One supporter said ITS OVER—presumably for González.
"One supporter said 'IT'S OVER'—presumably for González." SECB

So, last night was bad. Very bad. At a national level, Virginia is basically turning red. The state's governor will be Glenn Youngkin, a Trumpy Republican, and the GOP is on track to reclaim the state's House. The leading explanation for the Dems dismal performance is that voters, white voters, have had enough of this long pandemic and Black Lives Matter. But I think it also has much to do with the fact that Biden's economic program has gone nowhere due to members in his own party. Virginia indicates that the GOP will take the Senate and the House in 2022. And that will be the beginning of the end of American democracy.

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In Seattle, Bruce Harrell, Ann Davison, and Sara Nelson jumped way ahead of their progressive opponents (M. Lorena González, Nicole Thomas-Kennedy, and Nikkita Oliver, respectively). Seattle Is Dying finally had its day in city politics. As the Stranger Election Control Board put it: "Wellllll, after the first ballot drop, Seattle appears to have chosen a Trump Republican to run its law department, a corporate training manual for a mayor, a beer lobbyist for a city council member, and Teresa Mosqueda."

The New York Times sees in Seattle's election results a connection with Minneapolis' rejection of "a ballot measure that would have replaced the city’s police department with a Department of Public Safety", and the successful "anti-crime message" of New York’s mayor-elect, Eric Adams. What all of this means is the police had a very good night.

Defund my ass, motherfuckers.
"Defund my ass, motherfuckers." kali9/

Seattle's most-famous climate denier, professor and weather blogger Cliff Mass, also had a good night. SECB learned that he gave his time and energy to Davison's campaign. He also does not know how to use a face mask—it was below his nose.

Speaking of geezers who are feeling it. There's Joel Connelly, a crusty commentator who right now can be found on Cloud 9.

What has Goldy got to say about all this election disaster?

Across the board, voter turnout was very low indeed. My Northwest reports that Snohomish County saw only 20% of its registered voters. King County, 22%, and Pierce County, 17%.

There is, however, a bright side for King County: Dems are on the way to claim one of the three remaining GOP seats on the King County Council.
Conor Wilson of Redmond Reporter reports:

Challenger Sarah Perry leads 20-year incumbent Kathy Lambert in the District 3 race for the King County Council as of Nov. 2.

Perry has received 55% of the vote so far, and has an 11-point lead over Lambert, with 21% of ballots counted among registered voters. The county is anticipating a 46% voter turnout

In case you've forgotten, Lambert recently tried to explode some shit with a seriously racist mailer. The other King County Republicans will likely return.

Boston elected its first ever person of color and woman, Michelle Wu, as mayor. According to NPR, "Wu, whose parents immigrated to the U.S. from Taiwan, broke a 199-year streak of white, male elected city leaders". Can you feel that? Almost 200 years of just one white man after another.

Cleveland, Ohio picked a young (34) and black progressive, Justin Bibb, to be its 57th mayor.

And Dearborn, Michigan made Abdullah Hammoud its "first Arab American, Muslim mayor".

And, yes, White Women is trending right now on Twitter. Why? Because they played a major role in Virginia's red turn and the coming destruction of all that's left of American democracy.

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It looks like New Jersey's Democratic governor Phil Murphy will serve another term. He is now ahead of his GOP challenger, Jack Ciattarelli, and the votes that remain to be counted are "in Democratic strongholds." But this race was not supposed to be even close.

And what were QAnon followers expecting to see in Dallas on Tuesday? Nothing less than "the reappearance of John F. Kennedy and John F. Kennedy Jr." Daily Beast's headline: "QAnon Crowd Super Bummed That JFK Jr. Did Not Appear in Dallas." Indeed, living in America is not always dynamite.

Now is the time for some doom jazz by Bohren & der Club of Gore: