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Washington’s new vaccine requirements start today. They’re still pretty lenient: Indoor events of over a thousand people and outdoor events of over ten thousand must require proof of vaccination or a recent negative test. The state’s averaging around 1,700 cases per day — which is quite high — and around 20 deaths per day, which is also relatively high.

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Austria wants the unvaccinated to stay home. Austrians have done a particularly lousy job of protecting themselves — only 65% of the country is fully vaccinated — so starting today and for the next week and a half, unvaccinated Austrians are only allowed to leave the house for essential trips like getting food or working. (Oh my God just give people paid time off.) Other countries have implemented similar rules: In Australia, unvaccinated Queensland residents will be prohibited from entering various businesses, and Russia gave workers a nine-day paid vacation to slow infections. In Singapore, unvaccinated people will have to pay their own medical bills, which is to say, the way it works for all people in America.

Which part of the Bible is this from again? Massive rain and hail storms are pummeling Egypt, prompting scorpions to seek shelter indoors where they have stung hundreds of people. Incredibly, there have been no deaths attributed to the stings, though three people have died of unspecified causes.

Still more questions than answers in the British hospital bombing. One person is dead and three have been arrested following a car-bombing at a hospital in Kensington, UK. The explosion occurred just at the start of a moment of silence for the country’s Remembrance Sunday, a commemoration of lives lost in World War II. No word yet on any motivation for the bombing.

Tragic news from the Seattle Fire Department: Earlier this month Seattle Deputy Fire Chief Jay Schreckengost went missing after heading into a forest to hunt, and this weekend his body was located by a search team just a half mile from his car. Cause of death has yet to be determined.

The Seattle Times endorses the racist right-wing Sawant recall. In an op-ed this weekend, The Seattle Times said Kshama should be recalled for, among other crimes, “rudeness,” because apparently she is the first elected official who has ever been rude. The Times also claims she led a march to Jenny Durkan's house, which Sawant has repeatedly said is not true. Meanwhile, a court has ruled that two police officers can continue their lawsuit against Sawant, who referred to the 2016 killing of an unarmed man named Che Taylor as a “blatant murder at the hands of police.”

Port employees have until 5pm today to get vaccinated. A court has upheld the Port of Seattle’s vaccination requirements, a setback to Teamsters Local Union 117 and 763, who sought to stop the mandate. As of now, nearly 90% of Port employees are vaccinated.

Do you like video games? I would like to thank Seattle-based developer Double Dagger for developing this game about an adorable kitten, I assume specifically for me.

There goes Seattle’s best breakfast. Georgia’s Greek Deli burned down this weekend — if there’s a silver lining here, it’s that the owners were in the process of moving from the old location on NW 85th Street to a new location on Lake City Way. No word on the cause of the fire, or when the new restaurant will open.

Get ‘em, Bob. Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson is suing three opioid distributors for contributing to the ongoing drug crisis — he wants $38 billion (!) from McKesson Corp., Cardinal Health Inc., and AmerisourceBergen Corp. Similar lawsuits failed in California, but the laws here are different and — no shade on California — Bob Ferguson is very good. This lawsuit joins over three thousand others against various drug companies relating to opioid distribution.

Please stop sending me this bus driver’s breakdown of the bus fight in Shang-Chi. Yes, of course I’ve seen it already. I’m glad it reminded you of me. I’ve read it fourteen times. It’s very good.

Feds catch bank robber just in time for him to be dead. For over 50 years, investigators have been trying to locate Theodore John Conrad, a then-20-year-old bank teller who walked out of work with $215,000 — adjusted for inflation, about $1.7 million — and vanished in July of 1969 (nice). A father-and-son team of US marshalls tracked him to Boston, where he’d lived quietly under an assumed name, and this week confirmed that they had indeed found their man. No arrests, though: Conrad died of lung cancer earlier this year. Always one step ahead off the law!

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Badger badger badger badger … Here’s a handy guide to some of the mushrooms growing around town. I’ve got what I think are grisettes growing in the remains of my tomatoes, but I can’t be certain because the squirrels always get to them before they finish growing. Bon appetit, I guess, squirrels.

I don’t know what’s going on at the Rite Aid on Broadway but I’m looking forward to seeing where their sign goes from here.