Why Are Seattle’s Tech Companies Funding Climate Opposition?



Such bureaucratic purity tests, like bashing the Chamber of Commerce, will do nothing to alleviate climate change.


@1 why not? You're suggesting the chamber will melt the world out of spite? I'd half believe that, actually. But I'd be surprised if you did.

The climate crisis is the epitome of a collective action problem. Something "the market" is uniquely I'll equipped to cope with. The Chamber and all it stands for is the scorpion and we are the frog.


Actually, it's already working, @1. You can see it in the internal reports from fossil fuel firms and their backers in government who are going on about the lack of insurance and financing for any new fossil fuel projects - pipelines, LNG plants, fracking retention spill ponds, you name it.

And in the EU and many countries, it's literally a cost of doing business. You get rated on your actions, not your promises.


Why are they opposed to funding programs focused on combating global climate change? Because they perceive it will hurt their short-term bottom lines, cut into their profit margins, and reduce their much vaunted "shareholder value".

In short, it's about money - it's always about money...


Always remember that you don't have to change your personal behavior in any way to combat this grave climate threat.