Have you tried not being a coward and having a conversation about your feelings with your partner?


@1 In case you haven't noticed, this is a place for cowards to tell us exactly cowardly they are in their inability to confront something that happened once or repeatedly. This is just pure entertainment. I highly doubt anyone learns anything from it, particularly if the person who is the perceived problem is never told directly what the problem is.


The writer is most likely a troll seeking reaction. No feeding allowed.


With all these details I would think I Anon shouldn't be too hard to sniff out.


You should have worn your own panties, not your wife's, with another person. That's non-consensual boundary transgression.

The "You're great" sounds a little hollow. The partner and friend-level communication is lacking. Is there some past betrayal on her part under the surface? In my limited experience and observation, women often lose interest in sex if it doesn't have reproduction or dramatic romantic desire on the horizon, want to passively be taken care of, and/or have repression/trauma issues that inhibit them. Couples counseling, and individual for at least you. At the very least you both need a more honest and emotionally open relationship. Fix it or quit it. Life is too short.

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