Slog AM: Last Day to Vote, COVID Cases "Plateauing," Manchin and Sinema Still Making a Mess of Congress



Why “fuck snail mail”? Liberals fight for vote-by-mail and you shit on it? Lame.


Gawd the voter turnout numbers are depressing. The Millennials and Gen Zers are the most screwed generations since the Great Depression, and they can't even be bothered to save themselves. The eldest Millennials are now over 40 and collectively own ~4% of the nation's wealth--they're in an endless tailspin of mass poverty.

If we've learned anything over the last +20 years, it's that voting matters, otherwise the Republinazis wouldn't be working overtime to stop everyone from doing it.

Is it ignorance, nihilism, learned helplessness, or apathy? All of the above? WTF is wrong with these people.


What makes you think England would even play a game here? There are 32 teams; we'd be lucky to see England.


@1 His point is that at this point you run the risk of getting your ballot in too late. The same is true for drop boxes -- get your ballot in before 8:00 PM -- but mail boxes routinely pick up before then.


Wow, young people don't vote! You learn something new every day. Get ready for your Harrell and Davison victory parties.


7 telling him that only makes him more horny


@7 - That's the second best response, the best being no response at all.


@molewacka -- You seem to enjoy spreading bullshit. I guess it is nice to have a hobby. Even the articles you link to contradict the statements you make. Just once I would like to see a comment of yours have some truth in it, but I guess we'll have to wait another day.


@ 8,

The prospect of having Harrell as another dawdling, do-nothing mayor in the pocket of the rich, along with Davison spreading her predatory racist Tr666p mental herpes all over the city attorney's office is nothing to celebrate.


@2 young peoples futures have already been sold and they will be inheriting a dead planet. I dont blame them for not seeing a benefit to voting. We GOTV last presidential election and put Dems in control of the White House and congress...and all they can do is negotiate against themselves on how to make the future even more bleak.


@4 World Cup 2026 will expand to include 48 teams


Learned helplessness.


Where TF would 48 teams' worth of World Cup games be played in the Seattle area? Sure, we have Lumen Field and Husky Stadium which should be fine. Maybe they could throw in some bigger stands at Starfire. Maybe we could borrow the CWU stadium in Ellensburg and a stadium or two in Portland, but that still leaves us well short. For reference, Qatar will have 8 stadiums for 32 teams. We'd need several more full size stadiums even if we can borrow a couple.


@6: I always mail my ballot on Election Day. It's never been a problem. Saying "fuck snail mail get to a drop box" is not helpful.


@ 14,

Definitely the worst features of our abusive, sadistic, destructive system of government for which I blame the Founding Fuckers, whose only real goal was to evade paying taxes, a tradition that curses us to this day. It means our worst citizens are always in charge, and three assholes from Arizona, Kentucky, and West Virginia can hold an entire nation hostage.

We're given the demoralizing choice of being tortured by the Republinazis' cruelty, insanity, stupidity, and incompetence, OR the Demonrats' weakness, cowardice, corruption, and incompetence.

I can understand why young people find both disgusting in their own special ways, however they do have a moral obligation not to condemn all of us to the Republinazis' violent, deranged dystopia by at least filling out a ballot for the lessor of two evils. That's a huge part of the reason we've gone over the edge into this intolerable abyss.


Why haven't progressives copy pasted "accepting a corporate campaign contribution" into the Texas abortion law, and see how quickly the Supreme Court finds a reason to issue an immediate injunction against vigilante bounties to infringe constitutional rights.


@17: The 2026 World Cup will be spread over three countries: Canada, Mexico and the US.


@20. The Founding Fuckers, hahah. You're in rare form today.


The only good thing about Democrats being obliterated in the mid-terms and losing both the House and the Senate is that it will consign Manchin (and Sinema) to the wilderness of complete irrelevance where no one pays the least bit of attention to him or gives the slightest shit about what he has to say.


CDC guidelines for people who are fully vaccinated are conditional on the local state of the virus, and whether you are or live with someone who is high-risk / immunocompromised. There is not a blanket dictate that everyone who is vaccinated wear a mask indefinitely. If every county in the nation had the vaccination rates and requirements we have in san francisco, there would be no mask recommendations from the cdc at all, but if you live in a county that went for trump you should continue to exercise caution.

"If you’ve been fully vaccinated:

"You can resume activities that you did prior to the pandemic.

"To reduce the risk of being infected with the Delta variant and possibly spreading it to others, wear a mask indoors in public if you are in an area of substantial or high transmission.

"You might choose to wear a mask regardless of the level of transmission if you have a weakened immune system or if, because of your age or an underlying medical condition, you are at increased risk for severe disease, or if a member of your household has a weakened immune system, is at increased risk for severe disease, or is unvaccinated."


@15: awesome, bring on the hooligans.


@18 -- From

In addition to preventing morbidity and mortality associated with COVID-19, currently approved or authorized vaccines also demonstrate effectiveness against asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection.

This is followed by a chart, with various studies:

Regev-Yochay G, Amit S, Bergwerk M, et al. Decreased Infectivity Following BNT162b2 Vaccination: A prospective cohort study in Israel. The Lancet Regional Health – Europe. 2021;7(100150).

Andrejko K, Pry J, Myers JF, et al. Early evidence of COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness within the general population of California. MedRxiv. 2021; icon

Tande AJ, Pollock BD, Shah ND, Farrugia G, Virk A, Swift M, et al. Impact of the COVID-19 Vaccine on Asymptomatic Infection Among Patients Undergoing Pre-Procedural COVID-19 Molecular Screening. Clin Infect Dis. 2021.

Tang P, Hasan MR, Chemaitelly H, et al. BNT162b2 and mRNA-1273 COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness against the Delta (B.1.617.2) variant in Qatar. medRxiv. 2021; icon

Angel Y, Spitzer A, Henig O, et al. Association Between Vaccination With BNT162b2 and Incidence of Symptomatic and Asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 Infections Among Health Care Workers. JAMA. 2021;325(24):2457-2465.

(There is more from that document.) Then there is this: or this: or this:

Hell, you can just search for it and find it quite easily. But read that last one. That is where you are obviously confused. But rather than ask a medical expert for clarification, you just jump to your own, incorrect conclusion. Basically this is what happened:

1) The vaccines were tested, and shown to be very effective against the spread of the disease.
2) The delta variant arrived and spread.
3) The vaccines are not quite as effective in stopping the spread of the delta variant. But they still are more effective than nothing.
4) Not enough people got vaccinated in this country.
5) The country opened up.
6) The combination of all of these factors contributed to another "wave" of cases and deaths.

That caused idiots like you to through up their hands, and assume that because the vaccine isn't perfect (no vaccine is) the only reason you get it is to protect yourself. That is completely wrong. The main reason to get it is to protect society. If enough people gets vaccinated, then the numbers will continue to go down.

Do we know exactly what that number is? No. Maybe it is 95%, like measles. Maybe it is less. What difference does it make, if we know that getting vaccinated reduces the spread of the disease?


@20: You would have been a redcoat? Who knew!

There'a always a lower turnout in off year elections. And the enthusiasm is on the Republicans side, for good reason - here are just two of them:

A bipartisan infrastructure has passed by the Senate with Republican votes, imagine that, and is ready to be easily passed by the house but your ilk wants to use it as leverage to make sure the perfect fails and obliterates the good with their pie-in-the-sky reconciliation bill.
Most Americans by far want better race relations. And systemic racism is an important topic that should be discussed. But the CRT proponents never factored in human nature, hence they're a bunch of idealistic idiots. Despite talking points, CRT is being taught in public schools and when little Mary comes home asking why she's evil because she's white - no wonder you have parents upset. Any non-abusive parent would be.


This is like arguing with someone who insists you don't need to wear a seatbelt because traffic fatalities are at an all time low. It seems self-evident to me but a thing can substantially reduce the probability of an outcome without completely eliminating it.

The probability that you are going to be infected with the virus is contingent on many factors, primarily your vaccination status, the present infection rate in your local environment, which is also contingent on the vaccination rate.

Depending on where you fall on the scale for local transmission & vaccination rates, the probability that anyone is going to be infected is going to go up as infections climb, and that counts for people who are vaccinated, too. The risk of infection is still substantially lower than people who aren't vaccinated, but the risk is still there, and if you're personally high risk, or live with someone who is, the cdc recommends you continue to mask. If you're vaccinated, not high risk and live someplace where transmission is low, you don't need to wear a mask.

The conditions that matter most vary greatly from one locale to another, so the cdc's recommendations are scalable based on those conditions. This doesn't mean the vaccine is useless, but that it's the cdc's job to accurately convey information to people that is contingent on their personal situation, but try as they may, they cannot convey accurate information to people who are unable to understand their messaging or unwilling to incorporate new information into their understanding of the world around them.

None of this is difficult to grasp, but if, say, you're the type of person who can't even read a newspaper article written at the 5th grade level without completely misunderstanding what you just read, this might be above your level. Unfortunately the curse of stupidity is being too stupid to know how stupid you are.


*actually it's more like arguing with someone who insists you shouldn't wear a seatbelt because people wearing seatbelts still die in crashes when there is a mountain of research showing car fatalities for people wearing seatbelts are substantially lower than for people who don't, but the point still stands


I have voted in every election since I was 18. I've always enjoyed it.

Are the people with Covid in the hospitals locals, or cross-mountain trash?


@28 "So vaccines don't prevent spread"

Fuck, you are so stupid. Nothing prevents the spread completely. It only reduces it. Vaccines reduce it. Masks reduce it. Staying outside, or avoiding crowded places reduces it. The more we reduce it, the less it spreads. To actually stop it from spreading at all, you need lots of people vaccinated or lots of people who have had the disease, or a combination of both. In the meantime, wearing masks and taking other precautions reduces the spread. By reducing the spread, you save lives.

That is how it works with all diseases and all vaccines. Some are more contagious than others. Some vaccines are more effective than others, but none are perfect. To get local immunity from measles, 95% of the population has to be vaccinated. We aren't anywhere near that with this disease.

If you want an example, look at UAE. They opened up late last year, and saw the cases skyrocket, to around 4,000 a day in February. But they also vaccinated aggressively -- currently they lead the world in vaccinations. The case count has dropped dramatically, and continues to drop. They are still open (unlike a year ago) and yet the numbers have gone down. Clearly the vaccine has had a positive effect -- not just on morbidity, but on the spread of the disease. Same with Portugal:

You seem to equate lack of perfection with uselessness. You probably don't wear a seat belt, because it isn't perfect. You drive drunk, because most of the time, it is OK. You like to play Russian Roulette, because, hey, you haven't died yet. There is no perfect vaccine, or perfect mask. That doesn't mean they don't reduce the spread of the disease.


@24 Morty, I think you're unfortunately right about the Dems getting decimated, and I hope you're right about Manchinema.

But I'm also a little doubtful - people like Manchinema get into those positions of power not by chance, but because they know how to wield it.

We likely won't hear nearly as much about/from Manchinema after 2022 or 2024, but that's only because it will be the Repubs doing the obstruction. But Dems will still be eating Manchinema ass behind closed doors, just not as publicly.


@30 Thanks for stating this as plainly as it is possible to be stated. That's really about it, any more discussion is superfluous.


@17 as @22 stated the tourney will be spread out over 3 countries. The first time that has ever happened. At best Seattle will get 2-3 matches in round robin play and it would probably coincide with Vancouver having some matches as well. The knock out rounds will be in the big tv markets (LA, NY, Toronto, Mexico City).


@29 "A bipartisan infrastructure has passed by the Senate with Republican votes, imagine that, and is ready to be easily passed by the house but your ilk wants to use it as leverage..."

I don't really think of myself as part of the Andrew ilk but I think that it makes perfect sense for House Democrats - Progressive and otherwise - to wait for Senate negotiations to conclude on the reconciliation package before voting on both bills. Taken as a whole, these bills are very much a key group of mainstream Democratic priorities. Please remember that there were 48 Democratic Senators ready to vote for the full $3.5 trillion Build Back Better bill. Many of those in our party want a clear understanding of what Sinema and Manchin will agree to before moving forward. That was the deal from the very beginning. The reconciliation bill continues to progress but, if it were to collapse, then the bipartisan infrastructure legislation would be considered on its own merits.


@ 29,

We’d all be better off if the British had defeated the revolution and then we’d had a negotiated independence, like Canada. That’s painfully obvious.

We’d have gotten a real parliamentary system, slavery would’ve ended decades earlier, the horror of a century of Jim Crow never would’ve occurred and on and on.

Also, CRT is not actually taught in schools, those are just more hysterical racist lies from dumFux Nooz.


@33: Which side of the mountains are you referring to?

@38: We'll see...


@39: Actually, there are conflicting accounts over actual experiences by actual students in actual classrooms and actual zoom meetings with actual teachers. You can't just pigeon hole it as lie because it's an inconvenient (or as you hope a premature) truth.



By itself, the infrastructure bill is republican garbage. It's loaded with corporate giveaways. The fact that people like you like that bill says all you need to know about it. The more progressive democrats were right to say they weren't going to pass it unless the BBB bill passes too.

As for CRT, from what you wrote, I would surmise you actually know nothing about it since you're just parroting back right wing radio shock jock's talking points, who also know nothing about CRT. Republicans conveniently grabbed CRT as their flavor-of-the-month boogeyman to rile up the highly emotional culture warriors, and it's apparently worked. It's not taught to schoolchildren and it doesn't teach that it's evil to be white.

If you honestly care to know what CRT really is (and what it isn't) I suggest reading these short posts by someone who really knows what it is:


@42: Nevertheless, it's not working out so well and that's the issue. Sad, I agree. CRT is tangential to the problem that both sides refuse to listen to the other. Fix that first, then move on to the theories and their implementation in curriculums.


“ Unpopular opinion, but: If buying some statues from the DPRK helps the starving people in that country, then I'll take 10-15 of them.”

If you think lifting sanctions on statues is going to help the starving in North Korea, I’m sure you supported the Trump tax cuts as a way to help the poor in this country.



How are both sides supposed to listen to each other when one side will not stop lying about the results of the last presidential election and wants to overthrow our democracy and install a dictator?

There's no common ground there. No compromise to be made. They have to stop lying or there's no point in bothering to listen to them.


There certainly seems to be a lot of long form 'comments' here that feel like they are pre-written takes on Current Events just waiting for the right time to cut and paste. Not that they don t have value, but...


...if you are going to change the rules of the game without telling anyone...YA CHEATIN'.



It's beginning to look a lot like post-Halloween candy sale Christmas!!!


Oh and ignore the media freakout about results tonight, the only votes that will matter won't show up until Saturday in Washington State and California.

A LOT of people put off voting this year because they wanted to figure out where big money was so they could do the opposite.



Are you arguing that the election was close enough that we should be doing more investigation?

The election wasn't close at all. Biden didn't win a landslide, but he won definitively and with electoral votes to spare.

That's not the issue though. Donnie had been shrieking about rigged elections since before he was even elected the first time. He doesn't give a shit about whether it's rigged or whether he won or whether it was tampered with. He just wants attention and adoration. His handlers though, want elections to disappear. They want to have control and power and they don't give a shit if they're voted in or if they have to take it. And they've got a lot of fanatic, cultist followers.

There's no communication to be had with them. They don't even WANT to talk, they just want power.


I admire Will in Seattle, he/she/they really have a handle on how 'people' feel. He/she/they could have sold all of that lucrative information to campaigns, etc but instead shares it here.

I Will wait until Saturday for the Real results.




"Nixon did against Kennedy (one vote per precinct in Illinois would have gotten him the Presidency..."

I don't really disagree with your larger point but if Nixon would have won Illinois, he still would have lost to Kennedy. In order to beat Kennedy, Nixon would need to have carried Texas as well. Fortunately, at the time, LBJ was in Texas and was able to ensure a free and fair election.



Yeah, one of my hometown Facebook friends shared a "Impeach Biden" meme earlier today. I thought it was pretty great, just as a show of how little understanding of government and/or overall reality those people are capable of demonstrating. The guy and I have a lot of shared liberal friends and absolutely noone ever bothers asking the obvious "on what grounds" type of questions, as it's all just so utterly, comically sad and pointless.


Like Catalina Vel-DuRay I voted and have since age 18. For many reasons already stated in this comment thread it's Reason #1 why I always will get out and vote.

@53 Urgutha Forka for the WIN!


@43: "the problem that both sides refuse to listen to the other."

No, the problem is that one side of the political spectrum refuses to LIVE IN REALITY, and prefers to spew nonsense. That you can't substantiate your claims about CRT being taught to school children is proof you're (still, as always) part of the problem.