Slog AM: Two Bald Eagles Saved in West Seattle, First U.S. Passport Issued with Gender "X," It's Gonna Get Wet



"Troyer exhibited an improper bias"

That's such a polite way to say "Troyer acted like the racist alcoholic piece of shit he is."


Why would anyone be emotionally invested in the Rittenhouse case?


A shoe horn! That must be the ultimate generation gap gift. Probably less than 10% of GenZ knows what one is. I'm sure the Boomers are at 100%, but I wonder about GenX and the Millenials? I'm an X'er and still have my Dad's. I bust it out occasionally, but have not worn a nice pair of shoes in 2 years!


@ 3,

An acquittal would further legitimize white trash GOPnazi terrorism and encourage other degenerates with intent to kill to shoot people protesting police brutality, as well as provide a green light for police to support and encourage such attacks.


Can we call them "people Kyle shot to death with an illegally wielded gun and the blessing of the police" instead?


How about persons who were shot without giving permission to be shot?


“I refuse to get a rain jacket, but maybe this atmospheric river will push me over the line now that my favorite umbrella got rekdt...”

Real Seattleites wear rain jackets. They don’t carry umbrellas.


I'm one of those who disliked Lynch's Dune enormously. My ass muscles atrophied sitting through that mess. Wasn't looking forward so much to this new version, but thought I'd give it a shot. I was out like a light in about 15 minutes. I'm going to give it one more shot when I am well-rested. I don't want to say that fantasy fictions and I don't get along because I was addicted to Game of Thrones. But long, dystopic films just wear me out with boredom. Then again, it isn't long, but I much admired Truffaut's Fahrenheit 451.

Hurray for the eagles and the people who helped them. Always happy to hear about a happy outcome for the animals.

I'm truly happy and proud that our State Department now recognizes the gender spectrum. Buuuuuuuuut how is that going to work when the person denoted as "X" is visiting a country that perhaps isn't so progressive? I see people being pulled out of line for further questioning. I wouldn't want to visit, say, Russia or Poland or Hungary if my passport states that I'm gender-queer (if, of course, it isn't already obvious). I'm sure people know the dangers, but still, people have to travel for business, etc.


why do people care about this politically charged double homicide that has been in the news for nearly a year now really how can anybody possibly muster the energy to care about a child crossing state lines to kill protesters after yet another black guy was shot by the police please someone help me i'm so confused i just don't understand how literally anything works


@9: Umbrellas have been a thing in Seattle for a long while now. A single visit downtown any day for the last decade or so would make that obvious.

What it will take for old-timey locals to drop this apocryphal version of local customs and finally grasp reality, I do not know.


@5 I think you may be over thinking it.


Re: umbrellas - I'm from the Midwest where you learn to use human tools to deal with issues brought on by the elements both minor and major. Eschewing such resources out of some dubious notion of authenticity strikes me as...trying too hard. Sure, if someone is being a moron and running into people/objects with their umbrellas, that's one thing, but merely using them as designed? Get over it.


'Judge Bruce Schroeder, apparently has a long-standing rule that prosecutors cannot refer to people as "victims."'

In Schroeder's court, these people are actually "receiving stolen property" from the shooter's gun.


RE: Rittenhouse thing

Why not just call them "the deceased?" or for the guy who survived, "the wounded?" Or just call them by their names?

The judge doesn't think rioter or protester or arsonist is loaded? Those are temporary verbs, not defining characteristics of people. Fail.

I'm smack in the middle of Gen X and although I own a cheap shoehorn, like you I haven't used it in years. I have a few pairs of stiff dress shoes for client meetings and formal occasions, neither of which I've attended in person since the pandemic started. Unless it's a shoehorn for bedroom slippers, it's useless to me.

Strange gift for Obama to give to a kid, indeed. Maybe there was some hidden meaning or inside joke behind it?

Dune: Lynch's version actually grew on me over several viewings, though it's really only impressive on a huge screen (or at the very least, on a really big screen TV or home theater, and with the room completely darkened). I wonder if Villenue's version also "must-have" a big screen and dark room to truly appreciate?

There's a lot of stuff out there that I feel is ruined by people watching on shitty cell phones with tinny speakers in a bright room with a bunch of distractions in the background. Take the last season episode of Game of Thrones where the white walkers attack in the night... complaint after complaint about "It's so dark I couldn't see anything!!!" I could see just fine. I was in a totally dark room with just the TV on. No stupid kids crying, no dogs barking, no kitchen lights on in the other room with people yammering on, no on sitting next to me with their cell phone lighting up every 5 seconds while they text their friend nonsense. I watched the episode as it was intended by the director to be watched, and I thought it looked great.

People who watch movies in a non-movie setting have no right to complain about the film, in my humble opinion. Definitely they can't complain about the appearance, sound, or cinematics. They can maybe complain about the plot, but that's about it.


Some of these comments on the Rittenhouse ruling seem to be based on nothing more than Jas' poorly informed summary. This was a completely normal ruling on motions in limine, and makes perfect sense. For context:

"Let the evidence show what the evidence shows, that any or one of these people were engaged in arson, rioting or looting, then I'm not going to tell the defense they can't call them that," Kenosha County Circuit Judge Bruce Schroeder said during the pre-trial hearing.

In other words, Rittenhouse's counsel can't just start calling the victims arsonists--they need to first establish that the victims were engaged in arson. This is perfectly reasonable.


@1 Brent Gumbo, @5 Original Andrew, @8 pat L, and @11 blip: Thank you all. I share your concerns.



The perfectly reasonable rationale I always see argued is that it pretty rarely rains hard enough around here to justify using an umbrella. Or when it does, ihe downpours almost always pass within two or three minutes. Every umbrella I've owned since moving here well over a decade ago has either gotten repeatedly flipped inside out or otherwise destroyed by wind. Or just lost (I'm admittedly pretty scatter brained and drink too goddamn much.) I'm also skeptical of how much they help even in intense downpours. Seems like I would always find myself still getting pretty soaked owing to the surface water, puddles, etc.

So I've long since stopped buying them and have rarely found myself in dire need of one. And it's not like I'm overly proud about not using one (in fact, I wholeheartedly agree that this is a ridiculous notion) or enjoy getting wet while walking. I suppose if I was a more important person with important, regularly scheduled events about town for which I needed to be on time and look professional or whatever, I might rethink it all, but I'm not and don't particularly aspire to be.


@20, very well summed up.

Also, I think those that are dismissive of umbrellas lean very much male.

Also, I'm not anti-umbrella, but they should not be used in high-traffic areas where they pose a danger or significant inconvenience to those around them. Most people only think of themselves.


16 fascinating stuff but we’re talking about the various reasons this story is of public interest so your scintillating pseudo-legal commentary is not needed at this time


mike blob @20, nicely said, and you pretty well sum up my experience (minus the drinkin' part). I've long since given up on umbrellas (I consider it enough responsibility just owning a decent pair of sunglasses). But I don't consider my unencumbered-by-umbrella-ness to be part of my tribal identity. Nor do I pass judgment on the umbrellaed. Well, at least not until such time that Donald Trump takes a position on umbrellas.


"Police have arrested a 38-year-old man for first-degree arson at the Islamic Center of Tacoma in University Place:"

Is Burned at the Stake cruel & unusual punnishment?


"Pharmaceutical company Merck has agreed to share the formula...."

If Merck is sharing the formula for free, it's probably because the formula is a pinch of Hydroxychloroquine, plus a dab of Ivermectin, a bit of eye of newt, & a smidge of toe of toad.



Sunglasses are the worst! I'm pretty outdoorsy and play lots of pickup and league summertime softball games. As such, I can't possibly even estimate how many pairs I've been through, but now steadfastly refuse to buy them from anywhere but the Dollar Store, knowing that I'll just lose them. Sometimes I'll be at a thrift store and browsing their selection, then chuckle at the $5 or whatever price tag, knowing that I could buy FIVE FREAKING PAIRS for that price! (and knowing that I'd probably also manage to lose at least two in between paying for them and leaving the store.)


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