Slog AM: Climate Conference Continues, Last Day to Vote Is Nearly Here, and Kal Penn is Gay



The anxiety is probably because everyone is so passive aggressive. Yall need some east coast rage in your lives.


zucks got booty


I saw an interview with Rick Mercer (the Canadian John Stewart) the other day, in which he casually mentioned that he’d been with his husband for ~30 years RECORD SCRATCH

After countless nights of the Rick Mercer Report during the Roaring Zeros/2000s, how did I not know this???

I can’t imagine 22 Minutes/Rick Mercer viewers ever cared, but that kinda seems like a big deal in the 90s and 00s. It's incredible that the gay media industrial complex never picked up on this.



Thanks for the link. What a relief to see that noone was killed in the attack.


I'd have thought the Joker angle to that story would have caught Matt's attention. What with being the resident comic expert and all.


A person being stabbed in another country isn't news even if they died but the stabbing victim survived and all the other injuries were the result of people fleeing the scene where exactly zero people died and all the injuries are not life-threatening. This is only comparable to events where people died if you've suffered damage to the part of your brain that puts such things into perspective. For most people, dying is worse than spraining your ankle.

In any case it's yet another data point that suggests weapons that are not guns are far less lethal than guns, esp when offered in contrast to events where multiple people were shot to death. Only a person with brainworms would look at a news story that resulted in a small number of minor injuries and conclude it proves knives are just as dangerous as guns.


It is unfortunate that Nichole Thomas Kennedy allowed the heated tweets and abolitionist rhetoric to get in the way of her campaign. Though misguided, fundamentally, she is the better choice because she has the inside knowledge and experience as a public defender over many years.

The King County Jail is packed with guys waiting for the red tape and hearings to come together so they can finally get out of there for drug offenses. And yeah, if they're black they're in there longer than white guys. I wish that wasn't true but it is true.

Nicole's experience and knowledge is worth the risk to finally rock the boat and make these changes. It is part of my conservative disposition that tells me that wasting money and lives in the King County Jail has got to stop. And even though I'm infuriated with her for running such a lousy campaign, I'm going to knock on wood and vote for her and Bruce Harrell for mayor.

@1 - let it go.


@1 -- The United States has a murder rate of 4.96 (per 100K). Japan has a murder rate of 0.26. Japan had a huge surge in knife murders, and yet they can't come close to the number of people we kill (mostly with guns). Thanks for yet another example connecting increased violence with guns.


@8: you know he can't. at least he didn't use his favorite term "wound collector".

"we" have a MALE mental health problem AND a firearm problem, because they make rampage attacks easier and more deadly than any other weapon, and we choose to have more of them than any other country on earth.

problem #1 is intractable and has existed as long as there have been apes. problem #2 we're not going to do anything about, because constitution.


@ 10,

And even that’s based on the Republinazis’ willfully perverse, malicious, and false lies about the second amendment. They’re an illegitimate terrorist organization.

It’s a constitution, not a suicide pact.


Well Matt if Ann Davison wins the race tomorrow you only have yourself and the other members of the SECB to blame.
You are the ones who endorsed the rage tweeting anarchist NTK in the primary election. She and Pete Holmes were basically running on the same platform except Pete did it stealthily, giving lip service to crime victims while refusing to prosecute misdemeanors. The only difference between NTK and PH is that NTK blatantly says she will not prosecute misdemeanor assaults and that she hates cops, Pete stopped prosecuting misdemeanors years ago, but at least pretended it was because he didn't have the budget.

I just dropped my ballot off. In the city races I voted for 3 Democrats (Harrell, Nelson, and Wilson) and one liberal Republican (Davison).

I guess in the eyes of the SECB that makes me a MAGA-crazed Republican. So be it. The fact of the matter is that outside a narrow strip along the I-5 corridor from San Diego to Bellingham, all 8 of the candidates running for office in Seattle would be considered far-left progressives in almost any other city in the country.

If your candidates lose tomorrow, look in the mirror and think about how you've ostracized any who even marginally disagree with your purist outlook.


RE: John Waters

"John Waters has pledged to donate his art collection to a Baltimore museum on the condition that they establish a non-gendered restroom in his name."

The Waters Closet


@12: naw, not a MAGA-crazed Republic. it just makes you typical white Seattle petite bourgeoisie. as we'll see tomorrow, that's the majority.

City Attorney isn't even an elected position in many cities. It's an Administrative position.


@8 I really can't believe you are going to knock on wood and vote for NKT hoping for the best. Tweets aside her entire platform is based on subverting the judicial system. We can all agree that we need to focus on rehabilitation over incarceration but the atty's office is not the place to do it. The legislature and the judiciary have full discretion to create alternatives to incarceration but how is refusing to participate in the justice system going to change anything? Basically NKT will be a demagogue who gets to choose who get prosecuted not based on evidence or facts but her own subjective belief of what is justice. I don't trust her judgement and even if I did I don't want any one person to be the arbiter of public safety in this city. There is no reality where that works out for the best.

Looking at New York I seriously doubt they are "shaking their heads" over a choice between Davison and NKT. They themselves are on the cusp of electing a former police officer as Mayor who vows to refund the police to focus on public safety. Sounds kind of familiar.


@13: the Waters Loo.


@ 12,

Oh bullshit. The current regime is in an untenable state of failure and lashing out in an attempt to evade responsibility.

NTK has been the target of the sleaziest, most dishonest smear campaign since the local oligarchs tried to buy the city council.

They failed that time and hopefully Seattle voters are smart enough to see through their dirty tricks this time as well.


As long as the Republican party is pushing conspiracy theories about election fraud and whitewashing an attempt to overthrow the election & assassinate a bunch of political figures, any politician who continues to self-identify as a Republican when other options exist should have to answer for their party’s current state every time they ask for your vote.

If you’re carving out exceptions for any republicans, you are rewarding them for burying their heads while their party descends into a fascist cult of personality. Ann davison is part of the problem & so are you.



John's John

/man that guy was MADE for potty humor! :)



Yes, yes, we all know things besides guns can be used to kill and injure people: baseball bats, lead pipes, automobiles, knives, lawn darts, pillows, rocks, sharp pointy sticks, etc., etc. But, in the U.S. the number one weapon-of-choice by far for mass killings is still the good old-fashioned firearm, to the point that (aside from maybe automobiles) no other weapon comes even close.



Can you name a good mayor that NYC has had in our lifetimes? No.

NYC has been electing shitty self-destructive mayors forever, and that has fuck all to do with Seattle.


@19 I assume you meant @14 and you are missing the point. TS is the one that brought up NY voters as if they are looking down their noses at Seattle if we elect Davison to city atty. I only point out that given the same choice NY voters would prob be electing Davison as well. You've stated several times in the comments that NKT has been the subject of a dishonest campaign. Can you provide any examples of things that were untrue? I have only seen her own words being used against her. Hardly dishonest.


Eric adams barely won the democratic primary but it's weird to speak of the city that empowered the police to frisk people with no just cause for years as though it's some progressive utopia, i guess because they tolerate immigrants and queer people. NYC will begrudgingly elect a guy who is as unqualified as he is uninspiring because that was all they had to choose from and then start complaining about him 5 minutes after he takes office, just like they always do.


Thought? Feelings?

“Our team thinks it’s significant that voters of color prefer Davison by a more than two-to-one margin (44% for Davison, 21% for Thomas-Kennedy, 34% not sure) and voters in three of our four age brackets.“


«The glorified Kinect concept video was described as “the most delusional thing I’ve ever seen from any company or person in my entire life” by one tech journalist»

Tech journalist beat me to it.


Coning up on three hours w/ lots of replies to @1's idiocy. Guessing we're in for a wall of text replete with whataboutisms and tangentially related url's, .


@1 - If knives are every bit as deadly as firearms, shouldn't we arm our cops and soldiers with knives? Even the best knife would have to be a lot cheaper than all the firearms we buy for cops and firemen now. We would save millions and still kick ass throughout the world!


“the most delusional thing
I’ve ever seen from
any company or
person... "

This guy is
whom we deem
Worthy of running the Show?

worship Billionaires

pay the Price.



Do you include Republicans Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger in your purge? They are on the House Select Committee investigating the insurrection.

What about the 7 Republican Senators who voted to convict? Are they to be shunned as well?

If so you’re assisting Trump in marginalizing them.


Guy I used to work with fell into homelessness and I recently helped sign him up for housing. He was accepted but has to wait it out in a unit with 3 other guys downtown before being moved into his own unit hopefully within the next month.
He shows up at my door the other day to chat, I said man what are you doing down here on the South side I thought you got a place?
He said he takes the bus all the way down to crash in his tent during the day because it's too dangerous to hang out downtown, then rides back up at night to sleep in his bed. Before signing up for housing, he would just ride around and sleep on the bus because it was safer.
I said I don't blame him, I would do the same. Then we got high.

tl;dr downtown is so shitty that not even the unhoused want to be there


@24 Mike, you and others only have yourselves to blame. You've repeatedly replied to Molewacko's comments, normalized his presence by providing the attention he seeks, and even talk about how you're anticipating his future comments, which only invites more comments from him, and makes him feel more important.

Despite the protests and insults, he's been welcomed into the community, and he is the one largely driving the narrative of discussion. Enjoy!


@31 - Turns out the gunpowder revolution was a bust! Given how equally deadly they are, we should have stuck with swords, arrows and spears for the last 700 years! Every bit as deadly for much less money!

I bet the Taliban would not be in charge now had we had the wisdom to toss aside our M-4's and SAW's and taken up swords instead. I mean, if a measly knife is as deadly as a gun, a sword must be even deadlier!

Swords, not SAW's!!!

(@25 - I meant cops and soldiers earlier, not cops and firemen)


@30 - Good point. I lapsed myself, but will return to ignoring him, as usual.


"One point not mentioned in the article is how dumb it is that we hold elections for such important offices in low-turnout off-years."

No. The dumb thing is that we can hold an election and there is low turn out. To this day, my only explanation for the fact that Shrub got re-elected (which led to Trump) is that, until things get even worse, people will still think their vote is unimportant & piss away their franchise. People just don't get it.

"Roblox is more like a massive online toystore-world with different games to play."

Yes.....Keep playing those games. Forget about relating to & interacting with people. People are complex. With games you only have to Google the trap doors. Don't worry about Trump. Don't worry about DeVos. Everything's fine. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.

"Seattle is the most anxious city in the country........but white people are more anxious than people of it maybe because people in Seattle are simply more informed about the world?"

So, then what? Black people are just uninformed? Or is it that Black people are better informed than White people? Thank God there's no racism at Slog, where they call all the rest of us racist.

@1, Way to go. While I support more responsible gun ownership, training & real education, when people want to kill each other, they find a way, gun restrictions or no. @9, Japan also makes people kneel in small cells while they wait for trial. Basically, if you're arrested, you're presumed guilty. And they sleep in shoe boxes. I'm sure you'd love that too.

Somebody's surprised that Zuckerberg puts out delusional propaganda? Oh, my.


@2 and @4 are wrong, because it's all the fracking TV ads and mailers trying to scare all the rich white people, especially Boomers, in Seattle. I get them all and this is why I stopped watching local news other than after the election, it's just all doom and gloom all the time.


@5 actually, most Canadians don't care. Gays have been serving in the military and as elected officials since the 1980s, and that was 40 years ago. You always see nice Thanksgiving and Christmas shows and commercials where the multi-ethnic couples of varied status get together. One of the hardest things moving down here was how backwards the States really is, at all levels. Stuff that was finished 40-50 years ago is still not even "normal" here.


Just saw Harrell sitting at a card table in front of the Ballard Safeway, hurry down if you want to call him a pedo-loving, misogynistic coroporate whore to his face. Jk, you all are cowardly keyboard warriors.


You know @38, I've had a very similar experience. And I think it's gonna be a long, long time 'Til touch down brings me round again to find I'm not the man they think I am at home. Oh no no no, I'm a rocket man Rocket man burning out his fuse up here alone.


@39 - 38 done gone. Are you saying there is a tiny dancer in your pants?


How long before the white supremacists start building games on Roblox and using it to plan the next insurrection?