That helicopter pilot has mad skills. One gust of wind in the wrong direction and that crazy saw would rip right through the power lines. Kind of amazing to watch.


I did notice your changed byline. My mind first saw it as "jass" but then I remembered it's not short for "Jasper" and you probably pronounce it "jazz".


It's contempt of Congress, not contempt of court. It would take a judge to make a ruling of contempt of court, which is where it might be headed after the House vote.


If you want to know why NKT is polling poorly the story about A La Mode tells you what you all you need to know. We do not have a problem with crimes of poverty and her (and The Strangers) gaslighting is setting off the bullshit meter on many voters.


There's nothing funny about thievery against the working man or woman. People who have that awful predilection or have convinced themselves that it is OK to steal should reserve that act for people who 1) haven't worked for what they have, and/or 2) those who wouldn't even miss what's stolen - although that is a tough one to discern. For instance, say you steal a hundred grand from a million dollar bundle. Now say that money was set aside to help poor children at risk, Who have you stolen from?

Just saw a piece on TV about food delivery people getting ka-bonged in NYC - particularly on bridges. For fuck's sake, going after some poor soul on a bicycle making minimum wage just makes me wanna holler, throw up both my hands.

Best not to even start down that road. Karma, man, karma.


I predict Bruce Harrell and Ann Davidson will be elected because people are sick of the do-nothing Seattle city government. Also, Sheriff Ed Troyer, I'd be delighted to see you end up in jail, but I don't think that will happen. Slap on the wrist.


Jas, it's insulting to your readers to presume that they would insult you.

Regarding the arial saw - it seems there would be more ecological damage by crews getting in there to manually trim all those trees in such dangerous and expensive work.


Congrats Jas!!!!!!!! ๐ŸŽ‰


If them's yer pronouns, them's yer pronouns, and them what don't cotton to it can go suck an egg.
-- RonK (I/me/mine)


Curious if in the 5th century AD, as Rome's empire was disintegrating, if the decadent citizens argued with each other about whether or not they were male or female.


Actually Jas you write some of the most well balanced SLOGs, unlike Matt and Rich, you are capable of expressing an emotion other than outrage.

And while our next City Attorney might be a Republican she is not a Trump Republican, there's a big difference. Just see what happens if you call Liz Cheney a Trump Republican.


We fucked ourselves by not voting for Pete Holmes in August.


Regarding NTK. If Ann Davison wins there is no group more responsible than the Stranger. Stranger endorsements are good for about a 15% jump. NTK barely edge Pete Holmes solely because of your endorsement. From the endorsement: "While weโ€™re not 100% sure itโ€™s time for a change at this particular helm, we know we at least want Thomas-Kennedy to make it through the primary so we can find out more." People found out more, and unsurprisingly they were put off by tweets celebrating property destruction, a position with very little public support. Seems like that would have been useful to put in your endorsement to help people make an actually informed choice. Maybe wield your power a little more responsibly next time.


Congratulations Jas! You are the best, least preachy and most journalistic person on here. I wish you nothing but happiness


There are Classic Republicans and there are Trump Republicans. Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, Ann Davison, and myself are Classic Republicans.


Bob Ferguson clearly thinks that charging both Ed Troyer and the officers involved in Manuel Ellis's death is good politics in advance of his 2024 gubernatorial run.

However, with three long years before that election, these trials will most likely have time to proceed to completion, all under the watchful glare of news media. When Pierce County juries either deadlock or acquit all defendants, expect Ferguson to find himself on the defensive for allegations of prosecutorial abuse. If (and it's a big if) the opposition can field a decent candidate, he might be shocked to find himself out of a job come 2025. This goes double if Seattle continues to be seen by the rest of the state as a cesspool of open IV drug use and untreated schizophrenia.


Not a horror movie, but The World Is Not Enough (1999) included such saws.


Itโ€™s too early to start handicapping the 2024 Gubernatorial race. Inslee might run again, which means heโ€™s the front runner, and likely a 4-term Governor.

After Inslee itโ€™s a pretty weak bench.

Ferguson might be the front-runner but not by much, as Heck, Franz, and Reykdal are as qualified as he is. If one of them wants the job, Ferguson would have a race on his hands.

Unfortunately the state legislative session is so ridiculously short that it would be difficult for any state legislator to get the prominence.

Dow doesn't really have a chance. The strength of Nguyen's campaign is showing just how weak a candidate Dow is.

Possibly a Mayor like Woodards of Tacoma or Selby of Olympia. I'm sure Gonzalez was hoping to use the Mayor of Seattle job as a springboard, but it seems her hopes of becoming mayor are going to be dashed on the shores of Lake Methedrine.

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