Hey, asshole—you're a creepy 70-something white man in Dockers and I'm a young Asian American woman quietly riding the bus to work, but because I probably "remind you of the war" or some shit, you think you have the right to hit on me every fucking time you see me. For weeks, you've been telling me I look pretty and you like my outfit and waving at me from across the bus, even though I have my headphones in and do not answer back and sit FAR away from you. Get the fucking hint! It's annoying and embarrassing. But the other day went too far. You tapped me on the shoulder from behind and said I dropped something. You handed me a folded-up piece of paper, and I should've thrown it in your fucking face, but because you surprised me, I took it like a dumbass. It read "I want to get to know you. Robert 253-XXX-XXXX." You got off the bus before I could tell you to leave me the fuck alone, and I'm furious at myself for taking the stupid note and YOU for making my bus ride to work a stressful, creepy perv show!!!! LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE.

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