To my long-time partner: I promised faithfulness to you. Together we had children, traveled the world, and became model friends to neighbors and our respective professions. It’s been a good ride, yet the sheen continues to wear away. My interest in you sexually has waned thanks to age and mutual indifference. Maybe we’ve taken each other for granted? About ten years ago, in the early throes of our indifference, I explored my bisexual side and took on a few lovers, two of whom would have been fine replacements for you. I meet up with them and many others for discrete hookups as a way to let off some steam. I gladly surrendered my ass (when you wouldn’t entertain the idea) and learned to give great head.

One of my lovers, a fellow married man, asked me to wear your panties as he topped me. All of this has helped buoy our complacency and allowed me to explore a side of me that you couldn’t. You’re great, but a lack of sexual creativity and all-around blase makes me want cock more than pussy. It’s why I go out on my late-night "runs," or it’s when I head to the gym. Life is short, and the joy comes in doing the deed with as many men in as many places as I can. Sorry. Kind of.

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