Good riddance to the #unvaxxed #COVIDIOTS because an unvaccinated Seattle Police person is a state agent with the ability to force people at gunpoint into a confined area as a deadly respiratory virus continues to ravage communities.


Bye, Felecia.


Great article with all of the appropriate contrived outrage. Even on one of their lowest days, these community heroes contribute to society…and predictably the mini dictator posing as a journalist points out all of the reasons we should be outraged: a man touched uncooked bacon with his bare hands!!!! Oh the outrage. I told a homeless guy who was obviously hungry that these people serving him hadn’t been vaccinated!!! He gave me a pinky poke and ate anyway. And when I tattled on them for leaving their boots at city hall, no one cared!!!! The horror.
I know we will see this kind of hard hitting editorial the next time the losers of Seattle rampage through the city. Keep up the good work, Karen. You are stunning and brave!!


@5 You totally interpolated your personal hysterics into a simple contemporary local journalistic item -- there was no editorializing. In fact, you made me read it twice. Nah, Mr. exclamation point (!!!) -- this one's on you.


They care, just not enough to receive a vaccine to protect themselves or the people they come into contact with from a deadly virus. Does the firefighter who already had COVID keep his kids out of public schools because he doesn't want them getting the required vaccinations? Did his nurse wife choose which safety measures she would follow in the hospital to keep her patients safe? And do firefighters get to selectively decide which safety measures they're willing to follow when they're helping victims? I'd rather have firefighters in my community who care AND follow the guidelines from their superiors rather than their church.


Victim theater. Fuck these dudes (I assume they’re all dudes). No one will remember your cause.


Firefighters promote fire prevention, don't they?


The job by its nature involves a duty to do things with their bodies at great risk in order to PROTECT the community. Yet they're not willing to do something very low risk to protect the community? They obviously don't give a shit about protecting the community. We should have mandated all kinds of vaccines long ago to be a firefighter, they apparently are a great pre and post employment screening tool to weed out people not serious about dedicating their lives to protecting the community.


Imagine wanting to be a victim this badly


"The CDC estimates that at least 30% of all foodborne illness outbreaks result from bare-hand contact with ready-to-eat food."👨‍🍳💋


@12 dang... I think you nailed it.


Fuck these guys. Plenty of more goons we can train to drive fast and put out fires.


Speaking of training, is the city going after them for the cost of their training?


Andrew Stewart, an unvaccinated medic with the Seattle Fire Department: “I don't think the government should have a say in what we do with our bodies, and I'm willing to fight for that.”

If he’s so “willing to fight for that,” one has to wonder if he’s ever contributed to or volunteered for Planned Parenthood or NARAL?


This is just another bizarre example of the bizarre world we live in.

"Hey, go into that building, and risk death from smoke inhalation or falling beams"

Yes Sir!

"Get a shot that will save lives"

I don't think the government should have a say in what we do with our bodies. I quit.

The mental disconnect is incredible. By the very nature of their job, the government has a say in what they do with their bodies. Fire fighters have to be fit. They can't take unnecessary risks -- either to themselves, their colleagues, or the public. It has always been this way. It is sad that these men are brave in some ways, and cowardly in others. It is even sadder that they can't mentally process this disconnect.


It is victim theater. They made their decisions and have faced the consequences. It’s disappointing they decided their careers would end prematurely. There are more than those pictured and (@8) not all are dudes.

@16 We can only train around 50 new people a year. That’s if everyone who starts our academy successfully completes it (highly unlikely). If you think any “goon” can do it, maybe you should sign up. It’s better pay than City Light.

It would not surprise me at some point to see daily brown outs of aid cars and fire stations. Right now the vacancies are being filled by people working on their days off but they’ll get tired of working extra (even for overtime $).


@5 -- Wrong.

Fine reporting and exposition, asking the right questions - questions the reasonable interested observer would have. Perspective/context/sidelight notes without disrupting the main narrative. Good stuff.

The phrase "anti-COVID believer" bears examination. Not anti-vax, or anti-COVID-vax, but anti-COVID. He doesn't believe COVID is real? Even after all this? Even dishing breakfast alongside the guy who's says he's there because he already had COVID? That won't get him a religious exemption.

If the guy held a sincere belief that water doesn't put out fires, would he still belong in the Fire Department?


That picture could well be a group photo taken on the steps of the capital on Jan 6. I know you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but.....


@15 that may be true, but what they are doing is the the definition of immoral. They are putting their beliefs and "rights" and whatnot over the safety of others and the public good. That shows a distinct lack of morality that neither conforms with their former jobs to protect and serve nor with the basic tenets of Christianity itself. It's not what I would want to see in either public servants or in people who call themselves "Christians."




How performative. Now do the boots of all the cops and FFs that have died of covid.


Chefs handle meat all the time with their bare hands.


Wow that’s a lot of fucking baseball hats.


They care, I don't. Hit the streets, your ass is grass.


@20 While not any goon can do the job, there are, as you likely know very well, many more qualified applicants than available positions (about 1500 of 3700 applicants made it through orals in 2019, for instance). Hell, SFD anticipates filling recruit classes through 2023 from the 2020 hiring roster, which is primarily made up of entry-level applicants who applied back in 2019!

If you are suggesting it will be difficult to fill the anti-vaxxer vacancies, and houses will burn down as a result, I'm not buying it. All SFD needs to do is expand the February 2022 recruit class, pulling from the existing applicant pool. To the extent training is a obstacle (which I doubt), there's no shortage of highly experienced lateral hires out there, all SFD needs to do is get rid of its dumb policy of not making lateral hires.

In short, not one of these guys was irreplaceable, and their positions could be filled in a matter of days if it was truly necessary.


@30 You know almost nothing about the SFD hiring process or training.

You are correct that there are thousands of people who apply. I’ve sat on entry level interviews and most of the applicants will never get hired by any fire department. They are not all qualified. The further down one picks from the hiring register, (ie using a register multiple years old) the less likely it is that those individuals will successfully make it through academy training. I’ve seen it.

None of us is irreplaceable. I was not implying that. I sincerely hope nothing tragic happens when units are out of service due to lack of staffing as I do care about the city and its people.

It may not be difficult but it will take a long time to fill out the department. None of the things you suggest to fill positions will take place - some for good reasons and some not as good.

The anti-vaxxers are gone for good. They made their decision and received the consequences. There are consequences for those of us still here. Time will tell.


Now if the entire GOP including RepubliKKKan bootlicking sock puppets Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema, along with the Five Death Cult Members of the Extreme Court could all go down together with their Orange Turd in a single flush.
The world and what's barely left of our democracy could still be saved.


@32 I am well aware, however, that such an occurrence in reality would be an Earth-destroying toilet full of overflowing toxic shit. Hell is already full and marine life has suffered enough.
What to do?


@32: Hate to disappoint you, but now that Biden and the democrats undid Trump's toilet plumbing deregulations it will probably take more than a single flush.


RepubliKKKans should still all be flushed down the Orange Turd's swamplet along with the filibuster, gerrymandering, and electoral college. I wouldn't mind having the vision of the entire GOP, their bootlickers, and MAGA-stupefied rubes covered in raw sewage take glorious and rightfully deserved fruition--especially when so many are stubborn anti-vaxxers.

Isn't it time for weenies and tater tots before your usual brain-melting FOX-TeeVee binge?
Does Swifty get top bunk again tonight?


@34: When it's Nazi Brown flush it DOWN!


How is refusing to be vaccinated being responsible? These people are exposing themselves, their families, and the public to a deadly disease that's killed millions, when there are safe and effective medications available. That's not responsible, it's just stupidity.

I can guarantee that once they're intubated in the ICU every last one of them would realize their mistake, Covid-19 doesn't care about politics or human rights and it doesn't care about religious beliefs, it's a virus and all it cares about is spreading itself and killing its hosts. Stay safe everyone, I got vaccinated to protect myself and those I care about, I hope you'll do the same.


How dare you downplay what they're doing. They're not food workers they're hosting their own banquet. People don't have to eat their food. These men that deal with everything the author would never touch with a ten foot pole on the streets of Seattle says "they weren't wearing gloves so really they're doing more harm than good." I applaud these men. When the government can fire you for not taking a drug things have gone too far and I support vaccines. The people that just want a choice save lives and serve the public the people in these comments say they should be sent to death for that. Wow.


And to the person who thinks that it will be easy to replace all the cops and firefighters the amount of them that committed suicide alone has increased tenfold and the applicants of 2019 are glad they didn't join after the 2020 riots. Plus they've had all their capabilities taken away and are getting shot just for trying to protect people. We need all the cops and fire fighters we can get.


Seattle Fire Fighters have the impression that they are demi-Gods, above the expectations of the little people. I was married to one and every last one of them I met had the same unshakeable confidence in his/her own utter perfection. Yeah, they have a tough job but health care workers have tough jobs too and they wear masks and get their shots like normal people. Stop whining about your "freedom" and "personal choice" and get your damn vax or get another job. Bunch of spoiled entitled fools.


I’ve worked next to some of these former firefighters, and although they have done many good things for the citizens and community, their current behavior and theatrics are an embarrassment. If they choose to be remembered as these false victims, then I say good riddance.
@Firedude, I’m going to disagree with you: We’ll replace every one of these guys no problem. It’ll take some time for training, but each of us is easily replaceable by the next enthusiastic youngster who makes it through drill school.


I really don't understand what the big deal is.

If you want the vaccine, go get the vaccine. You want to wear a mask, wear a mask. Let people make the choice that they feel is right for themselves and their families/communities. Stop freaking out over other people's choices. Let people who you think are idiots be idiots

It's clear we'll never achieve herd immunity, so let's just accept that and move on. If you love the vaccines, great! Go ahead and take the booster shots in perpetuity and get on with your life. If you don't, awesome - stay unvaxxed and take the risks that come with that.

Accept that not everyone is gonna do what you're gonna do. It's annoying, but such is the diversity of the human species.

You do you, and they'll do them.


Every single one of these people already had to have multiple vaccinations in order to be hired. So their arguments make no sense. And they are endangering the public - along with their co-workers and their families - with a dangerous virus.

How interesting that police shut down outdoor soup kitchens for the homeless when we're not in a pandemic - and on the basis of public health codes - and in this case, they were given free reign to infect everyone with covid along with multiple other health violations.

They sound like a bunch of irresponsible slobs - plus this man's wife working with newborn infants and not wanting to be vaccinated. Thank goodness they're all gone. I wouldn't be surprised if they were leaving anyway because they just don't like their jobs.

I applaud these mandates and hope we'll be seeing a lot more. It's good to see that the overwhelmingly number of employees are intelligent and concerned enough to comply. I think these small groups are just very loud, but they do not represent anything substantial.


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