NYT:«U.S. Covid Deaths Get Even Redder
The partisan gap in Covid’s death toll has grown faster over the past month than at any previous point.»

MAGAs sure are pwning those lib'tards!


I happened to have on some of KUOW's "The Week in Review" last Friday at noon. Brandi Kruse was on, and I caught her saying in passing that it was her last day at FOX13. I was curious to see where she would be landing. Now we know. Kind of a headscratcher, to be honest. It seemed like she was always auditioning for FOX News Channel, which always made her such an odd fit on that local news team where they're pretty vigilant about being unbiased and doing a straight news rundown.

Anyway, the real reason I wanted to post here was to share this interesting story from The Atlantic, "Getting Back to Normal Is Only Possible Until You Test Positive:"

I am SO not this guy, but maybe that's just because I'm a weirdo. BTW, anyone happen to know where you can buy decent N95s these days?


@2: Ace hardware sells them. But I hear they're very uncomfortable, not to mention unfashionable. So I advise not.


The patreon thing seems to have worked out pretty well for Erica Barnett and Katie Herzog. I know those names are forboden on The Slog but I could see Brandi carving out a niche for herself. It is interesting the number of times her name comes up here, especially from Charles. If you don't like her reporting than just ignore her. The unhealthy obsession with her actually gives her credibility as a foil to TS's own warped viewpoints.


Holy shit! I don't want to live in a world wherein an autopsy is entertainment. Jesus.

I've read that parts of Saudi Araba now routinely hit 145 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer months. Even the Bedouins can't handle it. Great place for a solar energy farm, though, if you can keep the sand off the panels.

Talk about about the waterspout that moved onto the UBC campus on Saturday up in Vancouver and officially became a tornado? In Van? In November? No one injured. Trees uprooted and cars destroyed, The climate sure is whack.



Ha ha, I'm pretty sure we're already living in that world, and I'll even sheepishly admit to being fascinated by the notion of an autopsy. Not sure I'd actually want to see one and surely wouldn't pay for it, but the idea is kinda fascinating, if morbidly so. At the very least, it does seem something that absolutely should have the consent of.... Jeez, at least the donor. As well as their family and next of kin.

Yeah, that's pretty collossilly fucked up on a few levels for sure.


I only know Brandi Kruse from KUOW's "Week in Review." She usually seems under-informed to me. For instance, this past Friday when talking about the Seattle City Attorney it was pretty clear she had no idea who Mark Sidran was.


@6: "Only a matter of time before the patreon/substack bubble bursts."

Sanctimonious attitudes will sterilize your intellectual curiosity.


8 It is actually very educational for med students, or anyone needing to learn anatomy.
Read yer Dickens: people used to dig up freshly buried corpses for the med schools. It was a real job. No more! Progress!


12 Sanctimony sterilizes nothing. Where do you get this stuff?



Fascinating and interesting...good. You could be a pathologist-in-training! Popcorn and admission...bad.


Bold of you to not allow comments on that ridiculous Diary of a Hole post. Probably because you knew it would get such a bad reaction, since everyone loves to be told they should date people who they're not attracted to. Believe it or not, the genitals of a sexual partner are extremely import to 98% of people. You don't ever have to date someone you're not attracted to...unless they're trans, in which case, love my boy hole, BIGOT!


@16: Indeed the article is dishonest. Is bioessentialism the new bigotry?


@17 having any preferences at all is bigotry now.


You are quick to praise Jay Inslee for his push on electric vehicles. Why don't you point out that Jay, along with President Biden (and 13 members of his cabinet), former President Obama, and their support staff find it necessary to fly off to the climate summit. God know how many airplanes, cars and aides are required to put on this dog and pony show. Why not do it electronically from home? I believe in climate change, I just don't believe that you have to leave such a big footprint, unless it is all for self-promotion. (Especially in the case of Jay Inslee.) I think I see Greta approaching the microphone... "Inslee, blah, blah blah. Biden, blah, blah blah. Obama, blah, blah, blah."


@19: Yeah. You have a point on that.


@20: that's why Greta Thunberg travels by sailing vessel: so you can't attack her for using jet fuel.


How long until Brandi Kruse starts an OnlyFans?


Yeah, I thought that it was kind of ironic that the Stranger, which would be the first publication to remind us (and correctly so) that sexual preferences are not choices and can't be changed through things like conversion therapy, is suddenly pushing the notion that people should have sex with bodies they are in no way attracted to.


Yeah, sexual freedom cuts both (or should that be "all"?) ways.

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