Fauciis testifying before the Senate today about vaccinations for 5 to 11 year olds.
Fauci's testifying before the Senate today about vaccinations for 5 to 11 year olds. Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images Staff

January 4. That’s the deadline for about 84 million private sector workers to get vaccinated, including all workers at facilities that get Medicare and Medicaid funding. The National Retail Federation say the requirement is “burdensome,” because to them adhering to regulations is more burdensome than replacing the employees they killed.

We’re going to need a bigger boat, Seattle Rep presents Bruce.
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That ought to do it. Alaska Air will phase out single-use plastic bottles and cups for water starting today. The airline says that’ll eliminate 1.8 million pounds of plastic from the waste stream through 2022. A single flight emits as much CO2 as many people generate in an entire year, but, sure, getting rid of bottles should help.

Washington State Patrol is struggling to undo decades of bias in hiring. The force is overwhelmingly white and male, and a Seattle Times investigation found that psychological evaluations — which disproportionately disqualify people of color — may be to blame. WSP just announced that it's replacing the psychologist in charge of administering the tests.

We are all about to be time travelers. Get ready to set your clock back this weekend and gain your one extra hour of sleep, which you will almost certainly squander. Why do we still go through this annoying time-change, especially since Washington voted to get rid of it two years ago? Here is more information than you could possibly ever need on the subject.

Good news for do-gooders. Here’s a great list of ways that you can help Afghan refugees arriving in Seattle.

Want more housing in Seattle? Get yourself a seat on the Design Review board, which is now accepting new members, and unclog it. The whole Design Review process imposes months — at least! — of unnecessary delays on projects while volunteer architects bicker endlessly over the right color brick for a project they won’t even live in or near. Go fill out an application, get on the board, and give developers a green light to build affordable housing as big and as fast as they can.

I knew it. I noted in my review of Dune that the women are the most interesting characters in the film, and get the least screen time. No spoilers here, but turns out that in one cut, there was more screen time for Jessica, and a scene that would have really helped make one of the big turning points make a lot more sense: A conversation between her and Dr. Yueh. In David Lynch’s version, there’s a fantastic shot, probably about 10 seconds long, of Dr. Yueh alone and crying. What I wouldn’t give to see that character and Jessica interact a bit more! OH WELL.

Everyone I’ve shown this video to gasps when it gets to the good part. Honestly, take out all the dating/reality show stuff and just give me an hour of this gag. (After you have watched the original, watch this re-edit.)

Rich guys squabble, the rest of us live with mold. Here’s a fascinating saga about two wealthy brothers running competing companies that provide student housing — or, at least, attempt to. According to the residents of some of their properties, the buildings are falling into disrepair and students are living in hazardous conditions. Hey, at least you’re not stuck in that billionaire student-prison building.

You do not gotta love DaBaby. I haven’t been this annoyed by a stupid story since the Chick-fil-a wars. So there’s this rapper, see, who goes by DaBaby — I assume in reference to the character from the 1990s ABC sitcom, Dinosaurs — and a few months ago he made some dumb homophobic statements stigmatizing people living with HIV. Then word came that he’d sat down with a community group called “Relationship Unleashed,” and after a nice talk all was forgiven. But apparently not! Now the CEO of Relationship Unleashed has released a nigh-incomprehensible statement that is very difficult to parse but seems to still be pretty angry at DaBaby. DaBaby’s latest music video can be seen below.

Hey Seattle, maybe we oughta do this. A group of parents in Barcelona will block traffic in front of local schools, protesting the danger posed by allowing fast-moving polluting traffic so close to their kids. Reminds me of the “Stop de Kindermoord” movement that helped reduce car traffic in the Netherlands.

Speaking of sustainable streets… Ryan has a great rundown of last night’s Bicycle Advisory Board meeting, including some upcoming projects that I’ll only believe in once I see the paint on the ground. (And maybe not even then.) We’re all going to have our work cut out for us as we transition from one anti-bike mayor to another.

No more bonking your kid. The latest version of Facebook’s Quest software will introduce a new feature that identifies objects around you while you’re in VR, including pesky children who wander by. I just downloaded the update and tried it out — it failed to detect multiple objects in my space, so maybe don’t flail around too much if kids/pets are around.