Slog PM: Kids Get the COVID Vaccine, Eighth Oregon County Votes to Join "Greater Idaho," Asian Giant Hornet Found in British Columbia



Conservatives not only have a poop and needle fetish, they’re also afraid of everything. I blame their mothers. It’s not natural for a woman to be a Republican.

Also, if I were normal Oregon, I would be happy to see the welfare part of the state go shack up with Idaho, which has no real tax base or economic center to speak of.


lol Idaho are all scared of lefty soy-boys, meanwhile their residents are out shooting-up malls because reasons. I read dude moved to Idaho because their laws allow certain felons to possess firearms and he was advocating for more felons to move to Idaho so they could own firearms legally.
turns out he was the poster child for NOT allowing felons to own firearms, or probably most people in Idaho, for that matter.


@4: Careful, you don't want to appear judgmental of someone's gender identity and expression.


Military cemeteries in every corner of the world are silent testimony to the failure of national leaders to sanctify human life. — Yitzhak Rabin


Dry up, raindrop dear.


I'm sure Washington could chip in a few counties toward Idaho's engreatening.

Maybe start with the ones barely 30% vaxxed.


Greater Idaho is a splendid idea! While they're at it they can have all of Washington south of Thurston County and east of the Cascades. The 13 remaining counties would form easily the most progressive state in the union (the sparsely populated Olympic Peninsula notwithstanding). Just imagine what we could finally accomplish with nearly all the red counties gone. A political wet dream for sure.


State lines are not going to be redrawn. Oregonians who like Idaho need to move to Idaho. If this country allows huge super states of Republicans running the country (with no tax base) while taking the tax revenue from all of the Blue states with big cities whose politics they don't like...oh wait, we'd have exactly what we have now only worse.

All of the Republican states in this country that use fear mongering and gerrymandering and voter suppression to remain in power exist solely due to all of the federal funds that flow into their states thanks to the Blue states with big cities whose residents pay huge amounts of taxes. Fuck this noise.

Let the red states secede and start their own fucking country. The rest of us can be left to use our tax revenue to support OUR states/country. The assholes in RED America will wither and die with no money, because all of the wealthy, power hungry fucktards that live in and run those states aren't going to share their wealth with the poor, unwashed masses they pay next to nothing to do all of the work.

Even Idaho recognizes that the fucktards in rural Oregon are used to a lot of things that are flat out illegal in Idaho and would not be allowed. So what state will they expect to join then? The fact that these counties even allow these issues to be voted on is absurd. It's just another lie told and dream held in the name of upholding white supremacist fantasies of owning the libs (without whom they would have absolutely fucking nothing).


What happened to all the votes to name the ferry Kraken McKraken?

There were a lot.


I think we should tie the Idaho expansion with D. C. statehood. If they did that, you would suddenly get a lot more interest.

If you don't want to change the flags, then unite the Dakotas. Do we really need a North and South?