Slog PM: Trump Cronies Subpoenaed! U.S. Borders Now Open to Many Vaccinated Foreigners! Cinerama, Where Are You?!



A repeat of Slog AM because of less activity.

"A major fire in Auburn. No serious injuries or deaths reported, but around 100 people have lost their homes after a fire tore through the River Crest Apartments."

I can't wait until all of Seattle is multifamily zoned. One fire and 100 people homeless. Where will they go? I suppose they can camp out in Parks until more housing is built.


@1 - well, in your hypothetical, there would be the consideration that they were NOT camping in the park before the fire, because they had an apartment building. Not to mention those living in the vast majority of hypothetical apartment buildings that did not hypothetically burn down.


@2, But there's the chance more will burn down as they build more. They all will become old in 20 or less years and no one is going to remodel them like a Single Family Home.


Remember, no one is interested in building housing for the poor. Just guess which way increased housing will swing.

Anyway, why would you want a to build more housing for people you don't want move here for in the first place?


New apartment buildings are almost always fully covered by sprinklers and are unlikely to burn down.


@5, Like Lorena González?


"Former national security advisor Michael Flynn, former Trump campaign advisor Jason Miller, and lawyer John Eastman are three high-profile Trump allies who the Jan. 6 House committee investigating the storming of the Capitol building have subpoenaed to stand before them."

According to Costa/Woodward in "Peril," at least two of those - Miller and Eastman, IIRC - were involved in the 11th-hour quarterbacking of the failed coup the night before January 6. If they refuse to testify, or want to follow Bannon in his plan to ignore the subpoena, Congress needs to drag them all in front of them in chains, if they have to. I know it's not typically protocol for them to do that, but it's also not typically protocol for one party to fan the flames of sedition and stage an insurrection either.

But they probably won't, and then they'll be BAFFLED when every legal procedure possible drags it out beyond the midterms and we have a repeat.


New and old apartment buildings are covered by sprinklers, smoke and CO detectors, required egress, requirements for minimum number of electrical outlets per room, requirements for pest control, requirements for building materials, requirements for sanitation, and more, and more, and more.

These are all excellent things. We haven't had tenement fires in close to 100 years, and when fires start in apartment buildings we have situations like in auburn where everyone survives.

We as a society saw the terrible conditions that tenements forced low income people to live in 100 years, and we made rules to make sure they wouldn't live in those conditions any longer.

Let me repeat. This is a good thing.

What we as a society didn't anticipate was the negative side effect. All of these rules and regulations made it more and more expensive to own and rent apartment buildings. And we made it prohibitively expensive to modernize an old apartment building to meet code.

Over the last 100 years it became more economical to tear down old buildings, and build new modern apartments in their place. And the new apartments could never rent for as little as the old. So in cities across the country we've seen old SROs torn down and replaced with high end apartments, condos, and townhomes.

So by improving the condition of lower-income people we kind of made it word for the lowest.

I'm not at all saying we should repeal building regulations. But we need to understand that we have made it harder for low-income housing to exist in our cities.


Lorena González
"While our unit was spared, our building is uninhabitable. We are staying with friends while we assess our long term housing plans and assess the physical damage to our home.

She was two floors down from the fire. Smoke and Water Damage.


I'm all for everyone Orange Turd Death Cult getting roasted on a spit before being exiled in heavy chains. Wally Gator and friends in the Mar-a-Lunatic Swamp can't wait.
May it truly be a page out of Stephen King's novel, Rita Hayworth and the Shawshannk Redemption:
Inmates, chanting: "Fresh fish! Fresh fish! Fresh fish! Fresh fish! Fresh fish! Fresh fish! Fresh fish!"
Orange Turd, bawling: "I ain't s'pposed to be IN HERE!!"


I've been assuming that the Cinerama is dead. Which is depressing. The Cinerama was by far the best movie house in the city. Best in the entire Pacific Northwest for that matter.

But I don't think it was ever profitable. It was a passion project of Paul Allen, and I don't think he really cared if it made money or not. It would periodically make some money for a few weeks on big blockbusters, but overall I'm pretty sure it was a money loser. And while that didn't seem to matter to Paul Allen himself, I imagine his estate won't be willing to run it at a loss perpetually.

Don't get me wrong. If it came back to life, I'd be thrilled. I fucking love the Cinerama. But I don't think it's going to happen.


Calling ivermectin a horse dewormer is like calling a metal hanger an abortion tool; that's not what it was invented for nor is it the primary usage... well maybe in Texas.


@12, the left has really gone crazy with this “horse dewormer” thing. The variety of Ivermectin used for human ailments is completely different from the animal version. It’s been prescribed by doctors for some time. And while the FDA has not approved it for COVID treatment, doctors are in some cases prescribing it for that purpose nonetheless.

Yes, a few morons in the hinterlands who don’t science very well have eaten horse paste, because they’re morons. But if I got sick and a doctor prescribed it, I’d take it and so would you. So please just stop.


It seems weird that we are all mask-crazy and at the same time there are a lot of exemptions for unvaxxed citizens and foreigners now.

Infection rates are skyrocketing across Europe. If the unvaxx'd population is a hot bed of potential coronavirus-mutation, why are we doing this?


@11 You may be right, but I'll bet MoPop (or whatever it's called this week) isn't profitable either. Does anyone go there more than once or twice? If the Allen estate has fallen on hard times, I'd much rather they close that and reopen Cinerama.


"mum's the word on when exactly the Paul Allen Estate-owned Belltown cinema will reopen"

Wait, you think it's going to re-open? That's cute.


12/13, the human formulation of ivermectin is the same drug with the same mechanism of action for the same general disease indications as it is for livestock. It is an anti-parasitic -- dewormer if you like -- with neither a use history nor plausible mechanism for being an antiviral, either for treatment or prevention.

I know there is a strong urge for many on the left to appear fair-minded and to distance ourselves from the "bad" lefties when the opportunity presents itself but in this instance you are fueling dangerous, conspiratorial idiocy and you should seriously consider not doing that anymore


also fun historical fact: ivermectin was invented for and its primary usage was indeed for livestock and wasn't adapted for human therapy until many years later


@17/18, the FDA’s own website describes its use for a variety of human afflictions. And I’m not advocating that people go out and buy horse paste. I’m saying that when people on the left keep calling it “horse dewormer” when it’s clearly not just that, and when doctors are prescribing it FOR COVID in at least some cases, it makes us look like idiots.


@17 The urge is for more accurate reporting. When the media essentially says "neener neener look at that moron taking a horse dewormer" when it's used to treat humans and is prescribed by doctors for use in humans and could have possibly been prescribed to this person, that is not a good look and they should knock it off. Establishment credibility is at an all-time low and this is a big reason why. If Jas wants to say he's taking an anti-viral that has no proven benefit in treating viruses that would be fine. Or if someone did some sleuthing (formerly known as journalism) and found out it wasn't prescribed by a doctor and he indeed got it from a farm feed store that would be even better. Until then quit it with the obvious bullshit. The horse dewormer joke was funny four months ago.


I'm not the sharpest tack in the box, but I have learned this: There are two words that the Universe abhors - always and never.

Lots of grand, cinematic memories associated with Cinerama. Maybe Mr. Allen had those, too, so while he was alive, there would always be a Cinerama! (When you are rich, you can use words like always and never.) I liked it fresh and re-done, and I liked it kinda tattered. Wonderful place to spend a hot day because they kept the thermostat on "chill". But with all the changes in Seattle - some of which I still strongly protest like a lost cause - did we really think the Cinerama would survive? I mean, look what hasn't.

The real estate boys have been foaming at the mouth to get their hands on it for a long time. Fourth and Lenora?.....shit. Ain't no history or sweet memories or aesthetics worth more than billions of dollars. Right, boys? It's a wonder how we still have Central Park in NYC or Stanley Park in Vancouver.

It feels like one of life's little deaths, but things go away no matter how much you wish otherwise.


19 yes i understand it has applications in humans as i acknowledged in my previous comment but it remains an antiparasitic/dewormer and not an antiviral prophylactic, and while i understand that it is technically not true that it is exclusively a "horse dewormer" i promise you that whatever your personal perception of the issue may be, the people calling it "horse dewormer" are not the idiots you need to worry about

20 but it's not an antiviral, and my point is that the people thinking it IS an antiviral are a much bigger and more dangerous problem than people inserting the partially correct adjective "horse" in front of the scientifically correct term "dewormer", esp after months and months of people on social media ingesting livestock formulations of the drug & telling people which veterinary stores sell it. It's not like this "horse dewormer" slur came out of nowhere.

It remains incredibly weird to me that we are all observing a clear and coordinated disinformation campaign telling people there is an easy over-the-counter fix for a deadly virus, and then people are like "see the real problem here is that some of the people talking about this dangerous problem aren't being 100% scientifically correct and kind of rude in how they frame it"


Also you guys seriously underestimate the effects of negative partisanship here. It literally doesn't matter how polite or deferential you are in explaining to these people that they are wrong about ivermectin because their entire political orientation is based on the premise that anyone to the left of say, mitt romney, is a baby-killer bent on destroying western civilization and never to be trusted. Their only objective is to own the libs, even, incredibly, at their own peril.


@23 I don't care about the rubes who are eating horse paste and what they think of the media. I worry about what I think about the media when they're willing to blatantly lie and denigrate people over things they know to be inaccurate. What else are they lying about? For instance, it's clear to me we witnessed a coordinated disinformation campaign by CNN, MSNBC, and others to all have "HORSE DEWORMER" displayed and mentioned multiple times over the past few months.


To be clear, if it was Trevor Noah, or Colbert, or a comic at a club making horse dewormer jokes I'd probably laugh and think those fucking morons. But when it's the News, people who try to maintain they're unbiased, repeating this blatant lie again and again it's repugnant. Their disinformation campaign worked so well that a "journalist" at a local alt-weekly while giving a news rundown still equates ivermectin with horse dewormer as a matter of course.