street. That's where the Totem used to play.


Considering I can fake a vax card in less than 30 seconds, I'm not sure what these mandates intend to do.


9 Washington State has an immunization database - providers who gave the shot in WA state entered the recipients data in the database. If you provide a copy of a covid vaccine card to your employer and your vaccination doesn't show up in the state database, you will likely find yourself getting fired for falsifying employment records as well as possibly being charged criminally for violating Title 18, Section 10-17 of the US Code.


@10 I was mainly talking about bars and restaurants but even in the situation you're talking about, you're assuming that employers care enough to cross reference a jaunty database and then go through the trouble of alerting authorities. And then you're assuming the cops are going to care enough to show up and do something about it.


@9: Keep in mind that you always have the option to simply abide by the mandate, rather than going through all the trouble to fake it.


jf @9 RCW 9A.60.020 Forgery is a class C felony.