Slog AM: Volunteers Asked to Stop Encampment Cleanups, Houston Concert Tragedy, Big Bird is Vaccinated



«Dan Strauss wants encampment trash pickups to stop.»
Plenty of dirty needles and human excrement laying about for the clean-up volunteers to infect themselves with.
Just Sunday at Green Lake I jogged by a hobo who was busily readying his needle and spoon on a park bench while the happy children and parents sauntered by.


I like Biden's long fart as a symbol for all that was accomplished in 26 climate summits. Or for his administration thus far.


It is nice to see that Dan is still around, he hasn't been responding to emails or calls and some of us were getting worried. I guess we now know what it takes for him to engage with the community.


Required reading for and by The Stranger Election Control Board:

The key to understanding the anti-mandate folks is this line, " ... the state mandate signaled the government’s latest attempt to seize greater control."

For those that oppose the mandates, its the context of places like Seattle, trying to assert greater collective control over individual decisions.

The climate change issue is seen the same way. It's not about science denial, although there is plenty of that, its about control, who is in control, and how they use that power.


Wow, Kaaron Rodgers really hit the toxic masculinity trifecta of narcissism, selfishness, and entitlement this weekend. He’s even managed to further demoralize Jeopardy fans. Whattan asshole.

Uh oh, Kaaron’s gonna call your manager!


"Eight dead, hundreds injured at a Houston concert."

Time to restrict the 1st Amendment.

Absent the explicitly expressive acts of the band, and the explicit expression of the crowd, 8 people would be alive.

If there is not free expression going on, there isn't a crowd and there isn't a crush.


The Duchess of Cornwall has no sense of humor, had it been the late Princess Margaret she would have one-upped the sound accompanied with delightful laugher.

@4&@6: Molewacka ruminations


People died because festival organizers failed to adequately staff for crowd control and they will be dragged to hell and back in civil court for it, some could even go to jail if an investigation reveals acts of criminal negligence. The first amendment functions just like the second: you're allowed to own guns but you're still criminally/civilly liable for your own actions if they result in death or injury to others. The constitution doesn't absolve people of personal responsibility.

(also,,,, technically it's not censorship bc only the government can do that but when your profile is inevitably nuked your inane comments will be wiped from the internet so in practical terms YesTheyKindOfCanCensorYou)


@9, Exactly. So don't attack the rights under either.

Don't restrict either. Hold individuals accountable for how they exercise the rights granted in each.

When there is death, its failure of prudent exercise of individual rights by a individual human, not a failure of government to regulate an inanimate object (or their failure to restrict a right).


"But whatever the city’s doing now isn’t working, and that isn’t likely to change since we’ve just elected a mayor committed to doing more of the same."

Oh, come on Matt.

"Ensure that City parks, playgrounds, sports fields, public spaces and sidewalks and streets remain open and clear of encampments. These sites not only lack essential sanitation and often create challenges for engagement and outreach by service providers, but create public health and safety conflicts with the intended use of these spaces. It is simply incompatible to have an encampment on or near school property, on a playfield or recreational trail, in a business district, or other similar spaces. "

That's as per Harrell's campaign website. Admittedly, bringing all this to fruition
will be easier said than done, it's a far cry form a pledge to the status quo.


A rocket launcher is a type of arm and an iNaNimAtE oBjEcT but the government has said in no uncertain terms that you can't legally purchase one so you're already living under a regime that places boundaries around rights guaranteed by the constitution. There is ample room for disagreement over where those boundaries should go.

Our country was explicitly designed to leave the limits of these rights open to interpretation so you're not going to logic-pretzel away the gun control debate by arguing the first amendment is responsible for any death that happens near people who are speaking in public, or whatever you meant by that cloud of noxious gas you just farted out of your brain.


11 it seems self-evident to me that when you push your homeless population out of the parks, etc they will end up in another place where people don't want them, so listing off a bunch of public spaces you are going to keep free of the riff-raff is only half the plan, and it's the least important half. I understand why this kind of rhetoric is appealing to people but not the part where they don't demand more details because what you just transcribed from the mayor-elect's website is underpants gnome logic.


@13, The plan was provided to the City by the City's consultant, Barbara Poppe. The City refuses to implement it. They might offend the non-profits that they currently fund, but don't want to change the paradigm they have operated under for decades.


@2 Actually, on the practical policy side of things, Biden has done an excellent job in his first year. He was able to pass a $2 trillion Covid relief package, a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill and get us out of the endless war in Afghanistan. There is certainly more to do but so far so good.



@13 Getting the riff-raff out of the parks, off the sidewalks, away from the on-ramps, and out from under the bridges is a very important first step in solving Seattle’s vagrancy problem.


Hey Stranger, where is our Ann Davison apology? If you didn't spread your low information nonsense to low information primary voters Pete Holmes would have made it through and handily beat Ms. Davison. Sadly, no group had more power over this outcome than your drug addled election board. Let's see some accountability, and some sort of evidence a lesson was learned. In your bubble you assumed it was impossible for Ann Davison to be elected; except property damage is the one thing the "good liberals" of Seattle hate more than Republicans.


16.2, It’s a completely meaningless gesture if you don’t have someplace for them to go and it is an embarrassing display of mass-delusion that people are willing to accept such hollow platitudes as anything resembling a “plan.”

Get the riff raff out of the parks
No more homeless people!

Unless step 2 involves mass housing, forced deportation or a concentration camp, step 1 is a fever dream. Where are you putting these people when your parks and freeway on ramps are cleared?


Actually step 3 is the fever dream & step 1 is the brainworms that caused your temperature to spike


The same people gloating over the election of Harrell, Davison, and Nelson are going to be screaming for their heads and hounding them out of office in three and a half years if not sooner.

All three are puppets of business interests that don’t give a shit about anyone or anything other than evading paying their fair share of taxes.

They sold the public on magical thinking that’s failed for +20 years and will continue to fail because the causes of national issues like homelessness will continue to intensify as gross wealth inequalities cause people to lose their livelihoods, their homes, and their minds.


I attended Wunda Wunda school.


The endorsement and election of an unqualified, incompetent Tr666p/Republinazi like Davison by Seattle’s amoral and intellectually bankrupt political and business rulers is a total betrayal and that won’t be forgiven nor forgotten.

She’s gonna crank up the dysfunctional KKKrazy off the charts because that’s what Tr666pists do everywhere one hundred percent of the time. It’s who they are.

They may as well start drafting those hostile work environment and racism settlements now, since her tenure will be a disgrace that will cost the city and poison local politics for years.


@18: I suggest you show courtesy and wait until the newly elected democrat mayor of the left coast liberal city takes office before disparaging him.


Hey Matt, stop being such a mope about the infrastructure deal. It contains the largest investment in public transit in US history, for fuck’s sake.


@18 "Where are you putting these people when your parks and freeway on ramps are cleared?"

Bellevue? Tacoma? Olympia? Portland? West Virginia?

So long as they leave Seattle I don't really care where they go.


Yeah, can’t have volunteers cleaning up the bullshit at “camps” - they’ll do too good of a job (for free) and make the city efforts look foolish and lame.

By the way, Strauss has been about as useless and absent a council member as we’ve had in recent memory. In waaaaaaaaay over his head.


@25: should Portland send their "riff raff" here? maybe we give them 1-way plane tickets and make it Honolulu's problem? then they send them back, and we give them bus tickets to Tacoma, and so on and so on...

kneejerk solutions are anything but for an intractable, national problem that keeps metastasizing. I've never seen the homeless crisis even discussed on a federal level, except to blame cities for being attractive as a last resort for the rural/exurban drug-addled poor.


@26: or they'll stab themselves with a needle and contract Hepatitis and then sue the City...


@24: Indeed, as well as fixing bridges so carbon conscious bicyclists don't plunge into rivers along with their fossil fuel powered brethren.


To follow on what schmacky says @24, the infrastructure bill includes $66 billion for passenger rail, which the CEO of Amtrak says is more funding than Amtrak has received in its entire 50-year history. Of course, the rail haters out there will complain to no end about how Amtrak is wasting money. Of course, to them any money this nation might spend on passenger rail is money wasted. Better to pour exponentially more money into Iraq and Afghanistan.

I don't have the numbers handy, but I believe, if you add the investment in public transit and the investment in passenger rail in this bill together, it pretty much equals the investment in roads and bridges in the bill. To think that you could get ANY Republicans to go along with such a ratio, not to mention all the Democrats but for six who had completely different objections--that's just a monumental political shift in the right direction. I remember when Obama asked for a mere $8 billion for "high-speed rail" in his 2009 stimulus bill and it was treated as this kind of insane excessive request.


1) Biden: good going, Joe, getting the infrastructure deal passed, as all around you critics carp and nitpick. You're doing a good job, Joe--not perfect, but still productive and positive. 2) Stranger staff: must your every comment about Bruce Harrell be negative and snarky? Calling out failed policies is not the same as rooting for people to fail. Harrell is almost two months from even taking office: give him a chance.


@27: The silver lining is that most people see homelessness as a situation to be avoided.


I did only post part of Harrell's plan and provided a link to the rest of it.

"With your vote, I will secure needed resources through a variety of existing sources, including:"
Which you can read for yourself here:


23 i'm not disparaging your mayor-elect, i am disparaging the credulous voters who never gave a second thought about step 2 because apparently they think that you can just load them all onto a bus and send them to another city, but if the new guy is able to actually follow through with the ambitious and costly plans outlined in the link @33 then hats off to him

I've seen all of this before so I'm skeptical but idk, seattle is a different city than SF, maybe land use isn't as contentious there as it is here, but it's been my observation that when it comes time to pick a location to build thousands of housing units with taxpayer funds for people who have drug and mental health problems and criminal records and no jobs or money, it doesn't end well. Godspeed, mayor bruce.


We need permanent affordable housing for the homeless. But what will this housing look like? Subsidized apartment blocks? The city re-purposing unused hotel stock? Never mind the NIMBYs just down the road, as a hypothetical homeless person, I don't want the meth-head next door with five propane tanks lighting them on fire when we're stuck in a high rise.

And if you take his propane away, he'll just move back into a tent in the park.


I wish I could enjoy SNL more than I do. I think Jost and Che's choice to put words in one another's mouth by writing the other's cue cards is a great idea for the jokes it inspires, but beyond that, it's never really entertaining. I appreciate what Strong is doing here, and it feels like the entire bit was so that she could say "clowncest" on air - which is worth it alone - but the rest falls flat for me.

Ah, the shithouse plague rat returns, to the surprise and delight of precisely no one. Are you the one that got banned so many times that he had to start using themes for his usernames, like national parks and mountains? All you lunatics blend together in my memory.

@24: Hear hear.


"...but beyond that, Weekend Update is never really entertaining," I meant. I suppose there's the odd skit that is so good that it'll get passed around and reach me, but it seems that's become more and more rare over the years, so that I can go months without the existence of SNL even crossing my mind.


Jayapal’s holdout stance (w her progressive caucus) didn’t end well did it? Though I’m not sure the voters cared all that much about the infrastructure package. They were still mad that schools were closed for an ETERNITY last year. The very limited COVID cases in schools underscores what a terrible call that was. Public education in blue cities and states will be living that down for decades.


Forget about the ridiculous media hype over Joe Biden's long fart. Let's instead get off the overblown subject of the ORANGE TURD!

@2: ...said the trolling King of Foul Air. Down Muffy, down.

@24 schmacky: Spot ON, agreed, and seconded!


blip is not wrong. Bruce better ramp-up those 4k units he wants to build because if you sweep people from the parks for the sake of having parks available for park activities (as they should be), you'll soon have people set-up in neighborhood roundabouts, any greenspace near sidewalks, and closer to homes than before. which, arguably, people will like even less than when they were in the parks.
@35 I helped a guy into the housing program recently. he has to pay $200/mo for one of those rebuilt hotel rooms. a great deal for a retiree-aged homeless man with health issues and small monthly check. but yeah, I don't see Tammy Tweaker being able to save even $200/mo for subsidized housing, nor do I see any neighbors in that housing wanting to live next to a tweaker.


@18 & 34 - I honestly think that the "step 2" some of the law-and-order folks hope for is some kind of mass grave situation. It's horrifying to realize how much contempt for other people they have if those people dare to inconvenience or disgust them.



I agree SNL has been unwatchably cringe inducing for well over a decade for me personally (even including the Weekend Update skits. I don't understand why they don't just emulate the Daily Show model and do at least slightly more involved satirical riffs, rather than the monologue-like one liners that comprise the majority of the segments, but whatever.)

Anyway, really just wanted to call attention to their new Trump, which seems to actually have a ton of potential. Wound up seeing this yesterday and his impersonation alone is comically uncanny in his intonations, etc. His appearance is right around the 4 minute mark...

If they can get even halfway decent writing for this guy, I might make it a point to watch for him regularly.


"You must enter Meatspace"
You've just named the newest gay bar!


The Great Hobo Hunt of '22 that the far right cheer and the far left fear, isn't going to happen. CA Holmes was only prosecuting 55% of misdemeanors, I highly doubt CA-elect Davison will ever go over 65%. As there are diversion options to be leveraged. I expect it will be harder to be a frequent recidivist though.


When Buch threw up overseas in Japan, as least they coined a word - bushuru - to commemorate the international event!
But what does Biden get for his fart in Europe other than some derision?


I see the socialists have come out from hiding to blame capitalism for their candidates getting their ass kicked last week. Yep, keep believing that nonsense.

“Capitalism made all those mean Seattle voters turn against us! Amazon made them vote the way they did! Whaaahhh!”


@41 We kind of already have that.

Thanks to the "Compassion" of the Seattle Homeless Non-Profits and a City Council that allows encampments to fester it seems they're starting to drop by about 1 a week in Ballard Commons.

But gosh at least we didn't force them to do anything they didn't want to do....


@35, Build the apartment blocks in the parks. Plenty of room for them, its like the homeless already picked it for us.


"A major fire in Auburn. No serious injuries or deaths reported, but around 100 people have lost their homes after a fire tore through the River Crest Apartments."

I can't wait until all of Seattle is multifamily zoned. One fire and 100 people homeless. Where will they go? I suppose they can camp out in Parks until more housing is built.


@13, etc.: If you assume Seattle's city limits function as an Event Horizon for homeless persons who've moved here, then you'd be right, simply clearing encampments could not possibly work. With no evidence that is in fact true, and given that most of Seattle's current homeless arrived from elsewhere, convincing them to move along again shouldn't take much effort.

Start by actually enforcing Seattle's laws against camping, theft, assault, and trafficking in stolen property. Give the campers a choice between paying for their illegal acts with fines and/or jail time, or simply leaving town. When clearing a camp, arrest everyone with outstanding warrants in other jurisdictions, and extradite them to those places. Between those two paths, most of Seattle's homeless population should be gone soon enough.

And you know what? Seattle just had an election which put a supporter of enforcing laws in the City Attorney's office, over a candidate who said she wouldn't enforce those very same laws. The way forward thus seems pretty clear.


@9: "also,,,, technically it's not censorship bc only the government can do that ..."

What the hell are you talking about? There is absolutely nothing in the definition of censorship that stipulates only the government can do it. Maybe you're thinking of the First Amendment?


@52: True, but it's a terms of service thing not a censorship thing when a business "censors" a customer.


"“Camilla Parker Bowles ‘hasn’t stopped talking about’ the 78-year-old’s ‘long fart,’ it has been reported.”"

Camilla Parker Bowels IS a long fart.


Rest in peace, Ruth Prins--Happy Wunn-0-Wunn, and thank you for making so many of us here in Seattle watching King5-TV smile, long before Sesame Street or Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. :)


@46: That wasn't capitalism. Real capitalism has never been tried.