" relatively dry Cascades"? The ground is pretty well saturated, and has been for a while. Do you mean snow? Yeah, but it is only early November, and places like Mount Baker have more snow than usual up high ( It would be rare to have a lot of snow at the passes now. Based on the short and long term weather predictions, it is likely to be another big snow year.


“The pandemic-era push to work, go to school, play, shop, and make fun of Mark Zuckerberg online… “

what kinda person’d make fun of Zucky
when he’s so busy making the world
into a much Better Place namely
his own Image replete with
your face too in His book

today I meta
White Supremicist
he was very very Rich
he sold out his Country ours
too and will soon become a God


When presented with two under-qualified candidates, voters chose the slightly less obnoxious one.


Progressives are folding in the House tonight. Elections have consequences. This time Lucy will hold the ball for Charlie Brown....promise.


Hahahaha The Stranger is so basic.


Back in the day, I went to a concert by the Menuhin siblings. Yehudi busted a string while they were playing [sadly, I don’t remember what they were playing]. You could hear the sprong/pop. The audience gasped in unison. He did not skip a beat, kept on playing on the other three strings. THAT was virtuoso.

Needless to say, he got a roaring, standing ovation.


I prefer violinists who dont break their strings


The bipartisan infrastructure bill has passed with more Republican votes for than Progressive votes against. It's a good bill, and a big win for mainstream Dems, but Progressives have lost what little leverage they had. Maybe Sinema and Manchin will be kind to them.


Would you be happier if housing values had crashed? I don't know abut you but if I want to live in fucking Detroit I'll move there. That increase means that people want to live here and are able to find jobs here. Both good things.


Wait -- NTK wrote a tweet which did not advocate violence, death, or destruction?

Things really did change on Tuesday night.


Looks like Davison will be our City Attorney for the next four years, and NTK will be our Pissy Attorney.


speaking of security, had to install something on my nas last week and accidentally left the ssh port open. sure enough, I get email notification that such and such IP has been blocked for trying to login to my nas though ssh. somebody had spun-up a server on aws and had a program just cruising around looking for openings.
that isn't to say you don't still have to be weary of good ol' fashion thievery. had to get a new bank card yesterday because someone put a card skimmer at the gas station near me. are skimmers old fashion?
idk...hope the $260 they managed to withdraw from my account gets them a lot of meth... err, I mean coats for the winter.

where do I apply to to drive one of those big-ass snow plows? just call me mr plow!


You play the concert with the strings you have, not the strings you might want or wish to have at a later time.


Infrastructure bill passes: good win for Biden. He's been denounced, dismissed, and denigrated for months, but he calmly built a consensus in the face of it. Passage of the bill is his reward for not being petty and vindictive. Good going, Joe. Keep it up.


What’s it been Stranger, 30 years? A good run. But I can’t say I’m sorry to watch you slide into the Land Acknowledgement Sea or whatever you call it these days. Peace out.


Of course the diva of the purity caucus, AOC, voted no on the infrastructure bill.


Go, Greta Thunberg, GO!!

That's anti-vaxxers for ya--forever fahtin' fer their Free Dumbs, even during monsoon season. Keep swingin' MAGA rubes--maybe you'll give 'em a cold!

@2 kristofarian: There you are! You were greatly missed.

@6 & @11 FooledWhiteOldFart: Bullshit. Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema are RepubliKKKan bootlickers owned by Mitch McConnell!

@12 dvs99 and @18 MarcellUS: Amen!


Really NTK? Congratulate your opponent, wish them well and move on. Or maybe stay off twitter. It wasn't corporate backing, it was the voters, many of whom can't remember the last time they voted for a republican.

Next time, don't run as an abolitionist the year after the murder rate in Seattle went up by 68%. Yes, I realize the city attorney doesn't prosecute murders, but still, it's bad timing.


Healthcare is still so fucked up in this country. You can't get your bills paid for disasters without paying a professional gambler half your winnings to roll the dice in an agonizing and interminable zero-sum game.


I have never been as proud to have Pramila Jayapal as my U.S. representative as I am today. Getting the infrastructure bill passed wasn't about the progressives caving. It was about getting the Dems out of the business of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Jayapal is the real deal. The Squad are a bunch of posers. In the story in the Bible where King Solomon offers to cut the baby in half, Jayapal is the real mother and AOC is the fake mother.

On another topic, it's fascinating how NTK and these Slog writers are grasping on to the power of money in politics as an explanation for her blowout loss. And yet there's nothing about how close this Wilson dude came to Mosqueda, whom I voted for, despite his being exponentially outspent. My sense is that Davison and NTK's spending could have been a wash and Davison still would have won.


@24 I don't know, man. Personally, I'm fine with the bipartisan bill. But if I were a Progressive, I would have kept my powder dry until it was clear what would happen in the Senate with the reconciliation package. We didn't have to do anything until the end of December. There was plenty of time. This may be the only chance that Dems will have to get substantial climate and social programs passed in the next decade. Biden's poll numbers don't matter until this time next year.


Poor little Greta, desperately trying to stay relevant. All she can think of is denouncing the world leaders and and the summit because she is only popular as an antagonist and doesn't have the maturity and sophistication to participate in advocating actual policy ideas. So cringingly humiliating for her. Blah Blah Blah indeed.


oldwhiteguy @25, you know who else had all the time in the world and stated so in no uncertain term? Joe Manchin. Manchin was perfectly happy to let his fellow Democrats twist in the wind. He knew his patience would only make his donors happy; it would only make his constituents happy to see him stickin' it to the libs.

Biden, Pelosi, Jayapal, and the rest realized the obvious--that spending however many more months trying to wait out Manchin and Sinema wasn't going to make them give in. It was only going to further weaken their position, compromise the Biden presidency, and make it that much more difficult to pass anything.

Here's the thing about leverage. You only have leverage over someone if you have leverage over someone.


@2 -- see:

@21 -- thanks auntie Gee!

@26 -- speaking of
your cringingly


NTK tears are salty af. She’s quite Trumpian in her Tweet-tantrums.

Your 15 minutes are up, loser.


Ann Davidson is a far right Trumpian style politician racist. Her police state tactics will harm
a lot of people. She is not experienced and did not even understand what the duties in the attorney's office actually are. The Seattle Times desperately lied about Oliver and NTK as well as the flyers to back up the corporate elite.

Those cities that did vote for an abolitionist city attorney had their crime rate go down and with a kinder approach to the disenfranchised a lot of people were calmed down.

If you like a far right approach to this office and more people harmed by this office it will work out for you. For many who are not privileged it will not.



@30: Are you disappointed that Nicole wasn't a better campaigner and at handling the media?


Tom Smykowski : [Smykowski is in a full-body cast] Just remember, if you hang in there long enough, good things can happen in this world. I mean, look at me.


Comparing NTK to Trump is absurd. Yeah, they're both petty and spiteful in defeat. Only one of them refused to ever actually concede, embracing baseless, batshit conspiracy theories and inciting murderous riots instead.


@34 NTK hasn't conceded yet, and while she may not have incited murderous riots, she certainly cheered on the rioters with her tweets.

She's seems very much like Trump. A total narcissist convinced of her own superiority.


speakiing of Vigilante Justice:

Kyle Rittenhouse Claims Self-
Defense After Shooting 3 Jurors

KENOSHA, WI—Arguing that he had no choice but to take the law into his own hands, Kyle Rittenhouse reportedly claimed self-defense Wednesday after shooting three jurors in his trial for multiple counts of first-degree homicide.

“Finding himself outnumbered by a mob of 20 jurors, Mr. Rittenhouse was forced to make the split-second decision to save his own life,” said defense attorney Mark Richards, who presented the remaining members of the jury with a series of photographs that he argued showed the dead jurors armed with water bottles, heavy stacks of evidence, and other potential deadly weapons they could have used to harm the teenager.

more at

Related Stories

Men Killed By Kyle Rittenhouse Can Be Called ‘Looters,’ Not ‘Victims,’ Judge Rules

Judge Mandates Prosecutors Only Refer To Kyle Rittenhouse As ‘Hero’


@30: "Ann Davidson is a far right Trumpian style politician racist."

Thank you for showing, yet again, how little Seattle's local far-left understands what just happened. (After helping elect a REPUBLICAN to city-wide office for the first time in many voters' lives, one might think a moment or two of self-reflection might be in order, but nooooooo.) One of the most reliably liberal electorates in the entire country just rejected far-left candidates by astounding numbers, and all Seattle's illiberal lefties can do is throw around the exact same lies which just failed them so spectacularly. The election results clearly show Seattle's voters were not scared by those lies the first time around, so why should anyone care now? Force of habit can be a cruel master.

(Oh, and Ivy, dear? That gallon or two of rot-gut you've pounded since Tuesday's ballot drop hasn't helped your spelling skills. The name of Seattle's incoming REPUBLICAN City Attorney is Ann Davison. Your fellow mourners here at the Stranger even put it in bold text for you.)


@37 Correct.


Wow, these stranger comment section tough guys really out to go out and work on some campaigns, since they know so much about them. Since you're owning the lefties so hard on here, what's stopping you from dominating seattle politics?


@39: "gameshow host" Thank you for putting it correctly! Please note that Clinton, like Gore, actually won a majority of the popular vote, but our Electoral College system defeated democracy, again. Seattle's voters have now just started to correct the "absolute shit show" (again, thanks!) by dumping one of the persons most responsible for it, and preventing two more like her from getting ahold of power. As you mentioned, that is democracy in action.

@40: Who says they won't?


@27 cressona (see my response to OldWhiteGuy in @21) and @39 blip for the WIN! Agreed and seconded.


@39: Talk about the San Francisco pot calling the Seattle kettle black. Lordy.


@43: Isn't it about time for weenies and tater tots before your afternoon nap?
Who's got the top bunk tonight, Elmer, you or Swifty?


There are a lot of gyms in my Fremont neighborhood.

That said, it's sad that after a week, Mayor Harrell continues to not end homelessness.


@36: Thank you fir sharing that, that's pretty great. Until you realize that's almost the very batim defense being used in the Ahmaud Arbery case, of course: "We inserted ourselves into a situation causing a confrontation that wouldn't have existed if we didn't feel we had the privilege to enact vigilante justice, we added a weapon to the situation, and when he resisted, we FELT THREATENED and shot him!"

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