Great time to apply to wear one of these hats.
Great time to apply to wear one of these hats. David Ryder / GETTY

They couged it: The state's highest paid public employee, Nick Rolovich, hit the eject button on his job as head coach of the Washington State University whatevers when he failed to get vaccinated against the deadly respiratory virus before the state's October 18th deadline. Four assistant coaches joined him on his voyage, the Seattle Times reports.

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About 6% of the Washington State Patrol quit rather than take a life-saving vaccine: Nearly 130 employees left "for varying reasons and in varying ways," including "67 troopers, 6 sergeants and 1 captain" on a staff of 2,200 with a force of 1,100. Austin Jenkins tweeted out the press release. An unvaccinated cop is a state agent with the ability to force people at gunpoint into a confined area as a deadly respiratory virus continues to ravage communities. None for me, thanks!

Home health care workers are exempted from vaccine mandate: People who care for people in their homes are not required to get the vaccine. The governor’s office points out that most of these providers care for a relative, KING 5 reports. The state says there are 46,000 of these workers.

Anti-vaxxers ramping up the implied violence: The guy associated with the account below (Liberty, at all hazards) is Tyler Miller, the state committeeman for the Kitsap Republicans.

Congress said Amazon execs lied to them, violating federal law: The accusation from members of the US House Judiciary Committee stemmed from a Reuters investigation that found our local e-commerce leviathan launched "a systematic campaign of creating knockoff goods and manipulating search results to boost its own product lines in India," a scheme reviewed by senior vice presidents Diego Piacentini and Russell Grandinetti. According to the BBC, the information in the report "directly contradicts the sworn testimony and representations of Amazon's top executives - including former CEO Jeffrey Bezos". Amazon denies the accusation. :)

Sinclair cyber-attacked: KOMO reports that its parent company, Sinclair, a Trump propaganda network, was the target of a cyberattack that "has impacted many of our network systems across the country and is disrupting some of the station's normal operations."

Meanwhile, a full moon in Spokane: Local TV station KREM aired a clip of porn during its 6 pm newscast as the chyron read "mild and dry weather this week." According to TVSpy, the clip "appeared to show a woman's backside" as the station's meteorologist was giving a weather update. The station apologized, and now the police are involved for some reason.

911 service outage in Pierce County: A network outage hit South Sound 911 Monday. "The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department said the problem appeared to be affecting South Sound 911′s new building, so dispatchers are working in the old building until the problem is fixed," KIRO reports.

First day of buspocalypse: A quarter of Seattle Public Schools bus routes were suspended starting Monday because of anticipated driver shortages (due partly to apparent driver refusals to follow the vaccine mandate; about 20 quit rather than take the vaccine, on top of a pre-existing 50-driver deficit). Many students took to Metro buses, West Seattle Blog reports. The rest of them can walk their asses to school like I did!!! Uphill! both ways! In the snow! Lol jk I went to school in Missouri, which is... also facing a bus driver shortage. Fun fact: The only time I visited my high school guidance counselor was to ask him to sign a piece of paper so I could go to Mizzou. Rather than sign the paper immediately, he tried to convince me not to go to college and to become a cook instead.

Will vax refusers get unemployment benefits? Probably not, according to the state Department of Employment Security. But there are "lots of caveats and gray areas," the Seattle Times reports. Employees who requested exemptions their bosses couldn't accommodate may be eligible for benefits. However, "simply requesting an exemption" won't guarantee benefits. Since vaccine mandates are new, some legal questions are still unclear. Plus, ESD's ability to review many contested jobless claims is "untested."

Sanders is trying to push Manchin to stop sucking: The Senate budget chair took out an op-ed in West Virginia's paper of record (the Charleston Gazette-Mail) on Friday as part of a strategy to pressure the anti-choice coal baron into backing Biden's budget. Senate Democrats expressed skepticism of Sanders's plan in Politico. Judging by Sanders's expression in the clip below, it doesn't sound as if talks have been going well.

What are they tawlkin' about? Nothing good. Over at the American Prospect, David Dayden argues that Manchin's demands "fall short of the status quo" on climate measures, and his Child Tax Credit proposal is worse than Trump's.

North Korea fires ballistic missile off its East Coast: The country's latest weapons test led the Japanese prime minster to cancel scheduled campaign appearances. South Korea's unification ministry says it had its usual daily liaison calls with North Korea. Analysts tell Reuters "the missiles tested recently by North Korea appear aimed at matching or surpassing South Korea’s quietly expanding arsenal.”

Trump sues House committee in obvious attempt to delay Jan 6 investigation until 2022, when Republicans will likely retake control of the lower chamber and then dissolve the inquiry, the Washington Post reports. The former President's suit seeks to stop the National Archives from turning over records the committee requested to determine Trump's role in the attempted coup. The suit is also a ploy to take focus off of this kind of stuff:

And this kind of stuff:

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Your digital ads are about to be even more worthless: Last week Facebook decided to start counting a person with a Facebook and an Instagram account as two separate users, Gizmodo reports, "To milk more money from advertisers, of course!"

Jury selection begins in trial of men accused of killing Ahmaud Arbery: The jury selection process could take two weeks, NPR reports. The three men accused of killing Arbery as he was out for a jog, Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael and William "Roddie" Bryan, have pleaded not guilty.