We’ve only been living together for two months, and I’ve been doing just FINE working retail and staying healthy. I have not contracted COVID once within this last two years, and after only two months of living with you, YOU BRING COVID TO OUR HOME! I test negative, and you test positive. How dare you do this to me. For fucks sake, I have an autoimmune disease. You knew this.

Sure we’re both vaccinated with different vaccines—you have Pfizer and I have Moderna—but why did you have to lie about being around the unmasked and unvaxxed? You work in Seattle with the general public. I know you’re too scared to ask your fellow man coworkers to put their masks on or wear them right. I understand the patriarchy is scary, especially when you work a labor job. I know you’re too scared to tell your Dad that he still has to wear a mask even though he’s vaccinated. But look at where we’re at now! I’m left here in this home taking care of you because of your lies while I’m writing my last wishes in the back of my head.

You let the fear of looking “weak” get you to the point where you now risk my life. But I can’t call you out because you’re the one who’s currently sick. Fuck me for being the bad guy for getting pissed at you.

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