I, Anonymous: NOT OK, BOOMER!



Give his phone number to your dad, uncle, attorney, strong figure in your life who will be more than happy to give him a stern warning or blistering voicemail to leave you alone or face a restraining order.


@1, 2 - so the solutions are to imply she is weak and to ask a man for help, and to blame the victim. stay classy men.


@2: castigating the wrong person in this scenario: classic. Men like that are trash & so are you.


@3: No, I didn't say anything like that. Typically fathers are very protective of their children and have the parental rage to fit the occasion. I enumerated other possibilities. An old fashioned creep needs old fashioned response. Having a third party involved will likely make him back away. Get it now?


well, that area code is a huge red flag in itself (that's a joke, Grit City/City of Destiny; we all love you).

silence isn't working. you should feel free to confront the creep (loudly, with witnesses present); you'll find it empowering.


She could memorize bad Boomer's phone number and give it out to every other persistent guy she's not interested.


Anonymous: here is a tip from a petite female that has been hit on more times than you. Use incidents like this to take out ALL the RAGE you have at anything and everything in your life: your noisy neighbors, shitty boss, rude roommates, you choose. Gather all that anger and take it out on such people. LOSE your SHIT right in their faces. Not only do they get the message, but you'll benefit from the 'scream therapy'. Good luck.


@7: Na, whining is something you do when someone forgot to do the dishes. She's clearly being put in an unnerving situation.


I fear there will always be geezers trying to feed off some young stuff. I apologize for my generation, the many generations before me, and the generations to come. You shouldn't have to put up with it. It's unfair, and I bet it doesn't happened nearly as often to guys who are around your age. But you need to give yourself a break and stop blaming yourself for not overreacting. In this case wouldn't an eyeroll and an "As if..." suffice?


@2, 7: She's not a victim? Really? From here looks like you're blaming the victim, and the next comment will be something like, "Stop wearing such revealing clothes."


@14: You're hung up on the word 'victim'. He's making her feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. Isn't that sufficient?


@1. Lol, raindrop to the rescue to provide his expert opinion on sexual harassment.


@16: And you offer nothing but snark and weak sauce, or if we're lucky a YouTube link to something stupid, but at least it's not cringeworthy.


@18. Lol, cringeworthy? If this were 1945, you would express sympathy for Ava Braun's loss if Hitler hadn't taken her out first before their honeymoon in the ditch, covered in petrol, on fire.


@21. Godwin's Law demands it. If you don't like my links, don't copy and paste them into the browser.



@21 There's one for you, at 0:57.



OK Boomer


You lost me with your war reference. You are attractive, an older guy is inappropriately attentive. I am an older guy. I know that showering attention on a person half my age is not welcome, so I stick to folks my own age, in my case my wife. He is misbehaving. But boomer, Karen etc are insults that should be removed from civil discourse.


I think I can picture this guy. Vietnam vet (maybe even Korea), decades of untreated PTSD, and in his dotage all he can think about is the sexual favors he and his fellow GIs received back then from young Asian women who realistically had no other choice, coupled with a chauvinistic belief (likely validated and turbocharged by the MAGA movement) that all Asians, everywhere, "owe" him for his sacrifice. Of course that doesn't excuse his behavior one bit, but this is one more way that our past imperialistic hubris is still doing harm.


Getting hit on by men on public transit is a problem every woman has experienced and apparently men can't sympathize / empathize with. I was a 16 year old plus size teen girl the first time I was hit on on a bus - by the older white male Metro DRIVER. I avoided that route and walked an extra 8 blocks out of my way for 6 months just to avoid having to deal with him. Yes the LW should loudly say "I'm not interested - stop harassing me!" the next time the man approaches her. But more importantly, men should stop doing this!!! We just want to ride the bus home in peace like you do. Also, as the recent incident on a Pennsylvania train reminds us - sometimes saying NO or "Leave Me Alone" is not enough. (P.S. For all the posters complaining about the LW's phrasing or terminology - this is a "rants" column you morons!)


Sexual harassment remains a big problem, but I believe many men sympathize with women subjected to it. Not enough, perhaps, but quite a lot. And, indeed, we all have an obligation to respect another's space--male, female, straight, gay, black, white, brown, whatever. If another rejects your advances, leave the person alone. It's not rocket science. It's basic decency, and it's sad too many people don't get it. But many do--some employers especially have no-nonsense training about this, and I've seen it work. We still have a long way to go, however. It's not rocket science: another person does not owe you a date or reciprocated romantic interest. If you're rejected and rebuffed, leave a person alone--no retaliation, no renewed insistence.


@27 - Korea? Really? Pull the SQUID out of your ass and read some history. The guy would have been a toddler during the Korean War.


It should be noted for the record that Weissman's cartoon Boomer has veiny cocks for eyes.


@34. You are telling me to think for myself, yet you are telling me not to copy and paste them into your browser. Which one is it? I know you are a simple man, so take your time to find your words.




OMG, the horror of being considered attractive and passed a note with a phone number...I mean such oppression you face. You also seem very concerned with your own race and the races of others...they used to have a word for that.


@34 - you the old man on the bus?


@35: Yes, it was me, I am the older man this article references. I did not mean to make a fuss...it's just that since my wife died, we had no children, so it had been a very lonely time for me. I suppose my life lacks beauty... Perhaps I did not know that women today find compliments so terrible, that The Stranger commissions cartoonists to illustrate me as a monster. I bet if I had been a grabby homeless person, not white, race seems so important to you kids today...that shook her shoulder for money, would seem normal. I ride these busses after all, and trust me, those harassing women aren't usually old white guys. Sorry for the hate facts.


This is why women are purchasing firearms at an alarming rate, and understandably so.

The next time this old MAGA pervert drools on you, threaten to blow his withered nuts off.

Let him know that you're a real person, with real bullets, not some Asian porn on the internet.

Women need to take control of their lives and protect themselves from these Trump perverts who treat them like sex objects and want to grab them by the beaver.

This harassment is an ongoing concern and explains the sparse usage of mass transit and the need for police officers on busses.

Many young men probably get drooled on by bi-curious or gay old perverts, too.