Slog AM: Seattle Doles Out $16 Million, Ferguson Alleges Conspiracy Among Chicken Companies, Dems Close to Compromise with Coal Baron and Pharma Pawn



Have I ever extracted starch from a larch?


Vaccine mandates are hardly capricious. They deprive nobody of any fweedum:

U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Rice wrote in his ruling that the "Supreme Court has long endorsed state and local government authority to impose compulsory vaccines" and said the governor's proclamation "is well-supported by extensive medical evidence, recommendations by professional organizations, and aligns with other measures already in place in other governmental settings.”


Dollars to donuts all these crybabies bitching about workplace vax mandates support right to work laws.


And can we maybe stop giving Bezos taxpayer money? He's more than capable of funding his own mid-life crisis.


Can't wait to see what the "docking port" for Bezos' not-at-all-dildo-inspired rocket looks like.


My neighbor has to use his corded leaf blower to corral every single little leaf and literally it goes on for over an hour.

And raking is such a pleasant and peaceful exercise.


Phoebe: couldn't agree more! Any able bodied person that uses a leaf blower instead of their own damn muscles is fucking lazy. I love raking leaves - and we have a yard that is probably twice or three times the size of the average Seattle yard (Pierce county).


We have looked into scything to cut the grass as well, but can't seem to find a source for the type we want to use. I get using machines if one is not physically up to the task but many are.


Space station! Wake me when Bezos manages to put something into orbit besides his thirst for government funds.


@9: - not cheap, but quality tools.


@10 Well, we have Boeing and Blue Origin collaborating on that space station, so no doubt it will be on time and on budget! /s

Until they're delivering BE-4 engines and have a flying New Glenn, this is all a pipe dream to keep their marketing/rendering staffs busy.


@5 -- Don't know much about chicken trading, but see
and scroll down for an eye-popping graphic display of cattle prices vs beef prices over the decade.

When consolidated to very few large players - increasingly the norm in US markets - they no longer yield "competitive market" results.


The Sudan Coup makes me really unhappy. I thought that country's move from Authoritarianism was a rare bright spot in this last few years.

The Biden Admin is right to freeze aid immediately, but the military probably won't back off.


Leaf Blowers - I absolutely use a gas powered leaf blower, but I can't say I'm proud of it. I'm about to pick up an electric one to complement the gas version to reduce the noise polution. I use a rake when possible, but my yard requires a leaf blower, especially my roof.

It would be nice to have a perfect postage stamp yard with a couple maples you need to clean up with a rake a couple times per year, but in the PNW, that's often not the case. Many of us have huge Doug Firs, Cedars and Hemlocks that shit all over our house 365 days per year! :)

Leaf blowers are not great, but they are not the source of our climate and health issues. They are similar to pressure washers .... You've got to fire that bitch up a few times per year to clean your decks and sidewalks. It's just part of the PNW.


RE: Beezos Space Station

Wasn't there a film several years ago about how all the rich people on Earth built themselves a giant space station and abandoned the rest of the planet to go live there in luxury without having to see any of the poors?

Yeah, let's not re-enact that.


@17 - don't forget the extra time that the leaf blower imposes on your neighbors, who have to do something about the leaves you blow into THEIR yards. I almost never see anyone actually pick up the leaves after blowing them. If you do you are a saintly exception. And I am pretty sure that most of the people use the extra 50 minutes to inhale a couple more Coors Lights while watching football.


Any word on if the Boise shooting was one of Idaho's finest qanon-believers just trying to stop a pedo ring at the Footlocker?


@18 - Hah - True comment for sure. A cold Rainier always tastes good after a blow session. 100% pick up and transfer to compost area, it's a complete pain in the ass and I'll be at it again this weekend. My yard looks like a bomb went off in it, trees branches and shit everywhere!


I actually found it takes less time to fill up the yard waste container with a broom and a plastic tub cover - just sweep the leaves onto the cover and dump it in the container.

Faster, quieter, reduces emissions


@17 suuuure. After I see someone chase three leaves with a leaf blower for five minutes. I can't count the number of times I've sen yard services blowing leaves when it would have been faster for a non-professional to rake them. Sometimes, it'd be faster to pick them up individually.

@19 I bet you get invited to all the best neighborhood parties after you call the cops on/sue the neighbors for blowing four leaves over the fence. You're a real hoot!


I have said it before and I'll say it again: Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema are NOT DEMOCRATS--THEY ARE MITCH MCCONNELL"S REPUBLIKKKAN BOOTLICKING SOCK PUPPETS! They must be ousted and soon, preferably through COVID exposure and replaced by actual Democrats from West Virginia and Arizona. They are only contributing to getting nothing accomplished during the Biden Harris Administration and gearing for the overthrowing of the U.S Government to once again all hail their Orange Turd from the Mar-a-Lunatic Swamp in 2024.

@16 Urgutha Forka: Yes--I believe the film you are referring to is Elysium, released on August 9, 2013. Agreed and seconded--let's not re-enact that.


@16: Also a great classic Star Trek episode, The Cloud Miners.


@19 - who said anything about defunding the police (or even calling them), or any vigilante action? I was not proposing to go all Rand Paul on the yardworking neighbor, just pointing out that leafblowers generally result in leaves being moved and never picked up.


No mention if the transit news/excitement? The psycho that slashed the poor dude in the face that was just trying to warn him to get off the tracks?


@11 thank you tacotruck. I believe this is the outfit we contacted a while back and never heard from. But I see the recently updated their website so maybe time to contact again.


Is it even necessary to include the entire phrase "naturopath falsely claimed" about anything? After all, making false claims is all naturopaths DO; it's in the definition.

@17: Pretty bold of you to make the "how much is your time worth" argument when you seem to spend half your life spreading vaccine misinformation on this website.


@17, @19, @25, @27 & @34 trollwhackawhackawhacka: As usual, you have everything bass-ackwards. Stop mistaking FOX-TEEVEE for a reliable news source Mr. Word Salad Surgery.


@7, the old guy who used to live across the street from my mother used to come out with his vacuum cleaner to nail any individual stray leaves.

@4, 6, 10, 16, If the Russians could buy The Trumpet for a few bucks, how much do you think the Chinese would have to pay Bezos for his space station.....$10? $20? They could just open a window and push out a few nukes like a Yosemite Sam cartoon.


@37 trollwhackawhackawhacka: Oh, but you do enjoy Twitter and all other sources of MAGA rube tripe, don't you?
Isn't it time to come upstairs from your mother's dank, dark fruit cellar for weenies and tater tots before your afternoon nap? You might want to check for mold and mildew, down there, too, whackers, before phallus impudicus start growing like weeds.


SuperBob, you've fingered the foxes in the henhouses--now flush the Orange Turd and its lackeys down the Mar-a-Lunatic Swamp and make RepubliKKKans pay.
I can't wait to hear you calmly say, "Checkmate."


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