Getting on one of these sweet, sweet water vessels is going to be an exercise in patience.
Getting on one of these sweet, sweet water vessels is going to be an exercise in patience. Washington State Ferries

Another mayoral rumble tonight: Seattle mayoral candidates Bruce Harrell and M. Lorena González are going to throw down their different visions for the city's economy and businesses in an hour-long televised debate tonight at 7 pm. It will be moderated by KOMO's Mary Nam with a "media panel" of Seattle Times' Daniel Beekman, KUOW's Amy Radil, and KING 5's Chris Daniels. (The Stranger's invite has been presumably lost in the mail. All of us look great on TV.) It's the first of two debates, with the second coming on October 28. Watch tonight's debate here.


Speaking of: Our endorsements for mayor, city attorney, city council, and more dropped yesterday, in case you somehow missed it.

More than 10,000 John Deere workers go on strike: At 14 John Deere plants in five different states, production and warehouse workers walked off the job at midnight after rejecting a tentative contract agreement, reports The Guardian. Workers consistently putting in overtime shifts and "proposed cuts to post-retirement healthcare, inadequate wage increases and inadequate pension benefits" are some of the motivating factors behind the strike.

Get ready for more wind power: The Biden administration is plotting some large-scale wind farms off the coast of the entire United States, reports the New York Times. Interior Secretary Deb Haaland said they will look into leasing these farms to "wind power developers" by 2025.

Bow and arrow attack in Konsberg, Norway leaves four women and one man dead: The attack involved several locations including a grocery store where the suspect shot several victims, reports AP. Norway's security agency, PST, said the attack appears to be "an act of terrorism." Police described the suspect as "a Muslim convert who was previously flagged as having been radicalized." Authorities are still investigating the motive behind these killings.

Unemployment claims fell to 293,000 the week of October 9: The lowest that number has been since the pandemic began. Continuing claims dropped 134,000 to the pandemic low of 2.59 million, reports CNBC. It should be of note, however, that the decline in claims is mostly due to the ending of pandemic jobless benefit programs, which kicked a lot of people off in September.

Call me controversial: But I think Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox seem really sweet.

Thoughts and prayers to anyone who relies on regular ferry service: Starting this weekend, Washington State Ferries will implement a greatly reduced schedule due to staffing shortages, reports Seattle P.I. The cutbacks are supposed to be temporary and come after hundreds of sailings were cut last Friday and Saturday. On top of that, over 200 ferry workers have not submitted their proof of vaccination as the state's vaccine mandate is about to take effect next week.

Gary Paulsen is dead: The writer—best-known for his survivalist young-adult novels—passed yesterday morning at the age of 82. His book Hatchet had me thinking as an elementary schooler that I, too, could survive a plane crash and adequately fend for myself in the unforgiving Canadian wilderness.

Are you for some reason wondering why Alaskan king crab and snow crab is more expensive? The delicious lil' crustaceans are hard to come by right now, with some stores selling Alaskan king crab for $100 a pound, reports KOMO. And what do we have to thank for this scarcity of one of nature's most curious creatures? You guessed it—climate change, baby! The Alaska Department of Fish and Game canceled this year's crab harvest to protect them for future harvests, causing a snow crab supply reduction of 91%. Get ready to start seeing more stories like these. Plant your urban garden and construct a chicken coop now!

WHO named 26 scientists to an advisory board tasked with finding the origins of COVID-19: But without cooperation from Beijing, this task force "isn't likely to succeed in determining how this pandemic began," says Axios. This does sound like a great pitch for a sci-fi thriller though.

I saw it, so now you have to see it: Vulture potentially coined a new category of twink—"Twonka," meaning "twink Wonka." Yes, before you ask, it does refer to Timothée Chalamet playing the role of young Wonka in a prequel no one asked for. No, I have not been able to get that cursed word out of my head since I first read it.

Facebook sucks: According to David Gutman over at the Seattle Times, AG Bob Ferguson claims the social media behemoth provided false testimony in a lawsuit accusing them of campaign finance law violations. Apparently both Facebook and their lawyers knew the testimony was false, says Ferguson, but the company did not immediately respond to the Times' request for comment. A court filing shows that Facebook claims it didn't give false testimony "because the issue the Attorney General’s Office was asking about was outside the agreed upon scope and time frame."

Love Slog AM/PM?

Amazon Fresh is spreading to two new locations. According to Geekwire, one will be along Aurora Avenue in North Seattle and another will pop up in Federal Way down south.

Last chance for Steve Bannon: The Trump associate has been dodging a House committee's subpoena to meet with lawmakers investigating the January 6 storming of Capitol Hill, reports CNN. Apparently, his lawyers want lawmakers to make an agreement with the former president over executive privilege before Bannon meets with them. But if he doesn't show his face today in Congress, the committee is expected to "immediately begin seeking a referral for criminal contempt after the subpoena deadline passes."

For your listening pleasure: Life Without Buildings expanded my idea of what I thought a song could be. Here's "Sorrow" for those of you that need an extra 6:56 to laze around in the warmth of your bed:

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